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  1. The new bridge. Photo taken this morning by David L on the way back from SPCC tideway cruise
  2. I think those signs are from the kayak hire company, you padlock your kayak to a designated section of the pontoon at the end of your trip.
  3. NB I think Whiston is still closed. It's a lovely river. This is the most up to date guide to facilities etc https://www.oundlecruisingclub.co.uk/river_nene_moorings.php Referred to in https://goba.org.uk/a-guide-for-visitors-to-the-east/ I prefer going upstream, just go straight into the lock. Some of the landing stages above the lock are quite tricky to stop at, when heading downstream, but easier to stop at when leaving the lock going upstream (eg to pick up your crew) - provided the cross wind is in the right direction!
  4. Thank you. I had a nice chat with James about his noisy engine! Sadly the viewer doesn't get a full demonstration of my rather elaborate rope system when going uphill in wide locks....
  5. No a weekday. I suspect the bulk of the tonnage is further down river ?
  6. Problem fixed. I then discovered the bilge pump wasn't working, tracked that down to the fuse holder on the negative return. Aren't boats fun
  7. This is a displacement activity for what I should be doing now, which is cleaning the contacts on my wiring loom. Briefly yesterday my engine refused to stop. It's working OK now, but I should give the connectors a clean. Signing off for an hour now!
  8. Here's a sample from the standard Trent chart (not a normal Admiralty style chart). Pretty easy to follow, and especially if you buy it before you arrive at Cromwell lock (where the tidal section starts). It is handy to have one person who is reading the chart and giving you advance warning of what to do next, enabling you to keep your head up and spot eg any floating rubbish, or ducks that appear to be standing up (never a good sign!). Good luck!
  9. I would encourage you not to give up. The first part of the trip is on tame canals and a good place to learn. You don't say if you are single handed. At least for a first trip I would encourage you to have crew, as single handing does add complications. For the Trent, you have made a major step in asking for advice. The foolhardy thing is to just go without any prior planning. There is lots of advice and support available on the Trentlink group (earlier link and the associated Facebook page) . That page can also be used to arrange buddying - it's a good idea to go with another boat - and there are locals who may be able to crew for you for a pint and a minicab fare. Also, some boatmovers will offer paid support. For example Conor has just advertised this service https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0mmrBo4oNDLD12N19HfDPBrz6xk5RxGHJrizePT6DheBL5Bkjy2ZwTBGHKLSFDTxdl&id=100063551203425 Finally there is now (hurrah) some commercial traffic on the NE waterways up to Leeds. Just keep an eye out. Another reason for getting VHF, which is not that expensive.
  10. I agree. Sadly there is rather less traffic now, on our 2021 trip down to Hull we didn't see a single ship moving, nor hear a single bit of traffic info on the radio.
  11. Thank you, I was just about to plug that bit of guidance....
  12. As designed and built (1960) the cutoff channel was for drainage, though some extra sluices at Denver were added (1972) so that the water could flow backwards and then be pumped to Essex. And ten years after that a lock was added to make the relief channel navigable most of the way to Kings Lynn. https://greatbradley.weebly.com/water-transfer-scheme.html Anyway here we are punching the tide at Denver yesterday. There was so much fresh water coming off the Ouse washes that Denver sluice cannot drain by gravity.
  13. Some bits had, eg the Great Ouse between Ely and Littleport, built in C19th.
  14. This is strange. In both 2022 and 2023 it took an hour (in total) between the email arriving and the finished licence coming out of my laminator. I think I may have rung them to make the payment. And it may be that a repeat licence is faster than a new one. The EA have a project to deliver a properly online system, but it will not be quick....
  15. Absolutely, the 1,000 year old tree trunks are quite something. Not for those afraid of heights.. https://nbsg.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/dsc_5359.jpg
  16. You are correct re the Cam (of which I am now a Conservator - it's not as grand as it sounds!).
  17. I think I would agree. Konik ponies featured in the latest David Attenborough series, February 2023: https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2023/02/11/wicken-fen-in-the-winter/
  18. You'll need the Yale Key if you go really off piste eg to get through Lode End lock to Holme Fen, the lowest point in England.
  19. So do I ! There are a lot of new and good books around, I would commend The Fens by Francis Pryor which explains the new archeological techniques, and Imperial Mud by James Boyce which makes an interesting analogy between the Fens in C17 and later, and English attitudes to colonialization. (ie the Fenlanders were uncivilized savages etc). A lot of the "accepted wisdom" has been debunked in recent years. A community that could have built this in 1083 can't have been that poor...
  20. And here is another lovely map, showing how things were about 1,000 AD. (source: Chisholm https://www.abebooks.com/first-edition/Anglo-Saxon-Hydraulic-Engineering-Fens-Chisholm-Michael/31367675444/bd )
  21. And there are lots of photos of the various extremities here, if that is helpful. I reckon the limit for Upware lock is about 64' https://scholargypsy.org.uk/contents/ Here's a map (hint, North is to the right!). The Ely Ouse has also been considerably modified since then.
  22. You may find this helpful. I checked it quite recently and believe it is up to date https://goba.org.uk/a-guide-for-visitors-to-the-east/
  23. My rev counter has not worked for over 20 years. If you need to, you can measure RPM by listening to the engine (I use an app called Gstrings, designed for musicians). On a four cylinder four stroke diesel, 50 Hz is 1500 RPM (50 x 60 / 2 - each cylinder goes bang once every two revolutions of the crankshaft). I assess the fuel situation by using the hour counter. 80 hours cruising since the last fill is about 120 litres and I start to get nervous, as the nominal capacity of my tank is about 170 litres.
  24. ? Thrapston I know this is not particularly helpful, but there is a big crane at Wisbech, on the tidal Nene.
  25. The two cottages at Baits Bite Lock, on the River Cam in Cambridge, are for sale.
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