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  1. I had problems with clutch slip with ATF and experimented with various oils finally settling on Comma gear oil EP80W-90 GL-4 which gave the best performance and lowest noise (straight engine oil worked but made the gearbox noisy). Two years and 1000 hours later it's still fine.
  2. Cable losses would far outweigh any gain achieved by locating the antennas for and aft.
  3. As I said in my earlier post, provided you have an external antenna of some kind congestion is likely to be the limiting factor these days. The OPs advice was good at the time but cell coverage is much better now.
  4. I doubt you get 5G 'almost everywhere'
  5. My experience fwiw using a draytek LTE 3/4G router on the three network. I threw my TV aerial away and I stream TV on an unlimited data contact currently £21/m. I rarely have so little bandwidth that I can't stream HDTV. HOWEVER, bandwidth can be limited by congestion on the cell mast that you're connected to, confirmed by Draytek tech support. I can often get greater bandwidth by forcing the router to (the less congested) 3G network. Currently in the middle of Banbury with 'excellent' signal strength and less than 1Mbps bandwidth, my first failure in two months!
  6. The navigation is current closed due to a substancial fallen tree across the navigation under Milby bridge just north of Milby lock.
  7. The navigation is current closed due to a substancial fallen tree across the navigation under Milby bridge just north of Milby lock.
  8. I used protectacote cream, does stain a bit though.
  9. Not sure if this is similar to anything already suggested but I've just replaced all the windows on my nb and sealed them with butyl glazing tape, easy to use and looks very like what was originally used by the boat builder. Re silicon, for reasons best known to them they also ran a bead of silicon around the window edge, this has subsequent caused rusting after 6 years under the silicon possibly due to trapped acetic acid during the cure.
  10. Thanks for the quick response, I actually did that last time and it did help. However I feel I'm putting more and more effort in for less and less pumping!
  11. I realise this thread is a bit old but does anyone know if you can get replacement plunger seals for the seaflo pump? Mines reluctant to pump after 5 years ☹️
  12. There seems to be some conflicting information/confusion of terms. Firstly a lead acid battery will self limit its charge to something close the amount of charge used, e.g. if you've used 80Ah then after a short while the charge current will be 80A or thereabouts. Secondly the reason most batteries die is sulphation which is due to inadequate charging, so better to 'abuse' your batteries with high charge rate than leave them not fully charged. Thirdly alternators weren't designed to charge massive banks of domestic batteries, they were designed for cars to replace the tiny amount of charge used to start an engine and then provide power to run everything electrical thereafter, without help it will struggle to fully charge a well used domestic bank in a reasonable time. That's where the A to B device helps by boosting the 13.8v (more likely 12.5 under load) to around 14.5 to charge the batteries in a shorter time. When calculating max charge a rough rule of thumb is thus: Alternator rated current x 0.8 If using an A to B giving a 20% voltage boost including losses. x 0.7 Unless you have seriously large cables joining all this up x 0.95 for cable losses Putting all that together you have a max available current of about 55% of the rated alternator output, subtract your electrical load from this and there what's left to charge the batteries. As regards diagnosing your particular problem I recommend investing in a cheap DC clamp ammeter for about £30 that you will use time and time again and is the best way to find this and similar faults. Measuring Ah in and Ah out is a really good way of assessing battery state as a lead acid battery is close to 100% efficient if you measure this way unless overcharged, it is not 100% efficient if you measure Wh in/out.
  13. I am currently on the Lancaster heading for the Llangollen and would be happy to demo for you if you're in the area.
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