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Fitter kieron

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  1. How big an outboard

    I keep a long shaft seagull silver century on board which I hook on a bracket on the rear of my 23ft steel boat as emergency steerage for stretches of the tidal Ouse in case I get a mattress or similar wrapped around the prop of main engine. As soon as I've passed through a lock it gets stowed again. It's heavy enough in a confined space to man handle. I tested on a canal and will push the boat along quite well. It has a clutch but no reverse gear.
  2. VHS video tape disposal

    Ok. I've got some 'Ready brek' somewhere. Maybe I can fill the holes with that, it works with most things.
  3. VHS video tape disposal

    Ok, thanks. Guess i'll take them to the tip next time I head that way. Worth asking though.
  4. VHS video tape disposal

    Hi. Have got a box of old VHS tapes which I want to dispose of as ethically as possible. Charity shops no longer want them ( no surprise there ). Have searched on internet and found plenty of reasons why it is not a good idea to consign them to landfill but no viable alternative. Has anyone else found a good or least bad solution to this problem. Thanks & happy new year, Kieron.
  5. Link belt

    I use a link belt with a similar set up to you and have no problems, but the belt I use is a different construction to that shown in the pictures. Have just checked and type I use is called 'twist link belting'. edit ' Fenner twist link belting '
  6. Trailer Hire

    To clarify my previous post. Ian wanted to move a 25ft boat by road on a trailer. Land rover Defender can legally tow 3500kg as a standard vehicle. If the trailer weighs 800kg the boat can not weigh more than 2700kg, The combined weight of the boat and the trailer. Might seem obvious but needs to be taken into consideration.
  7. Trailer Hire

    Hi Ian. Have you thought about posting your job on 'Anyvan' auction site ? Do you know the weight of your boat. If combined weight of boat and trailer is more than 3500kg then it's out of Land rover territory. Also if you plan to slip the boat then it will mean pulling the trailer hubs and re greasing the bearings ( talking from personal experience ). Not sure how hire companies get around this. I couldn't leave water in my trailer hubs for long without damaging the bearings.
  8. A to K and L to W Vintage Marine Engines .

    Thanks. It's beyond my knowledge to differentiate between which marine engines are termed vintage and old. If I say 'old engine' then I can't be wrong I hope. I know I like both.
  9. A to K and L to W Vintage Marine Engines .

    Nailed it in one paragraph Bee. You seem to know a lot about running an old engine. It's ok to come out.
  10. Poorly muntjac

    Badgers are being shot and caged and then shot in 21 zones ( if I remember right ) this year under license from 'Natural England' by registered shooters with in a specific time period which started last month. Other than that badgers should be protected but like you say ( Lady G ) gamekeepers and Some farmers will kill them at any time. I've seen a set which has been gassed ( blocked entrances and exhaust soot at one ) so I guess it still goes on. Vegetarian myself but I understand that eating a wild deer that has been expertly shot is maybe more ethical than a farmed animal. Anyway I don't pretend to be an expert in the ways of the country but have taken an interest since the badger cull came into effect maybe five years ago and I know that I think it's wrong. On the plus side it's made me take a much greater interest in our wildlife. BTW I should apologise to you Lady G you never inferred to me that I should know my place, that comment I made was out of order.
  11. Poorly muntjac

    Hi Lady G. I think in a way you've un masked this badger cull for what it really is about. The government have been advised time and again by their own experts that it is an in effective or even damaging way of trying to control TB in cattle. I've never been political but the conservatives will always be controlled by those with influence in the hunting and shooting set and the NFU. Look at last weeks headlines with Andrea Leadsom fox hunting. I don't have a problem with rich people owning land or the essential service which farmers provide but why can't there be more tolerance and respect for our wildlife ? Everything which can't be exploited for profit or creates inconvenience ( not referring to TB in cattle ) has to be devalued and controlled. When you say badger populations were controlled you mean they were gassed in their sets. Surely you agree that this is in humane. Badgers have been here a lot longer than us and should be treated with respect. Perhaps i'm over simplifying things but if there were more foxes and birds of prey wouldn't there be less rabbits, squirrels ( and pheasants ) ?. Maybe as a truck fitter / driver I should ' know my place in society ' but I don't think so.
  12. Poorly muntjac

    Well done Chubby. Makes no difference to our government if the species is native or not. Look what's happening to our native badger population right now and look at the amount of non native pheasants in the countryside. It's all controlled by money and some rich land owners who think it's all theirs for the taking. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
  13. I've got an oil pressure gauge on the engine and coolant temp which I can read from the wheel for my old Coventry victor. I know what's normal on the gauges. The coolant barely registers on the canal but can climb to around 75 deg on when pushing the Ouse for high tide at Goole. Not sure if it is that hot though because I can still put my hand in the skin tank if I lift the cover. I also put my hand on the cylinder barrels like Koukouvagia just said and compare to see if there is a difference between the two.
  14. Ferrybridge Moorings (or anywhere on the A&C)

    No diesel at Selby boatyard at the moment, so maybe make sure you've still got plenty for your Ouse trip when you arrive there.
  15. Coventry Victor cooling options

    Thanks for update on this , interesting to know that CV made their own gearbox. Hope you can get it sorted. Kieron.