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  1. We travelled up and down the five rise on route to Skipton earlier this month. The gates do leak bad. In a group of three boats and I was close to them. I want to modify / seal the back end of my boat better to stop / reduce water being able to collect in there again in a similar situation in future.
  2. Hi. With the alternator issue, I have a simple 12v system with a lucas alternator and my battery charging light flickers when the battery is fully charged after a few days cruising , it has since installed. The Hurth to PRM swap might not be straight forward. I looked into it. I have a Hurth HBW 250 and couldn't find a PRM equivalent with as much of a drop between the input and output shafts.
  3. Easedale has just been shortened at Knottingly and we saw 'Little shuva' dredging near Leeds a few weeks ago, we were told for when the barges start work.
  4. Thanks Derek. Much appreciated. Very kind of you to take the time to do this.
  5. Hi Derick. I've been looking out for a HDW manual for 8-9 years now whilst running / owning my engine with no luck. I do have figures for head nut torque, bump clearance and valve clearances if you need these. I would like to know a bit more about setting up / balancing the injection system myself as I think one of my cylinders is working slightly harder ( exhaust is slightly hotter to touch on one side ).
  6. I was just about to try and post a link to these, they have been relisted. Looks like a good deal to me if CV engines float your boat. Ha. I already have enough. What might be of more interest to the forum is that the seller states he has numerous other engines for sale.
  7. My Hurth HBW 10 gearbox failed in exactly the same way. I couldn't change it for a PRM because i need more of a drop between the input and output than the PRM equivalent provides. Fortunately for me a good HBW 250 which has the same dimensions and very similar mounting hole centres came up on this site.
  8. While we were there a narrowboat got jammed in one of the three locks that lead up to Shire Oaks marina. Some of the 'old hands' at the marina offered their expertise to get the boat through but the owner decided against it.
  9. Recently i have tried to remember when leaving the boat to isolate the diesel supply at the tank outlet. Been leaving a reminder on engine to turn it back on again.
  10. We had a great holiday on the Chesterfield last year. I think the highlights for me were the pubs in Retford, club house at West Stockwith and the pretty flight of locks up to Norwood tunnel, some of them double and triple. First time i had experienced a narrow canal and a tunnel ( although very short ). Sadly even last year two of the canal side pubs in the Nicholsons guide had closed down.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Personally i would send the injectors off at the same time. From what i remember his prices are very reasonable.
  16. Peter Slater at Scunthorpe was recommended to me on this forum and reconditioned a pair of seized fuel pumps for my spare engine
  17. If you altered the linkage to the pumps that would affect the fuel rack setting / balance and not pump timing. If you take injectors out reconnect them externally, keep well clear and they are delivering fuel when engine spun over i would think Mike is right about bent rod / rods and low compression.
  18. Thanks for vote of confidence Surginess but in all honesty i only have experience with head gaskets and setting bump clearance on my engine, it has been really reliable over the last five years and a good starter. There are i think two members on this forum who have the full workshop manual ( for the HDW ), without that i could not advise on pump timing. Personally if the engine was running when submerged i would at least make a compression test and compare the figures. Like i said before a top end strip down and rebuild to check for damage is not a big job. I think the head gaskets on HDA are copper and can be annealed and reused, I will have bump, valve clearances and head nut torque figures written down somewhere ( again for the HDW ). Merry Xmas btw.
  19. Is not a big job to remove heads and barrels to have a look inside. If HDA rods are the same as the HDW and one or both are bent i will have a pair on a spares engine for reasonable money. you could press / fit your small end bushes into these i would think if yours are ok. Not sure about the viability of transferring big end shells from one con rod to another i've never had to try. Someone else with engine building experience may be able to advise.
  20. Only been to the Jefferson arms a few times after the Ferry boat inn at Thorganby closed, it seems like a nice pub. I used the rickety pontoon next to the Ferry boat and walked through the village. Not sure where all this anti boat thing comes from on the Derwent. I think it goes back to when there was a proposal to build a marina somewhere near Stamford bridge and the case went to court, personally i have never had a problem apart from the fella who owns the lock keepers cottage at Elvington. It is possible to moor fairly close to Ellerton on the river to get to the Boot and shoe if you have stakes and a plank to get off. My home mooring is at the Breighton Ferry and you would have been fine to stop there in Cygnet. The landlord worries about the weight of a narrow boat pulling the floating pontoon scaffold poles out of the bank, the river can run fast past there, If you can stop there it is a nice pub with an open fire and there is a shower / toilet block as well.
  21. Loads of pubs on this list i need to check out. Nice surprise to see the 'Boot and shoe' Ellerton on the list. 'The Grey Horse' at Elvington is a good drinkers pub for anyone with a small boat if the river Derwent is navigable past the Pocklington canal at the time and the 'Breighton Ferry' again for small boats if you're a biker as well as a boater have a lot of camping events in the summer. Sad to see how the 'Kings head' Barmby has stopped food and reduced opening hours.
  22. Deviating a bit. The Jug. Chapel Haddlesey. Selby canal. 10 min walk from West Haddlesey moorings. Really nice small pub. Good home cooked food, friendly service. cask beers. Was there in September. The North Star Marina Club at Goole has been redecorated now & is still a friendly place to spend the evening.
  23. Not sure how this thread has gone downhill like this. Personally i have no problem with the American people i've met and i'm sure if we all met up for a pint everyone would get on fine.
  24. Have just returned from my trip to Sheffield, had a great time and wanted to thank PD1964 for making us welcome, organising our moorings, moving boats around so Mike was able to moor his boat next to an electric point and sorting him out with a card out of hours. All much appreciated by all of us. Weather on the Saturday was fantastic. The whole thing was really well organised and made a memorable few days.
  25. Thanks yes. Have received confirmation. Really looking forward to this event.
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