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  1. We finally got the internet on board 'Tarifa'. We added 'Web 'n' Walk Professional' to our T-mobile contract for a mere £10 a month for unlimited access. Bargain! It works a treat, as you can see - I'm writing this sitting in our living room moored up near Bath with a nice cosy log fire burning in the Squirrel (that's a strange turn of phrase!).

    Just thought I'd share that. I think it's quite exciting. :angry: We had pretty much written-off the idea of internet on the boat due to ridiculous expense. Until we found out about the T-mobile deal. Seemed too good to be true. But it works!

    And no, I don't work for T-mobile! :angry:


    Are you downloading to your phone or to a laptop via a data card?


    Gill & Groff Lovegrove

  2. Whilst on the canals this spring we visited a venetian blind shop at Great Haywood which I seem to remember was called "The hut on the cut". However have lost the contact details and cannot find them in any phone directory or canal magazine....can anyone help with a phone number please


    Geoff & Gill Lovegrove

  3. Our narrowboat on which we will live for the 6 summer months a year is in the process of being built. We will run a washing machine and a TV(Not a drier) and all the other normal things. We want to ensure that we have sufficient power in the evenings when we moor up...although we envisiage we will run the washing machine when we are underway. The engine will be a Beta Marine 43 with twin alternators and a Victron multi inverter charger. Our boatbuilder now recommends gel batteries but an article we have read (in the roadpro catalogue) seems to suggest that these are not the best idea for the following 3 reasons. a) High Relative Cost :D Very Low charging rate and c) Low number of cycles. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has had gel batteries


    Geoff & Gill Lovegrove

  4. WE have just made the decision on who will build our new boat and one of the big decisions to make is whether we need a cabin heater or not. We will be having Hurricane central heating throughtout a 57ft boat and will be cruising April to Oct approx.


    Would appreciate comments from anyone with or without a cabin heater. We are thinking of a diesel heater if we go down this route....not solid fuel.


    Gill Lovegrove

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