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  1. 24v alternator on eBay 55amp about £60 70amp about £130 110amp about £170 Loads to choose from
  2. Just run it down the canal (preferably somewhere that's been dredged like towards Slapton) and if it goes and stops OK, don't worry about the prop size.
  3. So they do have uses then
  4. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    If this thread has taught me one thing its that several forum members I thought were OK are not, so much so that I am glad the chances of me ever meeting them are very close to nil.
  5. Running costs, Depreciation etc are irrelevant, Spending £60k on a car is immoral. Yes I have been in one, one of my clients runs one, they are good, Also I will not worship at the alter of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs etc even if I had the spare money to do so.
  6. Bought a £60k car on a whim! Obviously not from the same world as us mere mortals.
  7. Being an oddball I would go for the Marina at Thrupp Wharf which is where I used to keep my boat when I lived in Whittlebury.
  8. When I queried a similar clause with GJW I was told it applied to overnight passages and to ignore it. Its there to stop people setting off sailing across the channel, setting the autopilot and going to bed.
  9. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    I will pass on that thanks.
  10. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Didn't the first one get hidden? Both are full of the contents of a cess pit
  11. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Ooo are there over 500 hidden pages that I cant see. Are only Quitlings allowed access to these hidden pages Oh I forgot its all about exaggeration.
  12. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    Indeed don't forget the R.Crumb cartoons as well such as Mr Natural and Fritz the cat NB do not google "R Crumb cartoons" if you are easily offended, it is very very politically incorrect for today.
  13. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    There, fixed that for you
  14. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    An article for the team, worth reading! http://internationaltimes.it/is-the-uk-being-hard-wired-to-the-fourth-reich/ I know its long and maybe to much for some attention spans.
  15. As do I, but you can't get into places like Limehouse safely without rounding up and entering against the tide, and to get to the Medway you need to punch the tide for an hour or so in order to make it on one tide. Not that I am doing these journeys any more having ditched the ditches needed to get there.
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