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  1. Thanks yes. Have received confirmation. Really looking forward to this event.
  2. I think one of the main responsibilities of the barrage is to maintain the water at a level for the treatment works at Loftsome bridge. The river usually floods really high in the winter. Often i can't get to the floating pontoon my boat is moored on and the camping field at the Breighton ferry can be all under water. From my experience EA aren't really interested in maintaining the river for boating or maybe only as far as the Pocklington canal, It is lucky that Martin goes out of his way to be helpful. John is good as well. Unfortunately Martin is leaving EA next year.
  3. Got an email today from CV marine confirming that we should able to moor somewhere on the 21st. Thanks all for info and booking us in PD1964.
  4. Thanks for the link. Plan is to be there or as near as possible in boat for this.
  5. I have been told that the level of the water on the first section of the canal between the Derwent and Cottingwith lock can be maintained at a better level by the guys working the barrage if they know when you are passing that stretch. Martin there increased the level to free a live aboard boater who got stuck i'm guessing in that area a few years ago. With the possibility of cross contamination of weed from Selby to the Pocklington maybe it would be better to access the Derwent from Goole as an alternative to Selby if equipped with VHF and follow the correct route as marked in the boating association guide.
  6. Thanks. That's very good of you. I will resend the message to CV marine now. Do you have a working connection with the canal at Sheffield ?
  7. Thanks. We're not really worried about there being much on i can't find any up to date information. Is just really our way of marking the bi centenary and a good excuse to visit Sheffield by boat for the first time. If the river is too high for the locks we'll just have to alter our plans. It's just a trip out really. My email has gone down today but will wait to hear back from CV marine.
  8. Yep Stretch Armstrong. I can steer the boat and make a coffee at the same time
  9. Ok thanks. I'm sure we'll be able to sort something out
  10. Thanks Peter. Can we be fairly certain that there will be a mooring available for the 57ft boat ? Also are these moorings CRT ?
  11. Hi Myself at 27ft and two other narrow boats 35ft and 57ft are planning on making the trip up to Sheffield for a Bi centenary celebration on 21st of September. I have read the threads regarding booking the Tinsley flight of locks. My concern is regarding mooring for the weekend in Sheffield. Not so much for my boat but the fella who lives on the 57ft boat doesn't have great mobility so will need a good mooring to get on and off. If he can find a good canal side mooring we can tie onto his boat if possible. From reading previous threads i understand that CV marine own all the moorings. I have just sent them an email but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. If it was my engine i would live with it for a while. Once it's run in take it for a run on a tidal section of river if you can and get it warm. For what it's worth that's what i would do.
  13. 'Spare hands' a six piece folk band from Hull will be playing from 2-4 pm. Songs about the fishing industry and other maritime subjects.
  14. Thanks i have PMed him if he can post any further details
  15. There is a fundraising event for Wheldale this Saturday at Goole North star clubhouse from 2pm with live music . Bobby who runs the club mentioned about it to me last night when i popped in. If 'Wheldale' catches this maybe he can give further details.
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