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  1. thanks to you all after all the trouble i had with the 4108 with diesel constantly filling up the sump. this was resolved with the advice i gained from all your response we fitted a new lift pump and also a new injector pump the differance in engine noise and quality was like climbing onto a new boat no more shouting and the boat seems calmer almost tranquil so heres a big hearty thanks especially to colin and jill for puting us in touch with a very helpfull site from us to all who read this thanks for your help and kind offers of free fitting of lift pump etc its nice to no the boating world has like minded people. nick lyn and claymore
  2. it filled the engine bay with 12litres of oil/diesel mix first time ive given her 3 oil changes and monitor her running for 3 quarters of an hr at a time hence catching her early and reporting it again to mechanic i will say all he wants for us is a smooth running engine so again off to be repaired hope fully with all the advice ive gained from this site and you guys and gals ill have some luck
  3. nickc

    perkins 4107

    thanks for your generous offer we cant believe there are so many helpfull people im sorry that this reply is long in coming but only have internet access at work but hoping things will change soon the guy who did the original build has taken the injector pump and will get a report on that but as far as the lift pump goes i cant get to the boat for 2 weeks so i will have to see ive never even thought of the cold start but have that know in my amunition to fire at him if both pumps still leak i might get him to check it any how as the engine is still under warranty thanks again for kind offer ill place a hope full report on findings as to this problem but thanks again. nick and lyn
  4. nickc

    perkins 4107

    the smoke is blue in colour
  5. what is causing my engine to have diesel in the sump ive changed the lift pump and also the injector pump as we thought these were the problem but still i have diesel in oil and smoking blue smoke plus unburnt diesel causing an oil slick to follow 3 days of our holiday lost while we waited for these things to give us a result but still not cured please help!! engine has only just be rebuilt at a cost!!were losing all hope of ever enjoying our boat if any one wants to give us a narrow boat in exchange for our cruiser ill be eternally gratefull yours faithfully nick.
  6. hi colin thanks for advice on joining this great site nick and lyn and claymore

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