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  1. Sa m & Stuart are sorry to have to bid you all a very fond farewell; we've sold our boat today , to a lovely couple who, although are new to narrowboats, have a wealth of knowledge of all thing, s pastoral! My heart is breaking, but we have no choice now; Sam has a life-limiting lung disease, my MS is not being at all kind and we just can't manage to continue with what I thought 27 years ago,would be our true destination.I may, from time to time, visit you here, but for now may you all continue to boat in the best of health.
  2. No you were not. Darwin rules.
  3. If you want to keep your magnet free of swarf and other nasties which lurk on the bottom, put it in a plastic bag before immersing, then discard responsibly after use! Think "prophylactic"!
  4. Yes, we know the Land-Rover wheelhouse boat,think it probably ties at Preston Brook Marina. Seems to make an annual appearance around this time of year, and to be honest, comparing it with some of the "Bridgewater Bughutches" which pass by, including our own,it looks eminently practical, roomy and sturdy.
  5. Yes, absolutely fair point, if you see this boat, please ask the owner to contact Hesford Marine. Valid point, well made and thanks again.
  6. We recently had this boat out on our yard for several months for repairs/painting etc. It has now gone back into the water last seen heading towards Preston Brook. We have discovered that the owner left something behind and we are trying to contact them. Telephone comes up as not available. Teazle is 57'6" long, built by GT Boatbuilders and is resplendent with new blacking and upper works painted in Rochelle red, Green with a yellow band. No name painted on the boat when it left here on 21 May, also has dark green cratch cover. Reg number is 501087. If it passes you, please pm me with l
  7. Which item,what part? If you could find it in your aggrieved heart to supply some detail, I'm sure your question can be answered.
  8. That's a matter of a pinion!.....(see what I did there?)
  9. Hi, Dean,...just take the plunge and explore the whole length of the Runcorn arm (sorry, Tim, I mean the main line). Take your time, enjoy the views, and pop in to see the very hospitable chaps and chapesses at the Bridgewater Motor Boat Club near the Waterloo Bridge, now the bitter end of the canal. Thoroughly recommended, and they have all the services you could wish for, except re-cycling of shower water!
  10. Wherezat, Richard? (tia)
  11. .....And don't forget to position your ECO-FAN on top of the multi-fuel stove!
  12. If you have to ask that question, then I wonder if you really should be making ANYTHING to do with exhaust gasses! The splitter does as it says, and splits the exhaust into two widely divergent streams, in order to prevent blasting direct at tunnel roofs etc., with the concommitent falls of soot onto the steerer,and paintwork, cans mops etc.
  13. Good post, but PLEASE never give chocolate to a dog,it can be deadly poisonous, unless it is specially made "doggy treat" chocolate.
  14. Can I have a pint of whatever it is that Dean is on, please?
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