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  1. That's a ridiculous attitude. Get back onto the Oxford where you belong....
  2. I'm poor, and I haven't got one... it's the Eton boys who have fags, anyway.
  3. The error here is in the understanding of how markets work. Generally, they work to maximise profit. The housing market is therefore not governed by the demand for housing, but by the amount of profit that can be made by building and subsequently renting houses. And that is done not by building "affordable" homes, seeing as how it doesn't cost much more in bricks and labour to build a whacking great mansion, especially when you're sitting on huge amounts of land bought when it was cheap, which is what the big housebuilding companies are doing. The latter is useful because it stops other builders undercutting them, or providing houses where they are really needed, thus reducing prices all round. There's more profit, for both builders and landlords, in restricting supply than in satisfying demand. When looking at supply and demand economics, you have to ensure you're looking at who is defining the demand, and what it's for. It often isn't the apparent product - if it was, CRT would be providing a lot more moorings at a rate the pseudo CC mob could afford, in places they want to be, rather than raising prices by auctions and spending money in pursuing those who would probably prefer being legal (some of them, anyway). Maybe the moves at Llangollen are an indication this has finally sunk in. There's probably a future for the system as an adjunct to the housing system, very little as a navigation.
  4. Arguments over legality were well exhausted many years ago, it's a well established fact by now and no court is going to rule against CRT. Though it would be quite an entertainment if one did and every CRT online mooring had to be scrapped. You can imagine the outcry.
  5. What will be interesting wil be if this extra charge applies also, as I suspect, to the online moorings as well. If it doesn't, then all the ripoff merchants doing their free electric pickup will just hog those moorings instead. I always thought installing free power along there was an error. There will be no "cheap" access to Llangollen at all. I also suspect this would be a trial run for the same system in all popular city moorings...
  6. Parkinson's second law I think, or possibly the Peter Principle. After a certain amount of time, an organisation's purpose becomes the continuation of the organisation, not the carrying out of the purpose for which it was set up. His example was a shop where the assistants spend all the time stacking shelves instead of serving customers.
  7. The fundraising stuff was as much about raising awareness as money, and was, I think, written into CRTs mandate when they took over. I don't think charging us extra to moor was, though they've obviously got the right to do it or they couldn't rent out the towpath as long term moorings. If pseudo-CCers are extracting the michael up there, as is their wont whenever they can, it's just another case of the ripoff merchants making it just a little worse for everyone else,as usual. Can't say it bothers me much, there's bugger-all at llangollen apart from the bookshop and it's the trip there and back which is good, not the town.
  8. Any excuse for a snipe. Please reload sense of humour faculty and apologise.
  9. I think the announcement was scheduled to be around the middle of the month, so wouldn't expect anything for a week or so yet.
  10. Per their book, cover is against cost of a "failure of a specified part and labour following sudden and unforseen breakdown as long as the part is accessible ". It's not covered if it's wear and tear but not a complete failure. It's a bit ambiguous. I had a massive oil leak which needed an engine rebuild which they didn't pay for and two gearbox failures which they did, but they were both complete failures. I'd call them out. At least you get an engineer to have a look, and if it doesn't come under RCR and he seems competent you've got someone to fix it privately.
  11. So do I. His solution isn't affordable for my kid and I certainly couldn't stump up a deposit for a house, especially after paying out a thousand quid to her exlandlord for possibly illegal deposits and fees. I've never raged against the world. Types like MtB, proud of ripping off and exploiting those unlucky folk who are unable to protect themselves, are unfortunately just part of the world we live in, like rats and other vermin. We just have to put up with them.
  12. The implication from the post is that there have been a lot of boaters milking the system and overstaying, including the bloke who posted, who seems to resent having to move at all. I can remember many years ago the Llangollen was stuffed with ramshackle liveaboards and maybe the cycle's been repeated!
  13. It started at a fiver, so has gone up 20% already! I think a tenner would be acceptable, but I have heard that a few electric boats have moored there to recharge, and that may have cost a bit (if true - I wouldn't have thought there were that many about yet). I suspect it's mostly down the the "free" electricty provided. There must still be a fair few of us who don't use it at all though. Might be more sensible just to turn the power off.
  14. My house sale purchase solicitor did the job so badly that when I came to sell it five years later it turned out I hadn't finished buying it. The boatyard installing my self draing deck installed it so it drained into the boat instead of the canal, and fitted a prop tube not properly sealed so it failed and leaked water in, fast. The guy who refitted the gearbox left half the bolts out of the flexible coupling and didn't tighten the few he bothered with. The engineer who fitted a new leakoff pipe set it to rub against the rockers so it wore through into a massive hole in a week. The one who fitted a new one set them so the rocker box covers wouldn't fit. The RCR guy who came for a gearbox problem took one look, said he didn't understand Listers and went home. The electrician who rewired the engine room (a BSC examiner) did it so badly it failed the next inspection. The guy who rebuilt the engine to cure a massive oil leak left a gasket out so left me a new leak instead. All these guys came recommended and with good reputations. Plenty more examples over the last thirty years. I now expect every job I can't do myself to have to be done at least twice, and paid for accordingly. Narrowboating is, really, a cottage industry and the art of the bodge is crucial, probably because most of us have little money and want jobs done as cheap as possible and as fast as possible. The 2 out if 3 rule applies - good, fast, cheap. All boats are different, so a yard will try to do their best bearing in mind the limits of their time, experience and competence and your ability to pay. Really, all you can do is shrug and get the latest bodge fixed to your satisfaction while bearing in mind that every single engineer who comes out will criticise the previous one's work.
  15. One of local boaters has posted the following on Facebook. I suspect it's rubbish, but a couple of commenters have said they think it's a very good idea... I've had to reformat it a bit. A lot of it seems to show muddledthinking by someone who doesn't want to move away from the town, but I thought it might be of interest. "Llangollen Basin News Regarding Closures and mooring. TLDR Electric will be switched off Canal will be closed, don't know when 14 day cruising still applies Overstaying permitted with permission Basin had 2 day limit (summer?) Basin Fee to rise to £20 by summer £60 fines for none payers. CRT plan to pursue action over overstayers. I have just gotten off of the phone with a CRT licence officer for the Llangollen canal. It conflicts slightly with what Neil has said. More on that. The closure is going to happen, it is down to a contractor but they cannot say definitely when. The 14 day cruising rules still apply. It is down to the boater to plan around stoppages, and continuous cruising rules of 2 weeks still apply. He said obviously overstays within reason and on request are allowed but only mentioned an extra week. Any overstay will be subject to the normal notices and actions against you. Apparently there is a sign that states 2 day limit, £6/day, £60 each day after. I spoke with Neil at the Cafe and he said the rules are 2 days summer at £6/night, 14 days in winter £6/night. The £60 is a fine if you haven't been paying the £60. CRT will lock the Bollards and turn the power off, this is a contractor and they cannot say exactly when this will happen. There is currently no plan to keep the power on. I don't know if this affects the linear moorings, only the basis as far as I know. CRT licence officer went on to say that the price of the Basin is expected to rise to £20/night by summer, too cheap. Also, CRT have some issues with vandalism around the Basin, they do not assume or even accusing boaters, they don't believe boaters are to blame. CRT have an issue at the Basin with boaters who have overstayed the permitted 2 day/14 days and seek to rectify and pursue any overstayers as some have stayed for more than 2 weeks, some more than 3 weeks. Neil at the cafe said he's not from CRT, only manages the fee collection and clarified the rules, but again, he isn't from CRT and the CRT officer may also be wrong. Therefore, given there is little place to Moore up and move to, many of us may have leave the area to avoid overstaying."
  16. My comment was admittedly hearsay - it's been mentioned on here by a few people in the past. I've had a mix of RCR engineers on callouts, a couple have been excellent, another couple have walked away and left me stranded and one nearly got me chucked off my mooring by abusing the farmer who owns it. I've said this before, that I've only ever had one job in the last 20 years done in a boatyard or by an engineer that didn't need either tidying up by me (if possible), by hiring another one to do a proper job on the bits left undone, or in one case getting the bloke back from ten miles down the road on his way home because part of the job fell to bits as soon as I ran the engine (and the proper fixing cost me another grand). One nearly sank the boat, and one nearly wrecked the engine.
  17. I would be a liitle wary of the RCR engineer's opinion. They do have a bit of a reputation for drumming up work for their sister company. If you can get a written comment from the manufacturer it might help, and also maybe ask the boatyard to confirm (in writing) that their five year guarantee also covers the installation. There's a lot of bodge in all boatyards' work and in my experience rarely any real chance of comeback. I'm no expert though.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. The two I've heard people praise very highly are Overwater and Aquaduct. The only drawback of Overwater is that the Audlem flight is next door!
  20. Rubbish. Never caused problems? How do you know? You've just admitted the dog spent time out of sight and out of control, so how on earth do you know what it's done, who it's scared? Do you have some kind of second sight, a psychic gift perhaps? You check where it's been, out of your sight, to pick up any crap it's left behind? Of course you don't. If it happens when you're not looking, it didn't happen. Typical irresponsible dog owner. I knew I shouldn't have looked back...
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. Of course it doesn't. But a dog running along the towpath when you're on the boat is under no control at all, nor, for example, can you pick up any tributes it decides to leave behind. I've not owned a dog for years, but I still think one running free on the towpath (however well behaved its owner considers it to be) is more of a menace than fishing tackle. That particular dog got hurt because of the owner's irresponsible lack of attention, not the fisherman's. It could just as well have been hit by a cyclist or terrified a toddler. Anyway, that's for the usual grumpy dog thread and once again as I really can't be be bothered with another row about who's responsible for what (usually someone else), and everyone considers their own dog to be perfect and always, always obedient, this is another thread I'll withdraw from!
  23. Isn't there some kind of rule that a dog should be under the owner's control at all times?
  24. I lived happily in rental properties (private and council) for many years, so I don't qualify as a landlord hater. I moved about a lot, so renting rather than buying was the obvious way to live. I admit I put the comment about rapacious landlords in as a joke, but I forgot that people who see themselves as such have no sense of humour and are a bit sensitive about it. However, your last sentence as quoted above rather proves that my point wasn't a joke, after all. And explains perfectly why some landlords are regarded as rip-off artists par excellence and little better than thieves. Others, of course, are not. P S my daughter's current landlord is a joy, looks after the properties and their inhabitants very well. And acts within both the spirit and letter of the law while making a reasonable profit, as indeed, from what he writes, does nicknorman. As this is now way off topic and is veering towards the style and atmosphere of the politics ghetto, I shall collect my hat at the door and retire from the thread. I really don't want to encourage people to brag about their ability to screw others.
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