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cereal tiller

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  1. Yosser Hughes was the Skipper of the Titanic?
  2. Was not aware that i had an 'Agenda' sounds too much like Planning to me..
  3. Athy is Lord of Sith ,according to T Boat?
  4. Not being Cynical I hope ,what was your earliest Xmas Day memory Tim ,Was it Victoria on the Wireless?
  5. Good Man ,Schmelly has no sense of Occassion !
  6. Thought you were supposed to say BAH! in front of the Humbug?
  7. A friend had their Biggish Generator Stolen in the Manner you describe ,branches through Door Handles and Hasp. good Job the thieves were not Arsonists as well. My Friends could not get out of the Boat in ti me to stop the Thieves Loading the Generator into the Back of an Estate Car.
  8. OK the O.P. has likely understood the Importance of NEVER NEVER Padlock Boat Doors from the Outside so I shall not mention the matter again ,well , hardly ever...
  9. I have 4 Doors on the Narrowboat and one of them has a Yale lock which is Key outside and Knob for Inside.all the other Doors have Barrel Bolts so can ALWAYS be opened from the inside .Athy omitted a Few Nevers from his Post.
  10. Just had a Look at T. boat :it would appear that Athy is full of SH1T and one member said he would like to poke some one Named Denial in the Eye with a Sharp Stick , I am with Smelly on this one and would rather Frequent this 'Grown up's Forum.
  11. Here's one for you 'Don't step off a moving Bus!'
  12. Thanks ,have blocked it for now ,first Spam for ages .I think it was refund from Aliexpress Vendor that Triggered it.
  13. I am wondering if Lady G has become a Troll Icon?
  14. Nice Boat , good idea using The Decking Boards for the Thwarts.
  15. I have a local one that sells lots of new Stuff and it has gone upmarket ,bit of an unfair advantage over the other traders.
  16. That was the email address that sent it to me..
  17. You are so very too good at this stuff!
  18. Weasels are Classic Olde English Road kill though ,I bet the Roman Foot Soldiers found them Delicious.
  19. Tried that ,it said (sending failed)
  20. Had one in West Windsor that closed down 'bout 5 Years ago!lack of Trade.........
  21. Thank you .I asked them to close the whole Amazon account . Ebay is generally cheaper......
  22. Am not saying that you are not making sense ,my Question is Genuine .each of us see things differently
  23. Who does these baitings and what is a connected Person? I agree with you but would you nominate the same people that I would?
  24. so they will flood the market with copies of the Sixties Lunar Rover?
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