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  1. Thanks Arthur, that's very helpful. I did have the version 6 originally and then later the version 7, I was sad to loose it. I've downloaded the files from your site and I'll have a go at opening them up and installing them when I have a little more time.
  2. Thanks guys, it looks like Canal Plan AC gets the popular vote.
  3. I installed a Webasto ‘Airtop 2000’ in our small (35ft) cruising narrow boat about 15 years ago; I’m please to say we’ve never had any problems with it; except it did fail to fire up one morning due to low battery (my own fault). It’s a little noisy on first start up, but soon settles down to a low background hum. We typically cruise about 90 ish nights a year, including early and late season, but not winter as we only have single glazed windows and condensation can be an issue. If you are going to use warm air heating ensure the air intake is from outside the boat and you have good ventilatio
  4. For many years I used the original 'Canal Planner', which I was very happy with, but it hasn't been supported for a long while and it sadly ‘died’ a while back, so I’m looking for a viable replacement. Does anyone have experience of using ‘WaterNav’ that’s marketed by RCR at £48.99? I know that with RCR membership you can download their individual ‘aps’ for free, but you need to purchase the PC version to do route planning, which is what I want to do.
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