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  1. There is a certain procedure for bunging goo into an engines cooling system. the main point is to remove the thermostat first or it's very likely to get goo'd up and jamb. If there's been and external coolant leak on the engine dribbling from somewhere the antifreeze content baked on the engine externals should stink of curry when the engine is hot. When I opened a cars bonnets in the garage and smelt curry I always knew there was or had been a leak.
  2. But steam is invisible anyway.
  3. Years ago a friend of mine who worked at the GPO telephones research place in Hendon told me that the difference between using tap water and distilled water in they're huge battery banks was so tiny on battery life that distilled water wasn't worth bothering with. I collect rain water at night and filter it through an old T shirt for batteries, seems to be fine, I only collect it when the wind blows from the north, north west or north east, never from any southerly direction which would be seriousely contaminated with continental crap and polution and frogs, been doing it for years.
  4. That's it. When yer boils yer kettle the little invisible gap between the spout and the visible water vapour is steam. Vely hots, don't stick yer finger in there.
  5. I suppose there's a possibility that the fuel is attacking the plastic bottle. Petrol is bad for that, not sure of diesel, depends what kind of plastic it is I reckon.
  6. I'd make sure the amount of oil is correct when on that top mark. you don't want to over fill it. Drain off the old oil and refill with the correct amount 12 to 13 pints of oil, no more. Try the dipstick and if nec make your own new full mark with couple of strokes of a junior hacksaw. Your dipstick looks like it might snap off at that full mark, sawn too deeply.
  7. You could also slip the tube through a length of rubber tubing to help with vibration before you fix a nut and nipple olive on it. Windscreen washer tubing available at motor factors.
  8. And get one plenty long enough to put a couple of coils in it just before it enters the engine fitting to absorb vibration so it doesn't snap off again.
  9. I'd rather go cycling on my bike than on a water pump.
  10. Leckon Yangtze liver blidge, Reeds Riverpool not.
  11. I'd cross examine Helen about Trojans.
  12. 10HP plenty enough for canals, especially if it has a reduction on the gearbox and not 1.1 direct drive.
  13. bizzard

    redex anyone?

    Unlike Viagra it won't stop you rolling out of bed.
  14. bizzard

    redex anyone?

    For a proper clean of injector pumps and injectors. The almost neat fix. Work fast. Remove the engines fuel filter, tip out half of the fuel and top up with injector cleaner, bung the filter back on, you might have to bleed a bit. start up on a highish throttle opening. Run engine for a good while. You will notice how clean the exhaust is for a while, and then much cleaner than it was. I've got many diesel vehicles through the MOT like this, and its cleaned up injector nozzles on boat marine engines and got them working again with the engine hitting on all cylinders again. All by this method.
  15. He was quite a good welder. I used to pick up his welding rods from my supplier. He built a couple of boats here at Stortford, a couple at Kecksies farm Sawbridgeworth and a couple I think at Nazing. Most I think he welded steel tops on them, but he may have supplied just the hulls for others to fit wooden tops.
  16. Iron works was a name used by a chap called Jim Palin, who built a few sail away boats around the river Stort around the 1990, they were low freeboard boats with tall boxy cabins, and did use the old Lister engines. May not be of course.
  17. The longer nuts could be heated to dull red and squeezed very very slightly in a vice to make them very slightly oval. Oval nuts are used in some automotive applications for self locking .
  18. As flue pipes usually rust and corrode away from the top downwards they last much much longer if it's sticking up above the collar by a few inches if possible.
  19. Reminds me of that chap that went into an Army and Navy store in Dublin. Have you a camoflage jacket please,--- We got tousands of em sor but we cannot foind em.
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