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  1. Thanks for the information Lady Muck some food for thought for me to churn over. Thanks.
  2. Is it actually possible to cc around there I am thinking about taking some work on a 6 month contract? Is it safe to leave the boat? thanks.
  3. Ouch that cut in the side of your boat looks painfull! I got a monkey bike as I dont want to cut up the boat when I get it. Anyway on our fiberglass boat we have now even just going away on the boat and parking and moving back and forth I find a pain so would'nt like to do it full time. We came back to the car afer one weekend to find a car two spaces away burnt out which could have also caught our car so there is the worry of that kind of thing too. A bike may be a good option all round. Good luck.
  4. If you own a house in an area like we do where we could afford to buy no where else, then plan to move onto a boat for a better lifestyle your only rental market are families on benefits or low incomes supported by benefits. We could sell the house or rent it out but if the rent dont get paid it gets sold or repossessed and in the current market a buyer round here is the kind of person who cant get a mortgage anyway. I dare say there are many house owners who are not capitalist or greedy landlords but at some point buy a van or boat or caravan and do a Shirley Valentine because they are sick of scraping by!
  5. The point I am making is the benefit system should be for people who really in dire straights with nothing not with 20k. I dont expect anyone to go through hardship.
  6. With all good intention where exactly has he put this rubbish? Is it right next to the canal? Is it a random place or is it possible people can mistake for a place to put bags? I ask as a sign has needed to go up.
  7. Fine then he can go live in a council estate where no one else wants to live and pay miminal rent and tax out of his 20k and work not chill in the countryside while his mooring is paid by the tax payer.
  8. Actually I did not have £500 laying around while living in a shit hole where no one else wanted to live there is nothing lucky about that it was hell. I had to borrow the £500 and do back breaking building work for two months to pay the money. Luck is having 20k and the ordacity and bare face cheek to expect housing benefit after buying a home that floats in the countryside but cant be arsed to be resourcefull enough to move it around! No one has to become a cmer and can legitimately move on enough to satisfy the rules and still be able to work like many do. The housing benefit system is there for people who are really hard up, and you have the cheek to call me words bile. Get a reality check as my hard earned back breaking taxes are not for keeping people in countryside moorings because they want to be comfortable. The damn cheek of it. ''edited due to extremely angry swear words''
  9. He could actually be taking the mick! Visialise all the crap children have to live in in Africa,perhaps put a bin where the bag is creating a soloution rather than another problem. Just an idea as the bag looks placed to me not dumped. The guy may be as blind as a bat!
  10. I thought there was going to be a twist when I read the title but no there is not,you are serious! So you want to use your 20k to buy a boat to live the dream but have the system pay rent for it! When I was unemployed and had the system paying my rent I had to live in a flat on such a rough estate that the flat was on a so called ''Hard to Let'' list. No one else wanted to live there, it was so bad I bought an old bedford cf camper van for £500 in a bloody cold november and handed the keys back for the flat. Just move the boat around and stop taking the mick.
  11. I agree its not all gansters but aware of such people locally selling it who certainly are what I call wannabe gansters rather than chilled small time growers.
  12. I know its so simple everyone is doing it even you.
  13. Just go and get tested and see. It just means you digest information differently to other people so public services need to be aware of this so you can be better served. I can read music and play the piano but cant spell.
  14. Personally I would say he may have a cognitive subtype of dyslexia! Hes good at security because its a repetitive routine based job but digesting written information throws up difficulties. Classic signs and nothing to do with selectively blocking things out. Why would you come to that conclusion? Are you qualified to?
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