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  1. The scabbler would not remove the rust on your roof only the paint also the scabblers teeth don't touch the roof until the pressure is applied ., after seeing the pics there,s not a lot of paint left on . Its a big roof to tackle though , I'd be definitely putting a few coats of vactan on it .
  2. I found. A smooth sweeping action from left to right . Push lightly and you do get the feel of how it works and how much pressure is needed . To much pressure broke the spinning blades but they all come off and just replace individual one,s as and when needed.
  3. Hi , I ruined a set of heads learning how to use it then I bought two extra sets and mixed an matched any I broke I had almost a full set left at the end . There is a knack of how to use it but I didnt read instructions and just went for it A man thing hey ho . The heads that are on it in the picture are the one,s i used .
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372485192524?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=zT-uGXJ5QTm&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=OQadPeFiTAy&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Thats the one I bought .
  5. It was a mains scabbler . Ebay £169 still on there .
  6. Hi Biggles . Its quite a job doing the roof . I done our wide beam a couple of years ago , rust under the paint ! Bought a scabbler from Germany £150 ish and took 15 years of paint and antislip right back to bare steel amazing bit of kit , two coats of vactan 3 coats of primer two topcoat with anti slip mixed in and a final top coat on that . I found the flap discs type stuff quite heavy going with not a lot of progress. And my grinder gave up the ghost.. Good luck with the project . My neighbour bought the scabbler to do his roof so I even got half the cost back , I like to think he also passed it on aswell .
  7. I've recently done a bit of a refurbishment of the interior and removed all the cheap oak ( mdf ) architrave and moulding and replaced with the American oak .most of the oak came from a supplier in Leeds and the rest from Atlantic timber. The oak has become expensive recently I'm glad I'm nearly finished .
  8. Hi puffling . This is American white oak with a dark oak stain on it varnished all over and glued using ct1 . Sealed all round and as of yet 3 coats of varnish. I do intend a few more coats of varnish . At the moment most available oak is American white oak . These did replace English oak one,s that had split as they where only 10mm thick and water had got behind them .
  9. Hi guys . I've just replaced my hatch doors and frame . I've used ct1 to stick the doors to the steel its worked a treat .
  10. On-board solar only do the smaller panels ie 175 w each . I would have used on-board if I could have got the right panels . Regards Greg.
  11. We also used bimble solar . Great service great advice etc very helpful company . They use dpd to deliver the bits an bobs they are shocking delivery company . They use a different company for the panels and they aregreat . regards Greg .
  12. Just wanted to say a big Thankyou all who have helped advised over the last year . I have now fitted a bm2 battery monitor , solar system , new batteries all with the help of the forum members 👍. Thankyou. Greg & jax .
  13. We fitted ours panels with the normal flat to roof type abs brackets and glued them on rather than drill holes . Ordered my extra panel from bimble .
  14. Thankyou jen . I'm quite new to solar so its been a bit of a learning curve. Much appreciated.
  15. Hi jen . Thanks for the reply . Yes we have a 12v boat . The two panels are in parallel with open circuit voltage of 37.18 each . The new panel will be exactly the same .
  16. Hi all . Looking for a little advice please . Currently I have a epever tracer AN 60a controller with 80a breaker and two 295 panels . I'm looking to ad another 295 panel and wanted to know if I would need to change the controller to 100a and up the breaker or would these cope with the extra panel . Any thoughts would be great . Regards Greg.
  17. Almost every Iceland shop in the northwest has had the catalytic converters stolen , And the amount of other shops that I've had thermae conversation with , and as you say the public are just as susceptible to this .
  18. Hi Tony. It wasn't long before they started stealing catalytic converters off cars and vans etc . The cost of these thefts alone is eye watering ask Iceland and most supermarkets.
  19. if you are in immediate danger of being assaulted or if a person or persons approach you and you think your in danger under the law you are allowed to ( pre emptive strike ) . I don't mean give them a beating , but you are allowed to attack and subdue an individual . I have experience of this and was taken to court where I paid for my own defence and was found not guilty. £3000 plus 18 months of stress 3 court appearances threat of a prison sentence , I was paid most of my legal fee,s back Let's just say I'm not so hands on now , once bitten an all that . Just move on and at some point , karma has a way of intervening.
  20. Thankyou for the info re scrap batteries 👍 We got £47 for the old one,s Thankyou .
  21. We only used it in the top coat and the oak trim also used fertan for the rust .
  22. Hi all . Just wanted to tidy this thread up a little . We have ordered 3 exide et1300 180 ah equipment batteries. From tayna ( after having a measure up this size is all I can fit ) . Also a nasa bm2 batt monitor . Doffs ones cap to the kind folk for the help and advice . Thankyou .
  23. Hi . We also used it when we painted the boat helps with the wet edge etc . Great stuff .
  24. Thankyou all . For taking the time to explain and point me in the right direction to sorting out the needs etc of my batteries. And for the links to wotever and Tony,s very helpful 👍.
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