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  1. No, a narrow boat related Duck and Gun joke involving a tapping noise.
  2. Looks like a cue for the Duck and Gun joke...
  3. Scotland's definition of Samuel Johnson; "archetypical English know-nothing"
  4. If your Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, you need to stand back from the fire a bit... (Mine's the one with the zip up the back)
  5. There is already such a term. Bachelor of Arts.
  6. Would this be the same RSPB that denies that Golden Eagles take lambs regardless of the video evidence to the contrary?
  7. In our garden here in rural West Lothian we have seen a increase in the numbers of "little brown jobs" (the mixed flock of Sparrows and Dunnocks), a crash in the numbers of the Tits and Finches and the total loss of the Yellowhammers. There aren't any cats here and we do get visits from a Sparrow Hawk or two but the biggest increase has been the continuous rise in the number of Magpies. Also the deer have vanished. I think that the activities of a neighbour in clear felling a 150 year old mixed wood and having "art lovers" continuously traipsing through what is left of the woods has so upset the nesting/roosting/feeding/laying up for the day abilities of the woods and the activities of the Magpies in robbing the small bird's nests that about the only birds that can survive here are the Magpies and the sparrows who seem very "street aware".
  8. Plates and DVDs arrived safely ! Thank You!
  9. Solid fuel burning appliances, if eaten in sufficient quantities, can prove fatal.
  10. Manxcat


    Unlikely, as Staffordshire and Derbyshire Oatcakes (& the Northumbrian and other places versions) have been around since before wheat became common in this country. But facts never got in the way of a good tale
  11. Lot 3 the plates £5 On behalf of The Mouse; Lot 18 Downton DVDs £5
  12. Why would we want to screw up Foxs? You had a bad time I understand but why dump on Foxs to get your own back on the Dealer? Foxs Marina is right next door to the MLC office - who will know all about it - leave it to them to deal with it.
  13. No idea about that bit - I've just seen some of the things like rocket launchers and other ex Soviet bloc military gear parked up on the other side of March from Foxes. If you turn left of leaving Foxes and go east along the Old Nene they were on the north bank after the railway bridge. A couple of minutes with guuuurgle has turned up this story in the Wisbech Standard http://www.wisbechstandard.co.uk/news/military_truck_sinks_in_a_march_boatyard_1_4756375 Calls the driver Richard Moore and has a link to his company's website http://www.russianmilitary.co.uk/news-story.php?id=25 Where he has the sunken junk on sale for £19,990!
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