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  1. I'm assuming the OP has been paid to take this off someone's hands just to get rid of it. So throwing some money at it is not a total waste.
  2. Post by Casper may be of interest to the OP : I had a Sabb 10hp in my 43 foot boat, which I think was about the max length. Of course it will push a 56 foot boat but not fast and no stopping power or power for rivers. My single cylinder Sabb sounded wonderful, far nicer than the twin. It also never managed to rev anywhere near to the max 1800 rpm. Casp' Mine was 1979, any earlier and they have a weird gearbox set up where a special (expensive) propeller is needed to achieve reverse. I sold mine a couple of years ago for £600, it went into a little sea going fishing boat.
  3. Far to many variables ; A couple of questions to start with : What space (distance) is their between the shaft and the bottom of the counter ? What size id the shaft (diameter) What taper is there on the shaft (1:10, 1:12 ???) What is the tickover and WoT rpm of the engine ?
  4. I think it is a registration (I know it is called a licence by C&RT) There is not only a legal difference between the two but a 'financial' difference. C&RT know (and have put in writing) that there is no VAT applicable on a registration, but there is on a licence. C&RT appear to have been illegally applying VAT to River Registrations - I'm considering claiming back the incorrectly applied VAT but want to be sure of the grounds.
  5. Is the 'Rivers Only' fee that we pay for a 'Licence' or a 'Registration' ? I have a feeling that Nigel Moore has previously said where there is a PRN it is simply a 'registration' but I cannot find anything now.
  6. Have you received your free-beer vouchers from Nigel yet ? Everyone I know has received them - apparently its his thankyou and allows you give him a toast when the results are announced.
  7. BSS examiners are never 'wrong', some just put a different interpretation onto the actual rules, whilst others just add rules that they think should be included - the solid-conductor wiring being one such rule.
  8. You can only take a horse to water so many times, if it doesn't learn, then you just leave it to die. Natural selection !!
  9. Bit of a shame, but I guess the number of deserters is so small it will make no difference. European elections 2019: Expats in France fear postal votes will not count British expats in France might not get a vote in Thursday's European elections because their postal voting forms have arrived late, or not at all. Expat voters who want to participate in European elections can register in advance to have a postal vote in the British constituency where they or their parents were last registered to vote. But they must have their completed ballot paper returned to the local electoral returning officer by the time polls close on election day. It is believed, based on the number of eligible voters, that thousands of Britons living in France could be affected.
  10. Which is why I won't do it unless there is room for a 100% margin.
  11. I'm not sure that this would be a 'scam', it is normally called 'doing business'. I regularly buy items from (real) Auctions, ebay, gumtree, Pre-loved etc when I know there is a collectors market for them at higher prices - I'll not normally bother unless I can make 100% mark-up. I recently bought a rare telescopic sight mount in a big box of assorted bits at a gun auction for £100, I easily sold it (with collectors queuing up) at £300. Another example was a Personal Locator Beacon on Gumtree for £40, I sold it for £100, & a SatNav at £25 that I sold for £100. Its something to do in the long dark days of Winter. If you know a little about the market value of things its easy. I reckon, if I was so inclined, I could 'make a living' doing it - particularly when folks make spelling mistakes in their listings so it doesn't show up in searches. There is software available that will search ebay for all possible spellings (and near spellings) for whatever word you want - it has found a lot of things for me. Another 'winner' is when they post poor quality, out of focus photographs so unless you really know what it is you wouldn't bid.
  12. It is clear that the 'will of the people' is to leave. It is the EU insistence that we partake of these elections that has forced us to spend Millions in holding the elections - why did they not just say the UK MEPs just 'carry-over' for the few weeks that you need until October when you leave anyway.
  13. I remember, many many years ago. A customer phoned and asked for a price for a product, after being quoted a price he then said "that's far too high, you need to cut the price to £5", after refusing to do so, he asked to speak to the MD, the MD then suggested he buy from the other supplier, to be told "but they don't have any in stock'. The response was "well ours are only £5 when we don't have any stock". £433 + VAT https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Engine-Spares-for-sale/prm-90-d2-d2-5-marine-gearbox-from-lancing-marine/4176 £650 https://www.ebcmarine.com/inboard-gearbox-drivetrain/newage-prm-gearboxes/prm90-d2-marine-gearbox-2-1-ratio £523 https://www.asap-supplies.com/brands/prm
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