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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. It will be interesting to see the comments you get about this requirement. Summary = "Deathtrap"
  3. Back in the school days (a long time ago) I remember a very serious accident - a friend was an expert at lighting his emissions, but on this one day he had a 'blow-back'. The flaming fart backfired and set fire to his nylon shorts, which melted and stuck to his skin. The School nurse took him away and he ended up in hospital.
  4. The most well known is probably : http://www.craftinsure.com/ Fill in the details and get an online quote
  5. Well spotted - you certainly would not get as full movement as you would with a shorter thread. But, we don't know if that it fouling. Maybe the OP can confirm ? @Shelley5281
  6. So did I - the difference being that they are taking Marl from the top of a mountain downwards, and we tend to quarry into the ground and carry it 'upwards' to the surface.
  7. Do you not get the message ? "We want 1/3rd of boaters opinions on 'things' (or at least to be able to say that we have asked them), not giving sufficient time to respond then allows them to say something like ; "10,000 boaters were asked if they were unhappy with maintenance levels, and only 26 replied they were".
  8. If it was my Marina, my answer would be that the 'base calculation' includes bins, water, showers, street cleaning etc etc,which are still used and the CT does not cover those costs. The additional element for the residential mooring pays the additional charge by the LA (street lights, Police, etc etc)
  9. That looks to be the 'cover'. The engine 'number' will be moulded into the actual 'body' of the engine way down below the ancillaries.
  10. When you say 'athletically pleasing' do you mean she is a 'fit old bird' ?
  11. That is unfortunately not true in some places. A few times I have 'hit the bottom' whilst in the MNC on the River Trent. My draft = 4'6" Minimum dredging depth = 2.75 mts. (9') Similarly on the Foss Dyke which is dredged to 1.52 mts. (4'11") I was unable to get any further than Saxilby- totally ground to a halt and impossible to proceed. Had to pole backwards, turn and give up.
  12. In a previous thread known names were posted - I think there were 20+ (or maybe 30) quoted. I named 5 or 6 that I know of.
  13. As can be seen by this picture (see other thread) The 'water is wide enough' but not with the shape of the bridge.
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