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  1. On our mooring on the Soar at Rothley the water is up by about 4 feet......
  2. Are you an RCR member? if yes then possibly repair could be covered with the policy you have. (Get some absorbent mat from Halfords to mop up the oil) and maybe they can change the drive plate where you are.
  3. As Ali said quite straight forward as long as you have the space, I would just add one thing, if your dinette is beside a window as most are, I would suggest you have seats that are high enough that you have a good view out of the window, if not raise the floor level under the seats and table like a step up to the dinette to give extra height, then when seated you have a good view out of the window, the space under the raised floor could also gives some extra storage space under the table.
  4. Yep the Soar is a lovely place to be. Our home mooring is Rothley near Cossington lock, this is our first year living aboard so nice here we took our summer holiday cruse early so that we have the summer to sit on our mooring
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. I think some thermostatic showers have a maximum input temperature for hot water, which I would consider a thermal valve set within the shower max temperature range at the calorifier would be a good idea, with the added advantage of not having scolding hot water at other taps as already stated.
  7. Just a bit of photoshop play I wonderd if it is worth using the page header for the logo
  8. When I got the EE 50 gig deal earlier this year, they will give you an extra 10% off if you are an existing customer with them.
  9. " I mean the fender should protect for frontal (horizontal) bumps but shouldn't be able to impart any significant vertical loads, eg by the way its fitted (using a weak link in the chain, for example)" To me it looks like the fender did break away from its fixing, my assumption is there would then be room for the bow to stay in the frame of the gate and carry on lifting.
  10. All the best Ange and Dave, if you ever want a few days away on a boat you are both welcome to come and join myself and Rene.
  11. Hello mark99, yes im sure it would have been us you saw. We are now tied up in Oxford on a fast flow just short of sheepwash, this section is on red boards and advised by lock keeper to stay put until the river slowes down.
  12. Well we did it today, out onto the Thames clear sky and flat water! apart from the water buses wash. A great experience and a thank you to Ian and Karen for your help. also thank you Scholar Gypsy for taking the time to stand on a bridge to get some pictures of us as we pass.
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