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  1. You could chain drill it around the edges with a small bit starting with the corners. knock the centre out then file the high spots flat.
  2. I have a spare CAV starter which i will sell. It came with a HDW engine i bought off a forum member on here. One of the big ends had gone and damaged the crank. Will let the starter go for £80, that's what it's worth to me as a spare. Complete engines have come up on ebay every now and then in the past and sold for not much more than £100 if advertised as spares or repair.
  3. The day / morning before the hunt takes place badger set entrances are regularly blocked up to prevent the unfortunate fox having a safe haven. It is rightly illegal to interfere with a badger set in this country yet they get away with it time and time again because fox hunting is the leisure activity of people in positions of influence. It's just not right.
  4. Thanks for passing that information on Magnetman. So to learn from my near miss i need to spend longer waiting at anchor to allow for a greater increase in depth and also only make the trip on or near neap tides.
  5. Just a shame TD & NC could never get on. Both have a good knowledge of the area i go boating and have always taken the time to give me good advice on this forum.
  6. For someone like me who might only access the Trent via the Ouse on my boat maybe only a handful of times in my life the Boating Association books are essential. The navigational notes, transit lines and having every marker light and feature to gauge progress is really reassuring. Everything is there and easy to read. I would like to make this trip again to access the Chesterfield canal from Barmby in one day. Setting off from the anchor point at Trent falls last time i could feel the boat sliding over a mud bank so maybe next time i will sit on anchor longer. Also found that the flow on the flood tide past Keadby was really strong and i used most if not all of my 27hp to get into the lock
  7. The boating association publish really comprehensive booklets for the Ouse and Trent which i used when making this trip. I folded them open on the page i needed inside an A4 plastic sleeve giving protection from wind and rain. I also contacted Goole a day or so before my planned journey to make them aware of my passage (as well as the locks i was passing through Barmby and Keadby) and again by VHF for permission before passing Ocean lock.
  8. Hi Yoke. I don't know if you have ebay in Thailand. It has been the best source for second hand engine parts for me. There is no longer a supplier of new old stock that i am aware of. The filters on the HDA are the same as some other engines and getting fuel pump(s) and injector(s) reconditioned in the UK is not a problem. Ironically the best place i could find to have new head gaskets for my engine made was in Thailand. Hope this helps. Kieron
  9. You must be having a laugh. All those anti diesel posts i've read of yours where you're stood on your banana box....
  10. If you search ' coventry victor vixen ' on the internet and select ' images ' there is an old picture of a broads cruiser engine showing the original set up with dynamo attached. There are other pictures of alternators with brackets adapted to fit on this forum. Mine is a standard Lucas unit.
  11. Ha, got it running. Well done. As well as the gearbox to check / service there is also a transfer box at the back end. The type of oil to be used in each is indicated on the brass filler caps in small lettering. From the clips that you've posted it looks to me like there is a mounting for a dynamo chain driven from the output shaft behind the flywheel. I have a similar spare engine / gearbox configuration in storage with this attached, mounted parallel to the starter chain driven on the other side . Maybe you can adapt this for an alternator.
  12. Hi. Obviously check the engine oil condition / level ( I use 15/40w ) and the diesel ( standard ) is clean & not contaminated. Because the engine has been stood, before starting i would use an oil can & the primer pots to get some oil into the barrels and with the decompressor button locked down with the lever turn the engine over on the handle ( by hand ) and watch the oil pressure build up on the gauge. You should be able to hear the creaking of the injectors as you turn the engine over if the injection system is still primed and stop lever is in run position. I set the throttle about 1/3rd on my engine when starting. With a good battery spin the engine over still on the decompressor when it gets up speed let the decompressor go still on the starter. You should get some life even if it's only the oil from the primer pots being burnt. If she doesn't start after say 5 seconds repeat the process of using the oil can and primer pots to push some oil into barrels ( increasing the compression for starting ). You might need to prime the fuel if it's not getting through. Once you know the engine runs and the oil is warm i would carry out a full service. Don't forget to retighten the primer pot taps every time after using the plungers to push the oil into the barrels. Good luck.
  13. Yes was good to get a reply although surprised that it's something that they haven't been been asked / considered before. Received the reply posted a few weeks ago and never did get the Dutch update. It's reluctantly gone into landfill now. I see these regularly when i boat on the Ouse.
  14. Hi Mr Gabbey, This is the reply I had from Norway.... The fender material is PVC. Internally we can use some of the material in our own production, the rest is used by a company making roofing. Used fenders should be delivered to the correct handling facilities. In Norway I believe that most end up being heat energy, (burned and the heat is used for warming of water, again used in heating of houses). This would of course be different from location to location. I will now enquire of the Dutch company and get back to you. Kind regards Erica Compass Marine
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