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  1. Absolutely the right action. These tin-pot titled individuals need to learn that there is a real world out there. Did they try to move you when the ar---ole arrived?
  2. It seems to me that the easy answer is for the club to get rid of the little man with a stick calling himself a commordore (a psychologist would have fun with someone having this title and not in the military - a bit like a chap calling himself an alpha male).
  3. Thanks for all your input, so let me pose the question. Would you buy a boat with polystyrene insulation where as far as you can see the electric wiring cable is not protected with some sort of sheath?
  4. I was with a marine engineer yesterday whilst he was conducting a survey for a possible purchase of a narrowboat. During the survey he pointed out that the insulation was polystyrene which apparently causes reaction to plastic electric wiring sheathing. Over time he said the sheathing becomes brittle and thus could lead to a short and therefore the possibility of a fire. I'd be interested in any comments please.
  5. Contact has now been made and I'm seeing them on Monday.
  6. I've tried them by phone and e-mail but can't get anyone to answer.
  7. Do any of you have any recommendations for a boat painting and signwriting Company? Preferably within 30 miles of Nantwich. Whoever previously painted my boat in 2005 did a poor job and rust is breaking through in a number of areas.
  8. Hi Rob - you may recall you beat me to the draw on the lovely Beatrice. Pleased to read your trip South has worked out. I had been looking forward to your diary recalling your first few days with the new mistress. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  9. It is with much relief that I can report that I had made a mistake regarding the plate number and she is still a 1998 boat. Thank you all for your comments.
  10. I've had my offer of £24000 accepted subject to survey against an asking price of £29950 for a 45ft 1998 narrowboat and was happy with the boat and the deal. The deposit was paid and full survey is in a weeks time. I just happen to have come across "Dating the Plate" in the back of The Inland Boat Owners Book and find that the plate of this boat gives a date of 1993 not 1998. I felt I had bought well but 5 years makes the boat nearly 40% older than stated in the particulars of sale. What would you do?
  11. I need to replace the non slip surfaces along the gunwales.I've seen shaped sections on other boats but can't find a supplier of these sections - can anyone offer a supplier please. Also getting the old stuff off - any hints?
  12. This is probably a damn fool question but what do you do with the washing up water that has soap suds in it? Surely it can't go into the canal and less so in a marina? It certainly can't go into the loo cassette.
  13. Overwater was great with even a water taxi to take one down to Audlem. Friendly and helpful staff. Just a bit expensive.
  14. Well what a mixture from almost complete disinterest to welcoming overtures. I guess I'm not supposed to say which marina was absolutely awful to which shone out brilliantly despite expensively. Though I don't believe it was just the rent that made the difference. Group managements should get out more and check their investments in staff! Still not decided but going to visit Otherton on Thursday.
  15. Thanks for that. I'm going to check out Overwater, Whitchurch and Blackwater Meadow today.
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