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  1. Having read the first 12 pages of this topic I decided not to participate, instead I emailed Richard Parry the new CEO of CRT despite the fact tat he was on annual leave and it was a week end he replied within 24 hours. In that response he said amongst other things, "To reassure you, I’m personally committed to active engagement with boaters (and others); an inclusive approach, reaching out to involve all those who use and/or enjoy our waterways is, I believe, essential for the Trust to fulfil its mission" So much of what has been posted is inaccurate, people making 2+2 equal 5, or just plain mischievous. I then continued to read the next 13 pages here we entered the realms of fairy tales, people stating from god knows where their version of CRT's accounts. Now if you want the truth get a copy of CRT's Trustees' Report and Accounts for the period ending 31st March. Now I will be the first to admit these are complicated since they cover a 9 month period from July 2012 when CRT accepted the transfer but the figures are different from those being quoted here. So here are the facts. Income Government Grant. £29.3m Boat licences/moorings. £26.4m Marinas. £5.2m Utilities. £17.4m Investment Income. £31.1m Third Party. £10.4m Other income. £2.3m Total Income. £122.1m Expenditure Maintenance. £31.7m Vegetation, waste. £10.1m dredging £3.3m Operation teams. £6.9m Restoration. £5.9m Facilities etc. £7.8m The full 12 months figures would show income totally £154m in 2012/13 increasing to £156m in 2013/14 and to £176m in 2015/16 when the government grant increases by £10m. If you want to know more read the report, or alternatively you can believe the inaccurate rubbish spouted by some people. What would be better is for boaters to actively participate by volunteering, litter clearing, nor dumping large bits of you boat on rubbish collection points and vegetation control are three areas where boaters could make a real difference and save CRT tens of thousands of pounds. So how about it? Well as Forrest Gump would say that's all I have to say on that!
  2. Nb Alton wrote: Boaters, CRT & all users need to pull together to make sure our unique canal & river system is here for many more generations to come. So after 17 pages of forum debate, ranting and jumping to conclusions the voice of reasonableness comes to the surface. Sally has said boaters are at the heart of the CRT thinking. Lets move on from there. Many clearly want better communication with CRT, CRT want the same thing but the don't have unlimited resources so we need to come up with positive suggestions for improvement. Many have said the User Groups don't work and perhaps they are a hang up from the BW days. There are 11 waterway areas so how about a consultation committee comprising of 10 boaters elected by everyone with a home mooring in the area plus 2 constant cruisers elected by those registered as constant cruisers. They meet every two months with the waterways manager and other CRT staff. CRT agree to listen and respond and boaters agree to be positive seeking solutions rather than whinging or harping on about the past. Minutes are published and all boaters know how to contact the members of each committee. Shot down the details but it has got to be better than what exists. Shot me down but come up with an alternative! Mike
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Hi Our new narrowboat has been repainted, renamed and looks great apart from the tatty BW number plates. They are old bent and need replacing but where can I get them? Cheers Mike La Licorne
  5. After lots of discussion we seemed to be heading to calling our new boat Narrow Minded but the Admiral has now changed her mind and prefers 2escapees. How did you choose your boat name?
  6. I didn't think the toilet would be controversial, but having spent years with a motorhome, we were only looking at pumpouts.
  7. Listened to many people and what has been said on this forum and now done the deal, subject to survey. The boat is a 50 ft semi trad built in 1998 by Midlands Canal Centre with a Beta BV 1903 engine and bow thruster. We are going to call her Narrow Minded. See you on the cut soon.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Oh sorry it is 50 foot semi trad with a Beta BV1903 43HP engine and a 6HP bow thruster. 1 owner from new. Very well maintained.
  11. I got some really useful responses to my What should I buy question, so am hoping for some equally usefull information. Today we looked at a very nice boat built by MCC in 1998. What is their reputation? Would you buy from them? All comments will be helpful. Cheers mike
  12. Well at least I have learnt what tumblehome is from this, but yes those chinese narrowboats have almost vertical sides.
  13. Darren

    Yes you are right Whilton Marina. What do you know?


  14. Hi We are going to buy our first boat. Having looked at dozens we have narrowed it down to 2. What would you do? The first is a 1999 Reeves hull fitted out by kingsground. It is a 60 foot cruiser stern and needs a complete repaint and some internal refitting. It has a Beta 43HP engine and bow thruster. We need to get it surveyed. The alternative is a new chinese built boat, well fitted out and has just about all that we need. We plan to use it for about 7 months and year and can get a BW mooring within 50 yards of our home. All comments welcome. Mike
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