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  1. Hi, it's a 2000 boat and am still waiting for certificate to arrive in post. Fell for that one hey? I've just emailed the RYA in Cambridge and Bill Fen Marina as was suggested in the last reply, so fingers crossed. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Richard. I have found a plate in the engine compartment with all the details stamped on it, but alas, no HIN or CIN. I will certainly try John and the RYA. As you have probably gathered, there is no RCD document either. I'll let you know how I go on. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. No, it's definately an 'all steel' hull.
  4. Can anyone help please? I'm trying to trace a company called 'Mallard Narrowboats' from Cambridge. I am after a HIN number from the company as it isn't stamped on the plate. There doesn't seem to any trace of them on the internet. Many thanks.
  5. M&I Marine Ltd www.narrowboatnames.co.uk Great selection of boating graphics available. Design service available.
  6. Thank you. I look forward to hearing of the many experiences of the boating fraternity.

  7. Steve is alive and well and still trying to rescue his business. Dave Massey seems to be becoming a hero in all of this. Has anyone wondered why Wincham Wharf has become a ghost town since they were forced to leave because of high rents?
  8. Hello and welcome to our forum . . .

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