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  1. does anyone know where there is a 10hp sabb single cylinder engine for sale working!
  2. thanks for replies I think I will get amongst the boating communities and ask some questions, majority of boaters I've met are very happy to advise and help or just chat, the same as this forum thanks again to everyone, mark.
  3. diesel water heater (radiators) or warm air blow heaters? yes!!
  4. sorry 230v! im just thinking of heating, etc
  5. does anyone live on a grp boat or know someone that lives on one without 240v?
  6. thank you for that, I have viewed the boat online, I too was impressed with the interior, if it was a trad id of looked more into it, just for the extra cabin room
  7. The engine runs but can t be used with water leak as is.Last cruised about a year ago as is used as base for weekends before we moved.Don t know when last antifouled but not in the 3 years we have owned it.There is a lot of surplus wiring that is no longer in use and outside could do with a coat of paint.We have used electric heating.It is water cooled from canal.Couple of windows have leak at the moment.The gas system hasn t been used since we had it as we haven t needed to use it.Shower hasn t been used in 3 years so not sure if it works.
  8. £15-£20,000 38-45 ft wide/narrow grp/steel uk still on ebay, now £8,000 seen them on line ebay etc
  9. cheers for that, the overheads are not in the boat budget as I know the prices of all them.
  10. thanks, can you give me a lead? yes I've seen those ads!!!!! maybe some one will get very lucky one day!!!!!!!!
  11. sorry for that, took the dog out! I don't think £300,000, is cheap however much money you have?!!!!! £15,000-£20,000
  12. I've seen all of them on line (ebay, Apollo duck etc) nothing really jumping out, if anyone has any details of any boats or sites please let me know, cheers, mark.
  13. hi all, anyone know anyone that is selling a liveaboard that isn't for sale on line?
  14. me and my partner are thinking of living on a narrow boat instead of my 30ft/9ft steel cruiser, we've lived on it comfortably for 2yrs with our little dog, the only issue we have is its a centre cockpit, six foot to be precise, lot of space wasted in the middle of our home!!!! what size would anyone recommend for us knowing what we're happy living on now, I understand its all about the layout etc, thank you for any feed back.
  15. Hi I'm planning on using a marina to take my boat out and get my boat checked/ blacked etc and willow bridge marina has been recommended has anybody used there services and do you recommend, cheers for reading.
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