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  1. Just a thought how about having a picnic between the anchor and gnosall
  2. my boat is moored at Great Haywood and I see how fast boat sales is sell I have to say its a sellers market I would suggest you go and see the boats you like and put in an offer on the one you fancy, waiting around might not be the best approach
  3. It does make a change, do you think it will become a pattern.
  4. impressive bet itwill looks as good in real life when finished. I believe we need more of these project around the coast as globe warming increases sea level.
  5. easter is the first time I will have any days off and of course I will have my son daniel for school holidays
  6. sorry I'm not prepared to debate with a Close minded bigot
  7. look like we have the start of a convoy count me in
  8. you know what get me is: here we have volunteers who go out at night in all weathers to feed the homeless and poor there do not ask them there religion or there sexualy orintation or even who their vote for, their only concern is feeding them seeing that there are warm and not suffering any illness. Then some self righteous individual compare them to a sick killing organisation who kills anyone no matter their religion , sexual orientation . and then call them most likely closet paedophiles.
  9. are you comparing the sally army to the Islamic state
  10. also in the U.K on the range's and excise areas there had a better bun wagon and it was cheaper than NAFFI
  11. doesn't that say everything about them. you implying we have cynics on this forum
  12. my late father grew up in the slums of Newcastle in the 1930's and he did not have a good word for religious do gooders but the sally army was different In his experience the sally army feed and clothed the poor but did not demand religious observation in return or did there judge people
  13. Was watching a episode of all creatures great and small and in one scene the sally army was selling warcry and I remembered in my youth in Newcastle the sally army was always coming into pubs selling warcry and no one give them a hard time but its been years if not decades since I saw that does anyone know if there still go into pubs and selling warcry
  14. question is present day red oxide still as good as when it had lead in it
  15. No harm in asking when I bought Maisie Jane this summer the batteries we well and truly knackered I ask for a contribution the seller said no but brought the boat anyway good price and i want the boat.
  16. there are many threads on this forum on wifi try reading this one http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=80643&hl=davidc#entry1694163
  17. Have to say I've been giving a lot to think over (have been to physio at the hospital will be off another 2-4 weeks) Can I throw something in to the debate with out being stoned. Do people think being in a relationship when retired enriches retirement or makes no difference.
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