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  1. Survey back and.... She was a mess Thanks for your input, everyone and for the important lesson learned! Keep on searching x
  2. Thanks everybody! Message received: we are getting a survey! Will let you know how it ends
  3. Thanks for your answers. I've spoken to a couple of places and some have said 'we do surveys but not for insurance' - does that mean they are for young boats only?
  4. Heya, We are considering putting in an offer for a 57ft 1995 narrowboat but are wondering whether or not we should offer subject to survey, as the boat spent many years on land and was then grit blasted and blacked with 2 pack epoxy prior to sale in 2017. The boat was not surveyed prior to purchase by the current owner. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Good afternoon everybody! My name is Maryla and I'm afraid I'm not yet on a boat either. I do, however, spend a lot of my day sitting on my doorstep gazing wistfully at the Regent's Canal... And, after a year, I've finally convinced my other half and we are now looking for a narrow boat to rent for a year or more, since we can't afford one to call our own yet. And this site has been amazing for completely overexciting me about our prospective boat... We haven't even found one yet! (Any ideas, anyone?) So hello to everyone, nice to meet you, and hope to see you outside my house one day soon! Maryla xx
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