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  1. Congratulations! Oh how it brings back the memories! We did exactly the same about a year ago and never look back! We hope you have many happy adventures.
  2. Good thought but financially, option "A" and getting my gloves on is the best and only option!
  3. Thanks guys, I now have my shopping list for the said task, 1 - elbow length rubber gloves 2 - kettle descaler 3 - large amount tesco vinegar 4 - cleaning cassette tape 5 - thetford fresh up kit 6 - nutter with baseball bat, check. I will give it a good mix up holding at a "safe" distance with my elbow length rubber gloves, if It fails to work I shall let the nutter with a baseball bat loose on the said cassette and watch from a safe distance! Wish me luck!
  4. Thanks ray! Will give it a whirl! We are good mate, in the same place, if ur over our way pop in!
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to ask a quick quesion, I have noticed a build up of what I think is callcium in our thetford cassette, and wondered if anyone could suggest a safe product or home remedy to soak/clean it with? Apologies if this has been covered before Many thanks Lee.
  6. Hi star, When we got our nb we had little choice (and funds left!) To complete a "proper job" on the painting and fixing leaky window thing, we applied silicone sealer to various areas, let it 100% dry, painted over with red oxide and then with the colour of our choice, the paint went on well and is still there a year later, when I used to repair alloy wheels the wet silicone tyre dressing would always give the paint an orange peel effect and would have to be thouroughly cleaned with spirits, In my own experience if the silicone is completely dry and cleaned with spirits the paint has taken very well, try a little test area. If it rains on wet paint, it leaves craters as I found out the hard way and had to start again! And if an oil based paint is nearly dry (just past tacky) it runs off with no ill effect. This is from our own experience, I hope this helps and good luck!
  7. Wow! I have been watching this, we have only had our boat for nearly a year, we probably would still not have one if it wasnt for the amazing, free and continuing help from forum members, some of which are now good friends,of which I would help anytime if needed. Not a good way to join the close community, however I am suspicious that we may have indeed found a troll?
  8. I hate the dirty b@$#ards who empty there piss n sh1t over the side of there boat into the marina when they think nobody is looking! You no who you are!
  9. We had a simular problem some years ago, what I did was look at the pack system, both of my dogs no that I am top dog, both myself and wife are in charge (very important on a NB) dogs want to be with the pack/family in the central living area, try if you dont already have one get a dog cage, only need a smaller one for your breed, put it in another room and which ever one starts first put it in there, it may go crazy, be strong and let it calm down, then when your ready let it out, lots and lots of reward for good behaviour, dogs hate being shut out of the family/pack, it may take a while but should firm who is in charge. Keep both dogs on the floor, if one is on the sofa for example it can see its self as higher up the pecking order, both ours are not allowed on furnature. Nutering does help but can take a while to notice a difference as hormone levels can take a while to drop. Also if you have a cage you no you can keep them safely apart incase of an emergency. This helped with ours and they get on fine, but I always seperate them when we go out. Hope it helps!
  10. We are moored at trinity, that is the 3rd one to go missing that I no of, the guy 2 up from us had his ash bucket vanish on monday!
  11. Yes Matty40s was invaluable to us, he was also at our survey and gave sound quality advise, well worth it.
  12. Thanks Mike thats great! I will have have an ask about as we will be onboard quite alot and it does need doing so will be looking to get it done asap. Thanks again Lee and adelle
  13. Hi Robin, Thanks, we will be onboard alot this winter, I have completed all of the other serviceing jobs, but when it comes to gas I am out of my comfort zone!
  14. Hi all, We just wondered if we could ask for some info please, we have had our wonderfull NB since July and have been racing to get all manor of jobs done before the winter arrives, now its the boilers turn! we have a Morco eco plus 6 litre, if its anything like the rest of our boat it would have been completely overlooked and I will not settle until it has been done. Can anybody recommend someone for us to use, and any idea of what this may cost? We are moored in Hinkley at Trinity marina. Thanks for looking! Lee and Adelle
  15. That looks brilliant! Well worth the hassle! Nice one.
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