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  1. My handheld has its own license. It's also recorded on the fixed (Ships Radio) License.
  2. I think that depends on whether the handheld is registered to the boat which is a possibility and then it's basically treated the same as a fixed set. I've jumped onto someone's narrowboat before with my handheld vhf and operator's licence to take a boat to Southwark as they didn't have a radio or licence, so that's also a possibility for anyone without VHF if you can find someone who wants to do the trip with you.
  3. It's all part of the rich tapestry of canal life... Walkers hate cyclists, cyclists hate walkers, anglers hate boaters and narrowboaters hate everyone including other types of boater! 🤣
  4. Are you planning on going all the way to Limehouse and coming back to Brentford up the Thames? You know you want to...
  5. Me too. I have a manual changeover for the same reason I have separate charger and inverter. I want to know when my mains bollard trips and don't want my inverter coming on automatically, and I want to know when one gas bottle runs out and switch over myself. I like to be in control of these things.
  6. I prefer a manual changeover because there's no need to check anything, but the point is to fit a changeover valve of some description so that you're not outside messing about with spanners changing bottles in the dark or the rain.
  7. One bollard on each side at the bow... Just goes to show all the theory about what you need is more about what's ideal to have. In reality you need a reasonable set up but you work with what you've got. Last I heard he was in France somewhere but that might have been 8 or 9 years ago...
  8. Likewise I was called a fool and a troll when all I did was try to correct something he'd said that wasn't right. Unfortunately I then reacted in kind and got a warning from the mods. Lady G then sent me a PM calling me a f*ckwit because apparently Tracy isn't well and stressing him out isn't helping. I didn't know he wasn't well, but as must as he has my sympathies I'm afraid if he sees fit to initiate insulting responses then he should be prepared to accept that some people won't take too kindly and occasionally some insults may be directed back towards him. We're all responsible
  9. I too have had problems with Tracy D'arth reacting very unfavorably to any supplementary comments relating to his/her posts (sorry I'm trying not to assume gender from the member's name). I don't think Tracy quite gets the idea of a discussion forum. It's fine to disagree and even argue, but the minute one starts throwing names and insults around you've shown you're not capable of reasonable discussion and should perhaps take your thoughts elsewhere. Taking things so personally is no good for anyone, least of all yourself.
  10. So it's not a 2 pack primer. Zinc phosphate is a porus primer and left uncoated for long enough will allow moisture will penetrate and corrosion will then bloom though. You need to take it all off I'm afraid.
  11. Edit: Didn't realise I was responding to 5 year old posts!
  12. You could try a satin finish but I wouldn't go for a matt paint. I've used dark grey matt on my stern bulkhead to hide the uneven surface and it looks great. When I painted it in gloss it showed every imperfection. The only trouble with matt paint is that it has an open surface and scratches very easily. I think you probably just need to sand back a bit more to get a smooth surface and then you can use whatever paint you want. If you do go back to steel in those areas you can patch prime those areas (2 coats), sand again to fair the edges in and then undercoat the whole cabin side
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