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  1. All boats and people safe. Water levels peaked at midnight. Levels above a fair few pontoons. Odd boats needed minding to watch they did not come back down on the pontoons as levels dropped. Water levels subsided substantially today. Enough to be able to drive onto marina
  2. There was an episode that featured Buz Collins the singing lock keeper together with another friend of mine Andy Robinson accompanying him. Be interested in tracing that one
  3. I think I will try the same. Circular dam but with blue tac. Should be able to contain quite a reservoir.
  4. Although it looks slightly different I think it is the same arrangment. I think this has happened in the past as well. If I remember correctly I placed a jack underneath the arm block and popped it slightly before soaking in oil. In my pictures and chesire cats theres a small hole in the collar. Any ideas. I have inserted a grease nipple in there and greased but had no effect. Assuming that must be to the outside of the bush
  5. Anyone know the make up of this rudder stock Swan neck appears welded to the rudder shaft There are no bolts on the top, just a circular casing There is a grease point on the circular casing but it does not appear to make a lot of difference Mine has always been a relatively heavy and has tightened up more as the boat has had little use over the last year or so Moving the rudder has now become a built in gym Boat is out of the water next week for blacking, so I have the opportunity to try and rectify the tightness
  6. I to have the same mifi E5332 have to work from the boat and had the same problem with right hand connector and got the same advice Found these which are a straight through ts 9 connector http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290968176904?lpid=54&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=54 The connector fits perfectly If you get the correct connector on the other end of the pigtail you can connect to one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271227086207?lpid=54&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.
  7. That sounds the easiest option. Shall finish building my 56lb weight storage void tomorrow, then shall be in touch with how many I need. I am in Shardlow so Newarks not that far. Thank you
  8. The boat was originally ballasted and adjusted with two single beds, frames on either of the centre. Calorifier (which is always full and boiler on one side) There is now a straight through corridor where the calorifier and boiler were. The calorifier and boiler are now on the opposite side together with a pull out kingsixe double bed frame and wardrobe bulk heads and doors The ballast in the two accessible sections was completely removed so there is no ballast to move from one side to the other. The boat can quite easily sit slightly deeper in the water. This is more of a
  9. After finally ripping out the back of the boat and moving the calorifier, boiler and basically anything heavy to the opposite side of the boat I now need to reballast it. I have only got relatively easy access to two under floor sections which I can brick out. What are the heaviest bricks available Rough calculations means I need about 75Kg. Alternatively I do have a small area where I can add probably 4 or 5 56lb weights but they are going for silly money on fleabay at the minute Pinkatpole
  10. Hello again Trojan. Name to a face although I do know your purple boat. Yes I am them man with the considerable beard Wrong chap in question
  11. Cheers. As far as I know it does seem to be that way
  12. There will be two shiny new possibly half full marinas down there next year. Plenty of places to moor. Well I hope there half full or there will be no water left below the summit to boat on anyway.
  13. OP could always moor up abreast of me. That way I might finally cure the not go to bed until 3am problem as I would probably have to be quiet as they all go to bed just after the musics finished. Might save on the Jack Daniels bill at the same time Bugger beat me down. That would be "name withheld" then, not a forum member. Pity his Parkinsons disease and his prostrate cancer (hopefully recovering from) doesnt allow him to walk down from Broadmoor and only allows him to bring the boat with available helpers Which purple boat be yours
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. I am in the old basin in the final bank of moorings just passed the big tree. Not staying on the boat at the minute due to my back. Should be down at the weekend though. If I am taking the boat your welcome. Will know better early next week Correct. Anyone is welcome Will know early next week exactly what I am doing
  17. Thanks for the offer. I will see if I am still frozen in early next week. Boat is at Crockers at the bottom end of the Trent & Mersey in Shardlow so is only 2hrs or so away. If I am not frozen in and also get a chance to mend the leaking filter on the water pump then I shall be taking the boat but I will definitely need assistance in getting it there and back on the Sunday as I am not allowed to lift over 10Kg at the moment. In which case there will be at least a couple of bed boats up for grabs. This possibly ties in with the later threads by Hairy-Neil and Ally
  18. All that are staying at the Rockaway The Rockaway is no more than both 10 minutes walk to Beeston Marina or 10 minutes walk to the visitor moorings below the lock. Taxis in Beeston will take longer to turn up than the time it takes to walk it 15 minutes at most if you take the beer induced diagonal route involving pavements on opposite sides of the road in quick sucsession. Dependent on the state of my back I may turn up and have a few beers with you as I have probably only met headjog before If I can get a pilot from Crockers I may bring the boat as I have not been able to tak
  19. Jim I can give a home to it. Give us a shout when you drop it and I shall come and pick it up, chainsaw in hand
  20. Thanks for the offer Hermit. Looks like we have a bit of a party next weekend. Im only half hour a way by van so distance is no problem Lets see what we can arrange
  21. Headjog If you have not managed to get the work done by next weekend Feb 12th then I will come across and do the clipping work and adequately shielding the cables etc for you at no cost, purely because both the below mentioned bandits are taking the p**s. PM me if you need my help Pinkatpole
  22. Ignore the original question as regards to what wood it is, the bl**dy worktop is hideous
  23. Rest in Peace Dave A cracking bloke who will be sorely missed Pinky
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