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  1. We made it! it was lovely and we managed to fit the itineray into the alloted time - even had a couple of hours in Bath and a cheeky pint at the Rec. Thank you for all your tips - as it turned out Tesco extra on Bathwick Hill were very accomodating with parking. Lovely meal at the Canal Inn in Bradford, the George at Bathampton and a few drinks at the Somerset in Semmington kept the crew going Most of my friends had no knowledge (or interest!) in canals but all said they had a great time and would do it again Great service from Oxfordshire Narrowboats at Bradford especially Badger for his expert tuition. Now looking for an excuse for the next trip
  2. Hello! The time is nearly upon us as we are going on Friday! Hope the weather warms up! We are planning on meeting up with friends in a camper van on Saturday night- hopefully we will be at the visitor moorings prior to the locks in Bath. Can anyone help with a location close to the moorings where they can park up their camper for one night? Any other tips or recommendations also gratefully received thank you x dusty
  3. Hi, thanks for all your replies so far - I have had another thought as my 'crew' are keen on spending more time crusing. Would it be feasible to go up towards Seend on the Friday afternoon (3 hrs?), moor overnight, Saturday cruise all day from Seend to Bath top lock (6 hrs?) , overnight in Bath then Sunday leisurely pootle back to moor just by the hire base at Bradford Wharf on the Sunday night ready for the Monday morning return (3 hrs?) ? Not sure if this is do-able as will need to turn around at or around Seend - is there a handy winding hole? Many thanks and apologies for my ignorance - it is my first proper foray!
  4. Sounds ideal - after 15 mins I will be ready for a G&T to calm my shredded nerves!!
  5. thank you that looks ideal for the kind of thing I had in mind
  6. Hello all! I have optimistically hired a 12 berth narrowboat (yes I know 70ft of boat may be tricky! ) from Bradford Wharf in April for a birthday trip with my chums! Planning to chug along the K&A to Bath and back over a weekend. We are planning to moor in Bath on the Saturday night - meet up with some others for dinner and then return back to the marina by Sunday night. I know that there will be a briefing and canal guide on collection but I am trying to make a rough itinerary before then. Questions I have are: 1.moorings in Bath - I understand that you can moor at the top or descend down into the town itself - which option is best? is there more moorings at the top or the bottom of the locks? 2. Food - can anyone recommend a place for a mid price meal for 17 people as I will need to book in advance and do not have any local knowledge of the area - pub grub is ideal and preferably within staggering distance of the moorings 3. Any other hints would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  7. I think that would sum up your experience very well - I dare you to get it! when I am searching for my boat in the Rugby area I will look out for you!
  8. Hi, sorry I don't know anything of it - I just emailed him for the survey when it was for sale as I am in the same position as you - desperate for a boat but not much cash. I think it is the same one. Looks like you got a good buy as with a few tweaks it will be lovely. I am still looking as not brave enough to bid on Ebay! I've really enjoyed your thread though - keep us updated with how it goes!
  9. I think it is calling Whispering (Whistling?) Gypsy
  10. sorry am new to this posting lark (and not too good at it!) my husband broke his humerous and mostof his arm went all colours of the rainbow before it healed up Hope you get well soon
  11. Hello All, I am looking to get a 'project boat' as I do not have a very big intial budget - have been looking online in the first instance and have seen loads of Springers in my price range. I want something around 35 - 40 foot and as long as the hull and engine are sound then I can tinker with the internals myself ( I say myself - I mean my husband whilst I observe, advise and make tea!!) A Springer seems to fit the bill - it would just be for tinkering and pottering in the local area to start with - the Grand Union is close by Any major pitfalls that I should be aware of or any advice to a newbie gratefully received thanks in anticipation Dusty450
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