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  1. I would definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance. Lovely river - one of our favourites
  2. You’ve not done the Avon? The lock landing is on the opposite bank. That is a designated mooring spot (with signs indicating this). Many of the Avon locks work like this, but not all.
  3. I don't think that would have bothered him particularly (he never gets off the boat and actually managed to do a full 6 week summer holiday on board once!). If I put a pic of the mooring up, you'd see why it was a problem - but the moored boat is then identifiable. Does the aerial view help? There was slightly more space to the right of the picture than the left, but the bank curves in and I remember more bushes there than in the pic. Plus yon bloke was fishing there...
  4. We were much earlier than that and mooring alongside would have been absolutely fine with us if he had let us. Chap was fishing when we talked to him, so no imminent telly. Maybe we caught him in a bad mood on a bad day? If our boy could have seen no space, he would have got that. There was space though - just not enough at either end of the mooring to fit on. Ah well. Still planning on another hire in the near future
  5. Must have passed you too yesterday on our way up to Valley Cruisers to drop the boat off! Hope the flight opens again soon, but Bancroft Basin is a lovely place to be stranded at least. Good to hear boating as we know it happens in other places - there's no other way of doing it really. Plus you meet great people along the way. What's not to love? Before we know it we're going to be looking for another boat :)
  6. Don't blame you at all! Given half a chance we'd have been doing the same! We're already planning more boat time, so we'll make sure we say hello properly next time we see you
  7. Having said that he’s denying occupying two spaces. ? I sent him photos so he’s blocked me now! Ah well...
  8. We did! Almost certainly was us (although unusually not me at the helm!) We’re moored at Valley Cruisers now - going to have a potter around town once we’ve got our car back... and a stiff drink or three.
  9. It’s his personal account rather than a group. I’ve sent him a very polite direct message! We’re past last night now and if it even helps him to reflect a little about the impact he could have on others in the future then I’m good with that.
  10. Didn’t want to break any forum rules. Should I name and shame? I’m still grumbling about him this morning but son is much happier now. The thing we always loved about boating was the acceptance. Plus the boy sleeps better and is generally much happier afloat. Might start thinking about France. Something to ponder for next summer That’s really not good. Grumpy is one thing but the me-me-me culture is entirely something else. We have a TV on the hire boat but haven’t had it on yet. We’re clearly doing it wrong ?
  11. Left before you were round and about this morning so couldn’t say hello! We did wave though. Enjoy the onward journey
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