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  1. Brill thanks everyone, that's looking like a vote for tecma.
  2. I'd had a tecma recommended to me and wondered what the general feeling about them was, but that is sounding positive. As far as I am aware nothing went down that shouldn't but the flush was very pitiful. Good on water usage bad on flushing. I got good with my bucket of water.
  3. Hi, I've had a Leesan macerator pump out toilet for the last few years which has now broken irreparably. I'd like to replace it with another pump out macerator ( yes I know cassettes are better) but want a reliable one ( again probably a misnomer). The Leesan one I had blocked on a number of occasions (only body waste involved) and was a pain to flush. it was my most hated item on the boat, but the pump out emptying feature really suits my lifestyle. in view of this i wondered if regular blocking is a feature of macerator toilets and i have to get used to it or If i just had a bad one. Does anyone have a macerator toilet or toilet brand they'd recommend? Taa H
  4. I think this has more to do with advert volume being at least 20% louder that the show you are watching. I presume it's so you can hear it over the sound of the kettle boiling.
  5. Thanks for your help, have managed to clear blockage without dismantling macerator (Phew!) and will use vingegar regularly from now while keeping fingers firmly crossed.
  6. More the gift that keeps giving. From now on guests get to use a bucket.
  7. Hi, can I use a plunger on a leesan macerater toilet? The macerater rotating sounds are the same as usual but nothing is getting sucked out of the bowl. I have been told that all that's in there is poo & value loo roll, nothing that should have blocked it anyway. So I think that its just stuck in the bend and has created an air gap. If I use a plunger will it cause extra probs with the macerater? H
  8. I see Lisa beat me to it, but thanks for all the information and links. After a gritted teeth start i finally managed to relax and enjoy the trip. Big boats are not as scary as I thought! Plus my nightmares didn't come true (Polly didn't sink, no one fell over board and drowned/ I didn't collide with a clipper). Many thanks to Allan for all his calm guidance. Will see if I can post a couple of pictures. Hxx
  9. Sorry have been having internet probs. But have checked with insurance company now and am covered for that bit of Thames. I was hoping to got this w/e, but realise everything is getting v short notice now. Thanks for link, is very useful.
  10. Hello, I need to move my boat from hackney to staines but have limited time in which to do it. The quickest way looks to be along the Thames from limehouse but I am afraid of the central London section with a 40ft boat and 28hp engine. Are there people you can hire to come with me and help pilot the boat. Ta H
  11. Thanks everyone for all your help and advice, it's much appreciated. I feel a happier about tackling this problem now. Though since I've learn't just how lacking my knowledge was/ is I think I shall also definately be going on a maintenance course. H
  12. 1. Does this mean I need to disconnect all positives on all batteries and then all of the negatives, or the positive then negative on each battery in turn? (sorry if stupid question) 2. Not sure how much is a long enough charge period, I run the engine a couple of hours a day when moored and generally two days a week the engine has been ran for around 7 hours/ day. 3. Existing set came with the boat when purchased in october, no idea how old they are. Ahhh you mean't my separate starter and domestic battery banks, not the individual batteries. I get there in the end. The answer to that one is no (i didn't realise that batteries could lose water) but I shall now.
  13. To be honest I don't have the skills for this and so will prob try purchase new and get the same type as is in at the moment. Yes there are three domestic batteries and one starter. The domestic ones are on the opposite side of the boat from the starter one. I have had no problems starting the boat, but will check the starter battery when I check the rest (as soon as I become the proud owner of a volt meter). Why is it different with more than one battery in a bank? You're making me nervous, I'm starting to think I should get someone to do it and watch what they do closely.
  14. Hi, I know this has all been covered in the forum before, but when reading the threads the technical jargon tends to make my eyes glaze over and the need to make a cuppa becomes all encompassing. So please can anyone help spell it out for me in a way I can understand. My domestic batteries are no longer taking a full charge/ are dying way too fast. The alternator is working as they still take some charge, but I don't want to replace the bank of batteries if there is something simple wrong that can be fixed. In view of this I have a few questions. - Is there some way I can check to see that my batteries are still functioning? - Can batteries be mended? - If they are dead, how complicated a process is it to replace them myself (considering my total lack of electrical knowledge/ willingness to try)? - What type of batteries are best to replace them with? Sorry for sounding stupid, but I guess I need to start somewhere.
  15. No sorry nothing has come through.
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