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  1. hovrin


    Pretty sure my ZX80 was pre built. Though I did strip it down and build the parts into a self made keyboard when I got sick of the stupid keyboard.
  2. Do it. Just do it. As you said yourself "life is too short" and if my 72 years have taught me anything it is that it is better to learn from your mistakes than it is to wonder "what if?"
  3. Apparently the proper spelling is lacquer. Not intuitive is it? 😕
  4. I saved the picture to my desktop and zoomed in using Photoshop but the signs are just too blurry to read.
  5. I think I would be wary of this. I am no chemical expert but, as I understand it, many boilers/dish washers are made of stainless steel and any descaler designed for that may be too strong for copper/brass type oil cooler tubes and cause damage. Back flushing with water would be safer.
  6. ' Absolute classic rock is one of those radio stations that promises never to repeat the same record during the work day. ' If this is the case then make a list of duplicate plays over a period of, say 2 days, and then contact them and threaten to sue or expose them on social media.
  7. As above, seems fine for me.
  8. Definitely a flat battery or faulty solenoid connection. Charge the battery first then try again. If it still clicks you have a solenoid or bad connection problem.
  9. Hate to be pedantic, (honest!), but the op did say "what would you NOT do?".
  10. Isn't that the noise birds make. Never could understand why every body likes it so much!
  11. I think your calcs look OK and my windows calculator comes up with 1.907 metre so 10/10 and you can go to the top of the class!?
  12. HeHe. The words cheek, tongue and in come to mind. ?
  13. Another vote for QNAP. I have used them for years with no problems.
  14. Re Post #24: "I was told exactly the same when a diesel bowser sank near Tower Bridge. It dragged down a tug which was moored alongside and caused, in my eyes, a massive stretch of polluted river. Sure enough after a few tides it had all disappeared. " River pollution doesn't 'just disappear', it moves elsewhere - until there's nowhere else to go and then it just gathers, stagnates and kills things.
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