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  1. 17. Whenever you go to work in an office, visit a friend in a house, or have cause to use a hotel, you need an extra bag to haul along all of the things you want to charge up from their mains while you’re there I've just read through the thread and giggling away because I'm travelling in a car sitting next to said bag going to stay in a hotel tonight
  2. wishing you a festive time full of love , laughter, sunshine,joy and peace and may 2012 be the year all your dreams come true :)

  3. welcome to the forum trish :)

  4. Hi Athy thanks for the welcome, I lived at Raynsway marina on the soar for two years before coming to the Ashby earlier this year so it wasn't me but hello anyway
  5. I bought a boat after having problems renting with pets so I like living with my dog and cat with no hassles - also like moving about, being close to nature, the people on the canals, generating my own power, the peaceful surroundings, no household bills, and just living a different lifestyle and pace to bricks and mortar dwelling
  6. My cat climbs up a pipe fender easily when she falls in. Hope you're having a good day! I bought my boat from Braunston Marina as a lone novice and the first trip was to Hillmorton - I was terrified and my knees were actually knocking lol. The next trip though I gained in confidence and each time I move now it's easier
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