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  1. arpeeuk

    Epping stove spares

    Thank you Sarah, very relieved to hear that it's just domain issues and I hope you can resolve them quickly. I'll get the new number from facebook and call you later today. Thanks again Richard
  2. arpeeuk

    Epping stove spares

    Thanks Dave, Their web site is down and the phone number provided on Facebook is unobtainable. I've tried to contact them using facebook messenger so I'll see if I get a response. Any other suggestions anyone? I'm after the smoke box for my Epping range Thanks Richard
  3. arpeeuk

    Epping stove spares

    Does anyone know if you can still get spares for an Epping Range? It's the smoke box I need. I've tried the Brenmarl number and email and no luck. Can anyone help? Also my BSS is coming up soon and is likely to fail due to cracks in the smoke box, is removing the flue likely to be sufficient to decommission the stove so that it's not tested? I'll check this with my BSS examiner when I book him to get his view too but some early warning would be good Thanks Richard
  4. arpeeuk

    K&A to braunston ring.

    Do keep you eyes on the winter stoppage programmes while doing your planning. My reading of the CRT & Thames stoppage program says that you need to be back to Newbury by 3rd November or you could be stuck on the Oxford until nearly Christmas. Also bear in mind when doing your planning that we might have a lot of rain and that the Thames might go on to red boards so you cannot use it. The fact that there are red boards will not delay the Thames stoppages. I know this from bitter experience a few years ago while trying to get to the K&A during October, I got stuck at Abingdon on red boards, it was a nail biting time waiting for the river to drop while the start of the winter stoppages drew ever closer! Fortunately I made it with just a few days to spare. Rik
  5. arpeeuk

    Boats moving on the Kennet!

    You'll find the latest advice from CRT here http://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/778/river-kennet- it ends "Although the navigation is open, our strong recommendation is not to move your boat unless absolutely necessary and you are confident of your ability and the capability of your craft. If in any doubt and you are safely moored, stay where you are. We anticipate that in another week’s time, the river condition would have eased further." With advice like this I wonder what our friends, the insurance companies, will say if you travel and have problems Rik
  6. arpeeuk

    Beta Marine BD3 engine

    Mine also rattles at tickover so if it is a damper plate it hasn't cured it. Rik
  7. arpeeuk

    Beta Marine BD3 engine

    Also, on mine with the standard PRM 160D gearbox, the drive plate is a R&D 55A21. There is a plate on the case above the gearbox which you can remove to see the drive plate. If you get someone to rotate the engine while you will watch you can see the numbers stamped on the plate. This is what my engineer did to find out which plate I needed. Rik
  8. arpeeuk

    Beta Marine BD3 engine

    This is the information that I got from Neil at Beta when he asked me for the engine number. The engine serial No. is usually on the left hand side, looking forward, and is on the web along the lower part of the block. It will probably be of the format - seven No’s beginning with 4 CRK3A Three No’s beginning with 0 Typically – 4300014CRK3A041 Hope this helps Rik
  9. arpeeuk

    housing benefit for license fee?

    Yes I personally know someone that has successfully claimed housing benefit. He's had two claims in different parts of the country. In the first he managed to claim licence fee, 3rd party insurance and boat safety, at the time he did NOT have a permanent mooring. In the second he gets licence, mooring, 3rd party insurance and boat safety. As he has a kid aboard he also got social services to spend £5k fixing various bit on the boat, new cooker, new shower, replacement water tank were the key things. Key thing is , never give up, if your claim is rejected appeal, if your appeal is rejected submit a new claim, make sure they give up before you do! Rik
  10. arpeeuk

    Why no Hungerford Stoppage

    I was told by one of the CRT guys doing the work that the stoppage before Christmas was to repair the channels in the wall above the lock that take the stop planks. Looking at Gillie's photo ,I guess the stop planks won't not come up high enough to enable them to stop the flow and so the official stoppage is now delayed. Rik
  11. arpeeuk

    MC Loncin generators

    Got my kipor from the Green Reaper at Thame. Don't know if you can collect but maybe worth a call. Rik
  12. arpeeuk

    Co2 ppm query

    I have a feeling that some detectors also detect hydrogen which you'd get from battery charging. Is the 140 number constant? Are you constantly charging via a landline? Have you tried swapping the position of the two detectors to check that one isn't faulty? Please be careful and keep safe Rik
  13. arpeeuk

    Floating dry dock

    Is this similar in principle to the old barge that the boatyard uses as a dry dock by Denham Deep? Sounds a good idea to me and may help provide more dry docks around the system Rik
  14. arpeeuk

    Unpleasantness at Fobney Lock

    Think you mean the Fisherman's Cottage right by Blakes Lock? http://www.fishermanscottagereading.co.uk/
  15. arpeeuk

    Cunning Man pub on K&A

    Won't be Norman I'm afraid as he passed away earlier this year. Lancing is, I believe, up for sale. Rik

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