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  1. a.p.now

    long time

    its been ages from my last post. so we made it out of winter without freeeeeezing. if i am honest i am looking forword to winter to come it was grate on my little boat. plans for the good weather times include, a new burner a working shower a total re paint a new kitchen and some doble glasing or shutters dont know how all of this will get done with little cash and not much time but winter will be beter than ever this year
  2. i am having the same problem at the moment. chip chip scrape scrape, my boat looks like it was painted with dulux
  3. is the milton edable then? it says on there websie theres no need to wash it off. but what if you wanted to use it in your tank and then use the warter inside it? or dose it have to be flushed first.
  4. speeeeeeeeedy goslings in ely aswell bobing out of the merina then woooooooosh off thay go. thay will all grow up to be adrenaline junky geese
  5. made a mess and got ash all over my self. hahaha
  6. i did a stove swap out on my boat when i got it. i got a pruty cheep 6kw stove for arpund 300 then the other parts to fit it cost around 200, i did fit it myself but i could have got the local boat yard to do it for about 150. altho i will change the stove to a morso or somthing at some stage the cheepo stove i got did me all winter and had the boat happaly hot and dry over night all the time 24/7 without a hitch. hope this helps
  7. i did pay one on a boat "subject to survey" at a broker and the suvey was not to my likeing and thay did refund me. i calld them and said i didnt think i wanted to wate as long as it would have taken to sort the stuff out and it wasnt ecanomical. thay said fine no problem and gave me it back i didnt even have to ask them i had asumed thay would ceep it untill thay said thay would put it back on the card i payd it with. i wasnt presurd or enything. i did say to them i was shoked and thay told me that if i wasnt happy with the survey then it wasnt a problem and thats why thay told me to have it done and pointed out that my diposit was to ritane the boat for me so if i didnt want the boat i was to have it back. i think i may have been lucky
  8. iv been beevering away at this thawt aswell. i cant help thinking if you had basic things like coffee tea etc etc. maybe even the od botle of blue and stuff aswell it would be a good little buisnes to saport a lovely life style.
  9. ahhhhhh nah shes under my mates boat
  10. the base plate hasnt been blacked as yet this year i dont know about befor but i do plan to pull her out running in to summer and have it done as water line is looking a tad red haha
  11. my mate said the same thing, she is vegan so knows all about the farty stuff
  12. thanx evryone. i had this paranoia that it may be a maaaaaaasiv earth fault that was roting my boat super fast hahahaha. sort of like list and trim syndrome hahahaha. thankfuly another sleeples night averted.
  13. hahahahaha no its when its moord up in the merina. it seems to have started just after i fited a fridge inside the boat. not gona be mental galvanic corosion or enything daft like that i hope
  14. heres a posably intresting one for you all? can enyone tell me why i seem to be geting rather alot of air under my narrowboat? its only started about a week ago? eny idears?
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