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  1. ABNB provides a professional, industry leading boat brokerage service which specialises in finding new owners for cherished narrowboats and canal boats with cruiser, trad or semi-trad sterns, tugs, dutch barges wide beam and narrow beam, inspection launches and many more. If you are thinking of buying a boat as a hobby/lifestyle change, or upgrading your boat, then ABNB is the place to start. We are known for the high quality of the information we provide about each boat, from the colour photos and the detailed specification to the line drawing of both the plan and side elevation. To look at the list of boats on brokerage today, go to our website. If you are seeking more information about boating and the canals, try browsing our Buying a Boat & Useful info menus above which are full of detail on Moorings & Marinas, Marine Finance, Marine Surveyors and limitations of lock sizes on some of our waterways, Types of Canal Boats. There are also explanations of various systems found on canal/narrowboats Electrical, Heating, Toilets, Maintenance and lots more. If you have a well presented boat that you cherish and are thinking of selling your boat, be it to hang up your windlasses or to upgrade, ABNB will provide the quality of narrowboat brokerage you are looking for. We offer a professional brokerage second to none, with a reputation for high levels of service, expertise, experience and professionalism. Our brochures are unrivalled and provide purchasers with the incentive they need to come and view your boat. For your added protection and reassurance Paul Mudie is a full member of ABYA, the professional Association of Brokers & Yacht Agents, who demand certain standards of every accredited broker, from the use of a protected Client Account for monies received to Professional Indemnity Insurance to the standard of paperwork issued. For full details of available boats see our website: http://www.abnb.co.uk Contact us
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