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  1. The mains output set up was only fitted to the FV430 series of vehicles as far as I remember, it was achived by changing various plugs over on the regulator box's in the drivers compartment, I seem to recall it produced 440 volts but I may be wrong, it was 30 years ago! All the tools that could be used with the system were removed from service when I used to use vehicles with it because it was lethal!
  2. I do know the Mersey crossing is organised by Mike Carter who is also organising the Chester IWA Rally, it may well be worth talking to him if your going to the rally.
  3. When I was in the forces, all the parts for the main battle tanks were coated with this stuff. We found the only thing that would remove it before fitting was petrol. (Sometimes a box of matches helped as well).
  4. I have a totally vetus boat, in 6 months living aboard I've had no problems with any of the systems. The engine has done 300 hours in 12 months including some towing, I've serviced it myself every 100 hours and it's never missed a beat.
  5. Tattenhall is fine, we moor there, but also we've done two blocks of two weeks at Ellesmere Port bottom basin this year already, there's also occupied boats there all the time and I,m also there working ther 3 to 4 days a week and never seen any problems. Access is only by BW key when the museum is closed. One thing to remember is that the IWA Rally is on the first weekend in June so it will be very busy getting through Chester.
  6. Probably too late now, but the vetus stern gear should be lubricated through where the Allen screw is, every 100 hours or annually. You must use the correct grease or it perish's the seals. Our vetus dealer supplied us with the Volvo penta marked tube of grease as it is identical but considerably cheaper, no vat. (Vetus added tax ).
  7. Had a friend bring his solar powered DAB radio to our boat because it wouldn't work on his boat if the internal lights were on. (Early LED's). Tried it on ours with newer type LED's and no problem. Seems like the simplist things can block a DAB signal.
  8. Had a hire boat last year with an Isuzu in it, it had done 12,000 hours and other than regular servicing had never had a problem and was as sweet as a nut.
  9. As fitted to Radiant, presumably by BW when in service.
  10. Suggest trying edge technology in crew, excellent service & price. (No connection, just a very satisfied customer)
  11. The link that G&F shows is the one I mentioned and where ours came from.
  12. Thanks for that, I service my own, so would loose the warranty anyway, only because I hate paying people to do a job I've been doing all my life, mind you I might check if it comes under the block exemption rule like vehicles have come under since 2001.
  13. We run a Honda eu20i, it quite happily runs the washing machine and battery charger, we also have 2 domestic battery banks, one bank runs the the fridge and freezer, the other runs the rest of the domestic kit. We find this system works very well and when away we only used to need to run the engine every 2 days if we didn't use the washing machine, Having recently purchased the generator we just tested it on a 2 week trip away and it powers everything on the boat perfectly. I would recomend buying a brand new one as they have a 5 year warranty and we found one cheaper than many of the secondhand ones on the internet.
  14. Had ours from the graphics boat, £8.50 for both sides, with the CRT logo in any colour and font you want, even came with fitting instructions.
  15. This is our journey's end, visiting my childhood play area from 40 years ago. Travelled from Tattenhall to get here, complete with 2 year old granddaughter. My how things have changed over 40 years.
  16. Must of just missed you as we are now moored up at windmill end, next to the bumble hole arm
  17. Well time for an update, went for the meal, absolutey spot on, great friendly service, we were never rushed, 2 courses and a couple of drinks for six all for under £100.00. Dogs seem to be welcome but only in the front bar (canal side on left as you come through the front door). Will definitely go again, should of said probably as we're hear till Tuesday anyway.
  18. Moored up outside the Shropshire fly pub in audlem today, quite impressed with the new version having not been in for about 2 years. Beer was very good (timmy Taylor's), food we saw looked very well presented and reasonably priced, table for 6 booked for tomorrow so I'll give an accurate verdict then. Was nice to see they kept the bar with the refurb.
  19. Just done a HA3, and as you say, leaking from 2x check valves, in case the OP doesn't know it's perfectly ok to run the engine with the crankcase cover off to see if the check valves are leaking.
  20. We're with Haven Knox-Johnson, they have contents cover on their policy, you just tell them how much cover you want & any very expensive items you have onboard, just like a house policy. They are very reasonable and really easy to deal with
  21. Have seen these Big Bang engines where 2 cylinders fire @ once, both petrol, and in race cars. One was a vauxhall 16V the other was a Suzuki hyabusa. Both had a very strange and unique sound. Was done by having specially made cam shafts done.
  22. Tattenhall well stocked at the moment, they're all moored opposite me.
  23. Our first hire boat was a canal club/canal time boat, they were all built around 2000' they are bomb proof if a bit utalitarian. As for side doors there is one in the bedroom Which as a flip over hatch and opening doors. We hired it it November and the central heating was perfectly adequate in -10 & ice. The engines are normally Beta marine/kubota and indistructable. The only critisimum is the poo tank is offset so as the holiday goe on the list gets worse. You can always tell one coming towards you :-)) Hope this helps. Andy B
  24. Well the only sunken boats on the visitor moorings are two private ones, which we have no control over, even though we have raised one of them in the past a couple of times. I agree about the aircon, but then I would of thought any body with sence wouldn't, moor next to it. I,m actually typing this moored in that arm a couple of hundred feet from the AC plant and you can,t hear it, there was a wedding last night and the smoking area is directly opposite our bow, come midnight noise stopped and the doors were locked. Not had any problems with fishermen, hardly seen any. As for the lock paddles, that is a CRT/H&S official policy due to being a visitor attraction, all top paddles must be left open at all times when the locks not in use. As for the trip boat, it is kept where it is during the day because the MCA require we have fixed steps for the public to enter the boat and the boat has to be fixed directly to them when in use. I always move the boat at the end of the day to the end of its berth so there is room for people to use the locks outside of working hours, but as it is only on two ropes and not chained anyone could move it if they needed too. As for not being welcomed, I do agree, when myself and other volunteers are about we always go out of our way to try and help and welcome people. Well that's my two peneth, must go as I'm late for work and I need to go and open the locks and shift the trip boat to get water. (That is me being serious, not taking the pee) Cheers. Andy.
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