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  1. No drips from the PRV would indicate a problem with the pump if no leaks are apparent.
  2. These historic boats were lifted out of the water 12 weeks ago. No one seems to know where they’ve gone. Anyone know?
  3. Correct. Also the ceiling is actually the cabin side. Unfortunately traditional boat terms are dying out amongst boaters as well as those who just live on a boat cos it’s cheaper accommodation.
  4. Aerosol air horn (VERY loud) and high power torch that you can strobe. Makes anyone jump sky high then lose their balance.
  5. Added 15 litres of Paraffin to fuel tank, temperature went up by 15 degrees C over next 5 hours👍.
  6. Anyone tried this when the weather is very cold? My Old Dutch doesn’t seem to respond much when I turn it up as maybe the diesel is too” sluggish”. Paraffin would thin it down methinks.
  7. There should be some identification number on the plug. Then try EBay, I was quoted around £25 per plug from a Diesel engine servicing company, got exactly the same plugs for £1 apiece!
  8. 👍 Excellent advice, as usual. Thanks Tony.
  9. My boat is never plugged into a Mains landline or moored near boats that are. Do I need a GI or I T?
  10. Friends abroad swear by this rust treatment. Totally different to Vactan. It doesn’t turn rusty steel blue/black, but claims to penetrate the rust, drive out all moisture and prevent further rusting. It can then be overpainted and even ADDED to any oil based paint to protect the metal and also “ease” the application by extending the flow and drying times. Anyone used it?
  11. I’ve ordered a new Android as my current one won’t switch on anymore due to being dropped. Are all my photos on my SIM card or somewhere in the in the phone’s memory?
  12. I removed the scraper arm, put a plastic tube on the “valve” and blew down it. There was a small amount of gunge that came out when I blew which, as you thought, must have restricted the supply of fuel from the regulator to the burner pot. I also cleaned the slot in the valve with a cocktail stick as suggested by Ex Brumaire and the combination of the two has resulted in a nice blue flame. Job’s a good’n. Cheers👍
  13. For some reason my old Dutch is not getting enough fuel through. Took the lid off and removed the float mechanism and plenty of fuel comes into the vapourising pot if the brass“valve” is at its highest position, so it’s not a fuel problem. Cleaned the filter and the regulator scraped the inlet scraper. Do the regulators need adjusting after many years of use? I’ve never adjusted any of the sealed screws so I’m puzzled.
  14. Actually it is 28mm but it could be that I didn’t pre-mix the anti freeze. Good point. I’ll have a look at draining the system.
  15. 22mm pipe and 4 feet above boiler output (can’t get higher than the deck head!)
  16. Thanks. Pity, I liked CNN but I ain’t going to pay for it.
  17. Thanks. I'll have a look. Think it might need new capacitors.
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