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  1. Actually it is 28mm but it could be that I didn’t pre-mix the anti freeze. Good point. I’ll have a look at draining the system.
  2. 22mm pipe and 4 feet above boiler output (can’t get higher than the deck head!)
  3. Tried that but it doesn’t work.
  4. Thanks. Pity, I liked CNN but I ain’t going to pay for it.
  5. Thanks. I'll have a look. Think it might need new capacitors.
  6. Er....where's the overload switch?
  7. Is full capacity after 7 years really possible?
  8. Has anyone tried the YUASA version of the Trojan T105?
  9. My Trojans are on their last legs. I've ordered some more. Meanwhile my battery charger won't start to charge unless I put the kettle on! Anyone know why?
  10. He's been in touch with Deutz. New oil cooler probably. Engineer coming to check tomorrow.
  11. My friend just found oil in the cooling system header tank. Any advice please
  12. I’m trying to suss out how those winches are connected to the tubular spud legs?
  13. Thoughts on a 230 volt motor to power the cable to lift a spud leg, as opposed to a 12 volt motor to avoid voltage drop?
  14. Shortboat Nidd https://www.apolloduck.eu/boat/barges-peniche/649694#map
  15. Someone told me that all the hire boats on the Canal du Midi (and there are hundreds) discharge straight into the canal. Doesn’t seem to cause any problems.
  16. Great stuff. glad you’ve cleared that up for me.?
  17. It’s an inboard marine Genny so no need for an I G then.
  18. I never plug into a landline as I have a Genny and solar panels. Do I need a galvanic isolator?
  19. Is it true that surveyors no longer need to grind off hull coating to get down to bare metal, in order to carry out hull thickness?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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