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  1. I've thought about using the sign post but not sure it would be strong enough. Last time i went from Icknield Port we went up Smethwick and down Spon Lane just to use them.
  2. We had the gaps in the handrails on our Jonathan Wilson welded up and new ones cut slightly further back as we would always have puddles. We now only get a puddle if the water tank is full and the diesel tank low.
  3. If running off the inverter make sure you don't kill the battery by taking too much power from it and you will need to charge it back up after using the drill. If you are in a marina it would be better to use the shore power connection.
  4. We do that stretch quite often, we usually stop at the Greyhound either for lunch or the evening depending on where we started. If it is for lunch we then usually carry on to the Anchor at Hartshill for overnight, if it was an overnight then the next day would be to Polesworth or Fazeley Junction depending on where we are heading.
  5. Tonka is using creocote which is a modern alternative to creosote and not so harmful to the fish. Available in most DIY sheds. I've used it on my fenders and does seem to preserve them.
  6. I cut through one side of a link, I have had one open up and snap the link whilst descending in a lock rather than the fender just riding up over the stem post.
  7. I would book a table at the Greyhound and stop overnight at Hawkesbury on night 1.
  8. I wonder how canaltime boats get away with it as they don't appear to have a front exit other than the side doors.
  9. We moored and left our boat below Duke's Lock last year moored by Wolvercote Junction (I think that is what it is called). There were a few family groups dog walking in the area so it felt ok to leave the boat for a couple of hours whilst we went food shopping. Boat was fine when we got back.
  10. That is when the wetsuit comes in. We did pick up a full tennis net a couple of years ago which one of the crew got in the cut and cut off.
  11. Better to use a short cabin shaft then no need to put your hands in the water.
  12. My last trip to Walsall on a working boat in May had no issues with picking up any rubbish or weed. Chucking it in to reverse at the first sign of a change in prop wash or engine note usually clears it.
  13. I do a large portion of my boating on the BCN and mainly on boats without a weed hatch. Knocking it out of gear at bridge holes prevents picking up rubbish and gliding through areas where it is visibly full of rubbish helps.
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