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Fitter kieron

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  1. Fitter kieron

    Ruston 3yc bucryus head gasket

    I've had head gaskets made by ' Gaskets to go ' and can recommend their work. I sent one of my blown gaskets over to them I think in Thailand as a pattern. Just takes a bit of time with the postage.
  2. Fitter kieron

    2.7 mm steel plate thickness

    My boat is similar age and also 1/8 inch construction. I had to cut sections out and fit plates in where water had sat inside for years and corroded through ( when the boat was derelict on hard standing ) . Never had a survey but I know there is some pitting inside the hull. The important thing for me is that I can access the inside of the hull in all areas. I insure 3rd party with basic boat insurance at a level where I can use tidal waters to access the inland waterways which I often do.
  3. Fitter kieron

    Buying An Electric Car

    I think the new nuisance calls, texts & adverts in a few years will be " Tripped up over someone else's charging cable and smashed yer face on the kerb ? "
  4. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    Hi. Thanks all for comments / advice on this. I made the tank as a sealed unit with the floor of the boat as the top and a removable plate in the floor to access for maintenance. The idea was to have it ( the top / lid ) bolted down at all times, but in practice I leave it in place but not bolted down just in case I need access on the move for some reason like physically checking the temperature and also so I can check the level and condition of the coolant from time to time. When one of the head gaskets burnt through a few years ago the first sign I noticed was a film of oil on the coolant. Like I mentioned the run to the pump is only short. 1 metre at the most with a lift of around 30cm, so not a great deal of suction required. I will give the pickup pipe / strainer a proper check next time I'm there to fit the new hose I've ordered. The lid is 3mm plate and fits well onto studs recessed in the floor so the system is quite well sealed from outside contaminants even when not secured down.
  5. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    I doubt you'll learn anything. Just to stop any debris from the tank circulating through the pump & around the system. Maybe seems unnecessary on an engine that would have been raw water cooled but I thought it good practice to put a strainer on the pickup pipe.
  6. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    There is a strainer on the pickup which I have checked for obvious obstructions . Will blow back down the new hose when fitted to check it is clear. Re coolant temperature I have got a temp gauge taken from a sender on the engine which rarely registers. Only really when working against the tide for prolonged periods, which isn't something I prefer to do but to catch high tide at ocean lock Goole I push against the flood for a couple of hours. The coolant does get hot then but I can still immerse my hand in the tank when I remove the cover so maybe 50-60 deg C. I think that's what the gauge registers. I guess this might have been enough to soften / weaken the hose over the years.
  7. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    Hi Tony. It's a cooling tank which I created in the vee of the boat hull. Boat was originally raw water cooled but I changed to a tank. The Selby and Pocklington canals in this area are bad for weed later in the year.
  8. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    That's great. Will order a length now. Thanks for link Paringa.
  9. Fitter kieron

    Intake hose to jabsco pump

    Just to add, I have checked the pick up strainer in the keel tank and it is clear.
  10. Hi. I have a short length ( approx 1m ) of reinforced clear braided hose from the keel tank to the Jabsco cooling pump on the front of my engine. Has been there since I put the engine in maybe 5 years. Looking at the engine as I passed it the other day I noticed that the hose had collapsed and sucked nearly flat. Does anyone know if there is a better solution which I can still fasten with jubilee clips ( 12mm Internal diameter ) or just keep a spare length of hose and change at regular intervals. Thanks, Kieron.
  11. Fitter kieron

    Live aboard in york

    I guess that the OP Anke might be from a country where the language is more direct. Selby and Melbourne arm on the Pocklington canal are my suggestions although I don't know about availability at Pocklington I know of a narrowboat leaving Selby boatyard in the next month.
  12. Fitter kieron

    Pocklington Canal Bicentenary Celebration

    Just to add to this the ' Folksail Festival ' at the waterways museum Goole will be held on the following weekend of 4th-5th August this year. Details on their site. Definitely worth seeing the historic barges from this area gathered together in one place.
  13. Fitter kieron

    Pocklington Canal Bicentenary Celebration

    Bicentenary celebration of the opening of the Pocklington canal. The canal will be open as far as Bielby arm to boats for the first time in 80 years. Information is on the 'Pocklington canal amenity society' site. Took me some time to find but the application form for boats attending is under the 'Events' subsection of the home page. There looks to be a lot going on. For anyone boating in the York / Selby / Goole area during the summer this would be well worth a visit I think.
  14. Fitter kieron

    Coventry Victor HDW

    Just need to correct myself here re the core plug. Had a good look at a barrel this morning and there is a soft metal plug which looks to have been driven in.
  15. Fitter kieron

    Coventry Victor HDW

    The HDW engine should have a raw water pump at the front below the governor housing. Looking close at the picture i'm not sure if there is one there. The oil filter is in the way from the angle of the photo. For all I know the HDA could still have the drive for the cooling pump but blanked off. The barrels are HDW with some of the pipework not fitted as mentioned earlier. I don't think from memory that the circle in the barrel is a removeable plug, maybe it's just where the molten metal is poured into the cast. There are taps on the water pipes under each barrel on my engine to drain the coolant out of them for frost protection. I also think that it is possible that this could originally have been an air cooled engine converted to water cooled by changing the barrels and heads. On the HDA the flywheel works as a cooling fan and would also have been changed.

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