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  1. Hampton Safari - Info Please!!

    had a safari for 10 years on the broads, beam is 9ft 6in, engine is midship so driven by a shaft mk1 and mk11 have sliding canopies and are draughty but the mk111 has no canopy but doors in the front opening into a small well well built sturdy boat with loads of space for 25ft
  2. Cracking boats!

    not much point without an engine, unless you like staying put so quite expensive in my opinion
  3. New Statesman article on narrowboats.

    a few years ago, as a hirer, we shares the locks from the tunnel down into braunston with a privately owned boat crewed by a middle aged couple, now, they shared all the chores 50/50 and strict timewise, they had a travel alarm next to the tiller and did 1 hour stints, they actually changed places while leaving a lock so i was chatting to the man one minute and when we entered the next chamber the lady was at the tiller
  4. European Union Attacks Red Diesel For Boaters.

    1.12 at goodchilds is a good price for the broads but it does not compare with 75p at wheaton aston for the same stuff
  5. European Union Attacks Red Diesel For Boaters.

    if you were boating on the norfolk broads you would be paying white prices for red fuel 1.40 per litre in places, cheapest is around 1.20
  6. A few interior pictures.

    if anyone is wanting some of these blocks i have quite a lot, FREE, maybe 4 or 500 altogether, trouble is they are in DURHAM. but if you can collect they are yours alan
  7. Knots

    norman, an old retired sailor, puts on his old uniform, and heads for the docks once more for old times sake, he engages a prostitute and takes her to a room he is soon going at it as well as he can for a guy of his age, but needing some reassurance, he asks "how am i doing" the prostitute replies "well norman, old sailor, you are doing about 3 knots" "three knots" he asks " whats that supposed to mean?" she says " your knot hard" "your knot in" and "your knot getting your money back"
  8. Otters in the BCN - how many are there?

    yes, otters will see all wildlife off, where i keep my boat the otters arrived about 3-4 years ago and there has been a noticeable drop in all the resident wild life, mallard, coots, water hens, but on the up side they have also done away with the mink problem we were having
  9. Stoke Bruerne (Village at War) NB mages

    brilliant shots
  10. Winter doldrums

    it seems winter may be coming early, we had a white frost in durham this morning
  11. Towpath fencing

    mooring posts
  12. Olympic Water Chariots

    http://the-norfolk-broads.co.uk/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=22&Topic=28598 i am hoping this link will work
  13. Norfolk Broads search uncovers bodies

    another report states "broads beat" rib was in attendance at 2.30 am and the river was closed off at 4.00 am, the closure is still in place now, 5.00pm yes, a lonely stretch of river during the night for a 13 year old child
  14. alton on the telly last night

    ah, well!! you were not watching free view channel 209. a nature and wildlife prog featuring the macclesfield canal in all four seasons. winter 2010 showed ALTON breaking the ice to reach a customer to deliver fuel in addition the customer received a complimentary bottle of beer as a christmas gift
  15. alton on the telly last night

    spotted coal boat ALTON on the telly last night, anyone else spot it alan