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  1. It was nice to see that CART have put their digital archive collection online, however, having browsed, I have already found 2 captions that don't match the photo shown which is unfortunate, has anyone else found any howlers?
  2. Just asked my hubby who used to be on the boats and he said it was definitely called a knife drawer, although, he also said that he and his brother found it useful for keeping Lego in!
  3. Sorry to hear of your awful experience.
  4. Sams Funeral: Sam's funeral will be on Friday 27th June at the North Chapel of Watford Crematorium at 3.20 p.m, if any of his boating friends would like to come along and need transport can you please let me know via this forum asap. The hearse will be leaving from the Boat pub on Ravens Lane Berkhamsted at Lock 54 at 2.20 pm. Sue
  5. Thank you to everyone who replied with your condolences, it means a lot to Barry and his family. Sue
  6. For all of you out there who knew him, I am sad to tell you that Sam Horne passed away tonight at about 7pm. He formerly lived at the Lock Cottage in Berkhamsted for about 48 years, but recently had been living in a Care Home in Hemel Hempstead. He came to Berkhamsted in 1966 as a Labourer/Lock Keeper with wife Gladys and 2 sons, and took great pride in his garden for which he won several prizes for Best Kept Garden. Even after retirement his enthusiasm for the canals never waned and he would often sit in the garden watching the boats go through at Lock 54 and talk to the people on the boats and lock side. Unfortunately he lost his beloved wife Gladys in 2012 and after that he suffered debilitating illness which eventually necessitated his going into a Care Home. Sam, we miss you! Sue (Daughter In Law)
  7. Canalchef, Yes, I can confirm that the woman in the photograph is Gladys.
  8. Derek, Yes, Sam does still live at Berko Lockcottage
  9. Tonka, I am married to Barry who is the eldest son. Lockcottage
  10. A heatfelt thank you to everyone for your condolences, they will be passed on to Sam and his family.
  11. David, Yes it is that one, Sam still lives there.
  12. Alan, Thank you for your condolences, I will pass them on to Sam and his family.
  13. Just to let you all know, Gladys Horne passed away in Hemel Hempstead aged 80 years on Sunday 18th November, she is survived by her husband Sam and 2 sons, Gladys was a boatwoman most of her working life on boats including the Ayr & Aynho and Warbler & Wagtail. She and Sam settled in Berkhamsted in 1966 where Sam was the lock keeper before his retirement. She was an exemplary wife and mother and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.
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