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Fitter kieron

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  1. Fitter kieron

    Live aboard in york

    I guess that the OP Anke might be from a country where the language is more direct. Selby and Melbourne arm on the Pocklington canal are my suggestions although I don't know about availability at Pocklington I know of a narrowboat leaving Selby boatyard in the next month.
  2. Fitter kieron

    Pocklington Canal Bicentenary Celebration

    Just to add to this the ' Folksail Festival ' at the waterways museum Goole will be held on the following weekend of 4th-5th August this year. Details on their site. Definitely worth seeing the historic barges from this area gathered together in one place.
  3. Fitter kieron

    Pocklington Canal Bicentenary Celebration

    Bicentenary celebration of the opening of the Pocklington canal. The canal will be open as far as Bielby arm to boats for the first time in 80 years. Information is on the 'Pocklington canal amenity society' site. Took me some time to find but the application form for boats attending is under the 'Events' subsection of the home page. There looks to be a lot going on. For anyone boating in the York / Selby / Goole area during the summer this would be well worth a visit I think.
  4. Fitter kieron

    Coventry Victor HDW

    Just need to correct myself here re the core plug. Had a good look at a barrel this morning and there is a soft metal plug which looks to have been driven in.
  5. Fitter kieron

    Coventry Victor HDW

    The HDW engine should have a raw water pump at the front below the governor housing. Looking close at the picture i'm not sure if there is one there. The oil filter is in the way from the angle of the photo. For all I know the HDA could still have the drive for the cooling pump but blanked off. The barrels are HDW with some of the pipework not fitted as mentioned earlier. I don't think from memory that the circle in the barrel is a removeable plug, maybe it's just where the molten metal is poured into the cast. There are taps on the water pipes under each barrel on my engine to drain the coolant out of them for frost protection. I also think that it is possible that this could originally have been an air cooled engine converted to water cooled by changing the barrels and heads. On the HDA the flywheel works as a cooling fan and would also have been changed.
  6. Fitter kieron

    Coventry Victor HDW

    What Blizzard says. Have been told that 50% oil and diesel mix is meant to be used but have used both neat in the past. the tops are like plungers which you force the oil/diesel into the cylinder with when you push them down. Close valves before starting. Stand back and let white smoke clear from exhaust.
  7. Fitter kieron

    Weather proof Powder Coating.

    Yes, like BEngo says it is widely used in industry so I guess it must be much more effective than in the past.
  8. Fitter kieron

    Weather proof Powder Coating.

    My experience of powder coating is that when it gets chipped the rust works it's way along under the surface. It has to be completely stripped and redone. I think I would galvanize the frames if the metal is thick enough to withstand the heat without distorting. Just my opinion.
  9. Fitter kieron

    How big an outboard

    I keep a long shaft seagull silver century on board which I hook on a bracket on the rear of my 23ft steel boat as emergency steerage for stretches of the tidal Ouse in case I get a mattress or similar wrapped around the prop of main engine. As soon as I've passed through a lock it gets stowed again. It's heavy enough in a confined space to man handle. I tested on a canal and will push the boat along quite well. It has a clutch but no reverse gear.
  10. Fitter kieron

    VHS video tape disposal

    Ok. I've got some 'Ready brek' somewhere. Maybe I can fill the holes with that, it works with most things.
  11. Fitter kieron

    VHS video tape disposal

    Ok, thanks. Guess i'll take them to the tip next time I head that way. Worth asking though.
  12. Fitter kieron

    VHS video tape disposal

    Hi. Have got a box of old VHS tapes which I want to dispose of as ethically as possible. Charity shops no longer want them ( no surprise there ). Have searched on internet and found plenty of reasons why it is not a good idea to consign them to landfill but no viable alternative. Has anyone else found a good or least bad solution to this problem. Thanks & happy new year, Kieron.
  13. Fitter kieron

    Link belt

    I use a link belt with a similar set up to you and have no problems, but the belt I use is a different construction to that shown in the pictures. Have just checked and type I use is called 'twist link belting'. edit ' Fenner twist link belting '
  14. Fitter kieron

    Trailer Hire

    To clarify my previous post. Ian wanted to move a 25ft boat by road on a trailer. Land rover Defender can legally tow 3500kg as a standard vehicle. If the trailer weighs 800kg the boat can not weigh more than 2700kg, The combined weight of the boat and the trailer. Might seem obvious but needs to be taken into consideration.
  15. Fitter kieron

    Trailer Hire

    Hi Ian. Have you thought about posting your job on 'Anyvan' auction site ? Do you know the weight of your boat. If combined weight of boat and trailer is more than 3500kg then it's out of Land rover territory. Also if you plan to slip the boat then it will mean pulling the trailer hubs and re greasing the bearings ( talking from personal experience ). Not sure how hire companies get around this. I couldn't leave water in my trailer hubs for long without damaging the bearings.