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  1. Usually thrust plummer blocks have four bolts, two each side holding them down. They are also normaly fatter to contain often twin Timken taper roller bearings conically facing each other to take thrust in either direction. With grub screws through into indents in the shaft. I used to get them from BRT Bearings. Dodge Fenner type.
  2. I heard of someone that mistook a pint of varnish for a pint of Guiness and drank it He had a horrible de.ath but a lovely finish.
  3. About 15 years ago I worked on a widebeam Liverpool boat that came from New boat Co in Reading. It failed t's first BSS on gas leaks. Connections to it's bubble tester leaking, but much more serious was a bad gas leak on it's stand alone cooking oven. A parallel threaded adapter bush was screwed into the gas inlet with no seal, washer, tape or sealant on it whatsoever, leaking big time. Beats me the boat never blew up.
  4. I wonder if it's battery bank is in the seat boxes instead of the dreadful ridiculous swim top position .
  5. I doubt the QL9000 will ever fail as long as you don't let it get any oil or grease on it. I've fitted a few including my own years ago and all still going strong.
  6. And it dosen't matter too much if the skeg cup and the stock tube are not perfectly lined up using those self centering ball races, easy way out.
  7. Heating the inner track to expand it with Oxy you only heat fast up and down on one side about 1/2'' width. Heating all around it will heat the stock too much and it still probably will not budge. Propane and Butane too slow and not hot enough. Have you always kept the top bearing greased and is it firm with no side wobble. You never know it might slide out of that bearing easily, rare but worth a try.
  8. If you've never ever removed the rudder stock, grub screw or not it will almost certainly be seazed on. You can unbolt the bearing to lift the whole lot up a bit until the rudder hits the uxter plate. Those bearings are not really marine bearings for rudders. Ball and roller bearing units are meant to revolve around and around completely, not like a trunion only half way or so and back. If the bearing is knackered needing renewal and the inner track is seazed on and you've unbolted and lifted the stock up an angle grinder with metal cutting disc to cut through one side of the track which will then pull up and and off easily. I find a puller and oxy-acetelene quicker.
  9. The top ball race would stop the stock lifting off the skeg cup as the inner bearing track is normally grub screwed to the stock. Even if it isn't the inner bearing track is usually jambed on the stock needing heat, oxy-acetylene and a puller to yank them up anf off. I had to do this on two boats recently. Of course if the top bearing ball race is knackered and corroded away, as many are after years of use the stock would probably just heave up through it.
  10. Is that not St Elmo's Fire. perhaps different from Ball lightening.
  11. Plunging into boiling water is checking thermostats open not a cap.
  12. I didn't google it like IanD probably did. I've been up to the top viewing platform of the Telecom tower twice. Incredible view. The lifts are a bit frightening especially coming down, feels like it just drops with wind rushing past and you go all lightweight almost of your feet. It's closed to the pubic now.
  13. Still there on the south bank of the Thames, never been there, too expensive for just a restaurant.
  14. I've seen two. From my bedroom window and from my classroom window at school.' they whirl about and burst with a huge bang. I also used to sail a Fireball dinghy.
  15. I suggest removing the filler cap from the header, fill to about half, start the engine, run up to normal temp. Keep blipping the throttle whilst watching the coolant reaction in the header filler, if air is trapped it will bubble up and bounce up and down and disperse the bubbles, keep topping up if that happens. Sniff for any engine exhaust fumes emitting from the header filler, keep alert though in case it errupts in your face. If air bubbles continue errupting for a long time there's something wrong. If any bubbles cease, top up to your usual level and replace the filler cap.
  16. Reading the Beezer comic in the 1950's. The back cover page had unusual happenings on it. One was an instance of a lady that opened her back and front doors during thunder storms, to let any lightening escape she thought. Well a lightening ball entered her back door following the draught to the front door, setting the house on fire on the way, flew out into the street, hit a fire alarm standard, smashed the glass and alerted the fire brigade, all by itself. That was clever of it.
  17. Years ago my uncle left his gas fag lighter on the passengers seat of his car, in the hot sun. It exploded into fragments with the extra internal pressure due to the heat, no fire, it just burst. During heatwaves I suggest that folk remove any aerosols, like de-icers from there cars, during the summer and store them in a cool place.
  18. And I do it regularly, from an aerosol into my fag lighter.
  19. And the gear change lever is bent right over. Possibly to get the floor boards down without the lever sticking up in the way. Which might mean the engine has only been run in neautral to charge batteries and the boat not moved.
  20. Engage a hefty obese person ''Feed em on lots of doughnuts first'' to stand on the fuel filler side of the boat so any water will settle in that area while you suck it out.
  21. The Stort has stations close to the river at Roydon, Harlow town station, Sawbridgworth and B.Stortford.
  22. I'd stick with the 80 or 70 amp if your only charging one battery, less strain on the drive belt.
  23. LH150 gearbox 2pints. Reduction gear 1/2 pint.. That gear oil is ok.
  24. The extra 6'' width can be a nuisance especially with anodes on either side. On R Stort locks anyway.
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