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  1. I was in a similar situation to you 18 months ago. I went to look at boats which were either horrible when I got there or the owners wanted to sell without the hassle of a survey. As you, I was concerned about proof of ownership and loosing money. I did some research and discovered sailaways - brand new boats which are partially fitted out. I found a company in Cheshire where I could buy a nearly finished boat, new for £35000 and I only had to pay a £1000 deposit so this is all I would loose if the company went bust. I went to look at their boats and they had one available which was a cancelled order, my wife loved it so we negotiated some extras into the price and collected it a week later and sailed it from Lymm to Stafford. Since then we have finished fitting it out and now use it all the time, Everything such as the engine, pumps and batteries were brand new so came with warranty. The company I bought mine from do wide beam 57ft sailaway additions for about £52000 and they are now painted on the outside which mine wasn't (it was in primer) and is the only thing I would change in hindsight. You could get someone to finish for you if you didn't want to do it yourself, with the money you have left. We have done ours ourself and it is not difficult. Many people have commented on how well the shell is built and welded. It might be worth considering and then you would not need surveys or solicitors and could spend the money saved on the boat, I am not connected with the company, just a happy customer.
  2. How much is the sailaway? I bought one from here: http://www.lmbs.co.uk/ Very happy, just sailed away (?) Don't forget, all pipes, exhaust, oils, coolant, batteries, etc are included. No connection with the company, just a happy customer.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear, we've lived on ours since we bought it. It was lined and doors / bulkhead fitted. We've used mainly free standing furniture apart from the fireplace which we built. The stove came from ebay (new £175) and the flue and fitting kit from limekiln chandlers £99. Stove is going strong with no problems as I type this. The free standing furniture came from Ikea and local secondhand shops and the kitchen from Wickes. The 4ft mattress from Gumtree for £50. If I want a night away while varnishing for example, I book into a Traveloge on a Sunday night for £19. With a bit of planning you can fit out for a bargain if you use ebay / gumtree and the internet to compare prices. For example don't buy a cooker from a chandlers. You can get a lovely cooker with LPG kit from somewhere like Asda for around £250. Always look for end of line or similar deals from DIY shops. Regards Dot
  4. Hi, Is this your maximum spend? I looked at lots of brokers and secondhand boats 2 years ago and didn't like the boats for the money or the attitude of the brokers. In the end I bought a brand new sailaway for £28000, all new with new engine, batteries, wiring etc. I haven't looked back, we are now living on it and finishing the fit out as we go. The builder only wanted £1000 deposit and the balance on collection so no risk. People have been very impressed at the quality of the steelwork so we are very happy. Regards Dot
  5. Hi, If you are single I would have thought a 40 foot boat would have been fine. I live with my husband on a 57 foot but if I was single a shorter boat would suffice. We stay at a marina where the cost is £30 per week, its basic but the people are great! In 18 months the only other costs have been servicing the engine which my husband did for about £40 a time and the licence £800 a year for ours but a smaller boat is cheaper, and insurance about £10 a month. It doesn't matter where you live to claim benefits but you will need a postal address and if you are claiming jobseekers be available to look for work. You can use any address even a friend or a local charity organisation with their permission. Hope that helps! Regards Tonie
  6. Tonie

    Hot Water

    To answer your replies, I'm heating the water by running the engine, the water goes cold and then hot again. Don't know the size of the calorifier sorry, it came with the boat. I thought gas water heaters were not allowed on new boats, am I wrong? I used to have one in a holiday caravan and it was great! Tonie.
  7. Tonie

    Hot Water

    Hi, I have a new sailaway which is fitted with a calorifier mounted on its side in the engine compartment. Problem is, I can't get a steady stream of hot water in the shower. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my install or the best I can expect. How do you get hot water on a narrowboat? I live on it on a small marina without electric hook up. Any advice would be appreciated as this is spoiling my enjoyment of living on the canal. Tonie
  8. I'm currently fitting out the bathroom of my sailaway. I need to fit a switch for the shower waste pump. Can I use a normal light switch or does it have to be a pull cord? Or is there something else to consider? Thanks Ian
  9. Thanks to those of you who replied, I have now removed it and fitted the flooring - Another good job done.
  10. Hi, I want to remove the Thetford C200CW toilet in my narrowboat to lay the floor, but the instruction don't make it clear and I don't want to force anything, anyone done this who can help me? Thanks.
  11. Hi, this is the link to the downlights on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADJUSTABLE-DOWNLIGHTS-CHROME-6-5cm-3-PACK-BULBS-TRANS-/310249384415?pt=UK_HomeGarden_Lighting_Lamps_Lighting_SM&hash=item483c4de9df
  12. I've found a cooker I like for my boat, it comes with an lpg kit but it has a 240 plug for piezo ignition. As I have a 12v supply near it I thought of fitting an inverter behind the cupboard near it and plugging the lead in. Would that work and what power inverter would I need? It would only be for the cooker.
  13. I've been wondering for some time where the young people who rent privately are going to live when they retire? Continuing to rent privately will surely make a large dent in their pension. Unless they are all planning to live on a boat!
  14. If yours is like ours with the wiring in but no lights fitted may I recommend these: They are from a seller on ebay and only cost £2 each with bulbs. They fit straight in to the holes in the roof. May I also recommend these for connecting the wires: The are called Wago connectors and make fitting the lights a piece of cake, no soldering or screwdriver required. I fitted a few for the journey back so we had light late at night.
  15. Hi, We bought a sailaway from Lymm in October and sailed it back to Stafford. It took 5 days sailing all day. Your trip will take about twice as long. If you have to go on any rivers you will have to check on regulations regarding anchor, nav lights etc. You will need a headlight for tunnels and a horn as well as fenders, mooring equipment, something to cook on, etc. Also the engine and gearbox should be serviced after 50 hours(oil change)and your trip will probably take 75 hours, so bear this in mind as the 50 hours includes any time you run your engine even if not sailing. You will get a form from Lymm to licence your boat which lasts a year until you get your BSS. Hope that helps. Dot & Ian A couple of pics to spur you on.
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