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  1. Earlier Commons leader Andrea Leadsom dismissed the petition as not being on the same scale as the pro-Brexit vote in the 2016 referendum. "Should it reach 17.4 million respondents then I am sure there will be a very clear case for taking action," she told MPs. She added: "It's absolutely right that people do have the opportunity to put their views and that can then spark yet another Brexit debate."
  2. He means the crimper didn't work, but the glue lined H/S is holding.
  3. B = Bring O = Out A = Another T = Thousand Pounds
  4. 70mm² NOT 17mm As they don't offer a 70mm2, you would need to up the size to 95mm2 (010607 684/0.40 95mm², 19.7mm OD, 500A ) Or try another supplier.
  5. For a lot of folks their boat is their home. Not everyone is a 'weekend hobby-boater'.
  6. Do they ? I've been 'done'. My boat came from 'non-C&RT' waters and was not registered. I phoned up, requested registration, paid £20 by card, plates received 48 hours later (its not difficult)
  7. If you just want a simple 'directly to the cylinder' regulator ..................… If you want another 'switch-over' you may not find one quite as easily. Belgium uses a variety of connection on their propane cylinders but the one you want is to fit a (Belgium cylinder refeference) "O1P", or a "P18" These use the same "Internal thread POL" connector as the UK / Calor Gas Propane cylinders. If you put your location into the attached - it will show you the nearest gas dealer. https://www.antargaz.be/en/private/gas-in-cylinders/gas-cylinder-distributors
  8. A leaking cylinder should not create a safety issue if it is correctly installed. It is maybe a case of boaters using something that was not originally designed for boating. The majority of users for LPG would not be trying to keep a cylinder in a 'gas tight' container (a boat), they would be used in vehicles and caravans where the gas can vent & escape down-and-out under the vehicle. Then there are mobile-homes and rural domestic properties where the cylinders are kept 'outside' and again the escaping gas can vent and disperse in the air. This is why it is crucial that your gas locker is gas-tight to at least the height of the regulator - except for the 'overboard drain vent' which must be clear ie. not have any sponges or bits of old ripe that can block the drain. It frightens me to death when I see gas cylinders stood on the deck or in the well deck - that is death just awaiting the 'call'.
  9. 20% off most items in our Chandlery sale Our Chandlery Sale starts on Saturday and you can get 20% off most items* in-store and online! Enter BRIT20 at checkout to receive your discount. 30% off Joules womenswear 50% off Joules menswear (instore at Sawley Marina only) 20% off online and instore at Sawley Marina and Glasson Basin Marina Saturday 23rd – Sunday 31st March
  10. Until someone who knows the answer comes along ………………………... I was always told it was an overpressure relief and once it has 'blown out' it remain open and needs replacing. Presumably you don't keep a 'standard' screw directly into the cylinder' type as an emergency spare ?
  11. Rule Britannia ! Proper measurements, non of this furrin stuff.
  12. I have always said "size doesn't matter".
  13. UK based Japanese Car maker to close...…………... Ooopppps - sorry that should read "Japanese car maker to increase production in the UK" Toyota is to build a new hybrid electric vehicle in the UK for Suzuki, in a boost to British car industry workers amid continued Brexit uncertainty. The hybrid will be based on Toyota’s Corolla model and made at its Burnaston plant in Derbyshire, with engines supplied by the company’s Deeside factory in north Wales.
  14. If anyone needs their bottoms touching up and they have used Zinger (or similar) Lidl may have the answer. In the middle aisle from 21st March. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/MiddleofLidl.htm?articleId=21055
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