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  1. Hate to be pedantic, (honest!), but the op did say "what would you NOT do?".
  2. Isn't that the noise birds make. Never could understand why every body likes it so much!
  3. I think your calcs look OK and my windows calculator comes up with 1.907 metre so 10/10 and you can go to the top of the class!😀
  4. HeHe. The words cheek, tongue and in come to mind. 😁
  5. Another vote for QNAP. I have used them for years with no problems.
  6. Re Post #24: "I was told exactly the same when a diesel bowser sank near Tower Bridge. It dragged down a tug which was moored alongside and caused, in my eyes, a massive stretch of polluted river. Sure enough after a few tides it had all disappeared. " River pollution doesn't 'just disappear', it moves elsewhere - until there's nowhere else to go and then it just gathers, stagnates and kills things.
  7. Would it be possible to hammer the loop back into place and then make a new loop which fits over the existing one. Then drill and bolt the new one and the old one together through the upright sections?
  8. Live life on the edge. You only get one chance, so do what YOU want to make yourself happy, ( within reason ? ), and if anyone doesn't like it then it's their problem not yours.
  9. Sounds like you have a shed like mine! Good to know I'm not on my own.?
  10. hovrin

    Mystery object.

    Have a look at this : http://www.halcyon-solutions.co.uk/FloatsCables.htm Beat me to it!!
  11. I have found that on some machines the CPU and Disc activity can be very high, (100%), for some time after a reboot and that this is because Windows is indexing all the files. I know that this should always be done in the background but I suspect that sometimes it is not. If you rarely or never have to search for files it can be an advantage to turn off the file indexing feature. This can make the computer more usable much more quickly when booting.
  12. Similar to the 'nut holding the steering wheel' fault when diagnosing car faults!
  13. I would presume it refers to the old fashioned telephone operators putting their headphones back on after a tea break. Most likely I'm wrong though - I usually am!
  14. Ditto - I was so surprised I thought they must be somebody elses.
  15. The main reason you have to create an account is so that they can get your email address and send you lots of 'personalised' suggestions (adverts) for future purchases. Damn nuisance - I actually prefer to get in the car and buy locally. Serves them right.
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