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  1. Rickmansworth Festival

    Banstead will be arriving from Little Venice on Friday. My first time at Ricky but Banstead's a regular Mike
  2. The Bargee

    Just found this thread, so as the current owner of Banstead since BenC, I'm pleased to confirm all is well and we now have a mooring alongside Globetrotter on the K&A in Newbury. If anyone wants to take a look around then you'll find us in London for Canalway Cavalcade, Little Venice 30 April to 2nd May and then (hopefully) at Ricky Festival 21/22 May.
  3. Drive Plate? speculation please

    Is there a joint in the propshaft between the gearbox and the stern tube? I had exactly the same with Lady A this week - engine was turning the prop shaft at the right speed, but the propshaft coupling between the gearbox end and stern tube end had become loose to the point it was slipping and hardly turning the prop at all. Tightening the bolts on this joint cured it - no cost and 30 seconds work!
  4. Trojan T105 and Battery Megastore

    I phoned to ask if I could collect 4 x T105s on Thursday. They confirmed in stock so I drove over from Newbury and when I arrived there were my new batteries on a pallet and ready to collect. I got a generous discount for collecting and the guy who served me was very enthusiastic about them. Altogether a pleasure dealing with them.
  5. Tidal Locks availability leaflet download

    Yup thanks - the link's buried deep on that London Waterways Noticeboard. the document is a PDF with the title 'Microsoft Word - 4' and called 1383.pdf which is why the CRT search can't find it!
  6. Hi I'm trying to download the current Tidal Locks Availability leaflet without much success - most links I find dump me back at the CRT website homepage or bring up 2011. Specifically I'm looking for Brentford Lock times for the next 10 days. Does anyone have a copy or a download link which works please?
  7. Party on board

    The 'regulations' (Inland Waters Small Passenger Boat Code) may be voluntary, but are a condition of licensing for commercial boats on BW/CART waters. They apply specifically to passenger boats which are operating commercially with skipper and crew, which carry 12 or fewer passengers and section 3.1.1 confirms that any person aboard is considered as a passenger except for: 1. a person employed or engaged in any capacity of the vessel’s business; 2. a person on board the vessel, either in pursuance of the obligation laid upon the master to carry shipwrecked, distressed or other persons, or by reason of any circumstance that neither the master nor the owner nor the charterer (if any) could have prevented or forestalled; 3. a child under one year of age” There is no mention of maximum numbers of persons aboard who fall into these three categories, so a three crew limit must be a 'house rule' or requirement of the National Community Boats Association. A qualified skipper is required holding a MCA Boatmaster Tier 2 Licence or one of the following - NCBA Community Boat Management, RYA Powerboat 2 or RYA Inland Helmsman Certificates, all with minimum 12 months logged experience. Anyone who carries more than 12 fare paying passengers without a MCA Certificated operation would risk prosecution. Passenger boat operators on CART waters also require permission to operate from their local waterway manager as well as being licensed by the Boating Trade Team. The Small Passenger Boat Code does not apply to self drive or day hire boats which would be governed by the BMF codes of practice. They certainly don't apply to privately owned boats with a group of friends on board - the only thing I can think which would limit the number onboard is insurance where the maximum persons onboard was in excess of the builder's maximum declared loading plate. Who would be checking anyway?
  8. HELP!!!

    Pimms have just done this very thing but they started planning many months ago when they purchased a private boat, completely renovated and licensed it and if I remember correctly they even advertised for qualified skippers on here at an interesting rate. It now plies the Regent's Canal with an amusing entourage of actors on the roof and if you answer Pimms O'Clock when they ask if you know the time they activate the giant teasmaid on the boat which produces a jug of Pimms! As it happens, I own/operate a small passenger boat with commercial mooring in Little Venice. Happy to offer some advice but crikey you've left this a bit late if Olympics has anything to do with your project and I suspect that CaRT may now be a little busy to deal with new applications, but as they are promoting a boating trade 'floating market' for the Olympics they may just listen. OP you can PM me once you make a few more posts.
  9. Canal and River Trust Council - Private Boater Elections

    You would have my vote too Alan, but my Private Boating voting papers have been cancelled because as well as living aboard I also have a passenger boat with a business license, and apparently I have no option but to select from the 5 Business Boating candidates none of whom I know anything about other than their personal statements, rather than those who will represent my interests in private boating. Roger Hanbury has today confirmed this by phone and while admitting that these were unforeseen circumstances, and would be logged as an issue for future occasions, there is now no turning back and the one vote per person will be enforced even when personal and business interests are clearly not the same. I asked whether I may choose to be a person rather than a business, in order to vote for Private rather than Business representation but was firmly told this is not an option. I'm pretty dissatisfied but with only a couple of weeks left all I can say is I hope you don't lose by a single vote! Any recommendations as to what I can do next?
  10. water points on river thames around Reading

    Theres a water point just above Mapledurham Lock. Also Better Boating below Caversham Lock but they charge a pound, and Thames and Kennet Marina have a couple of water points on the visitor pontoon.
  11. re - Windows mail live

    Your IP address, one of Virgin's public broadband addresses, has become blacklisted by the SORBSemail server blacklist which is checked by NTL before allowing mail through. The implication is that a previous user of this IP address has sent a load of email which has been detected as spam - nothing to do with your own activity (probably!). If this address is dynamic (different every time you connect to Virgin) then all you need to do is disconnect your Virgin equipment and let it pick up a new address when it reconnects. If you are unlucky enough to get another banned IP address then just keep reconnecting. If on the other hand this IP address is fixed (the same every time you connect - but normally available for Virgin business packages rather than home) then the problem can be resolved by applying to SORBS to remove your IP from the blacklist - which you can do by following the link on their home page http://www.sorbs.net/.
  12. Mooring around Wolverhampton

    Hi How about Brewood - a few miles up the Shroppie with extensive 48 hour visitor moorings, but plenty of towpath moorings to the north. I had to leave a boat there last January due to the ice and it easy to reach by bus from Wolverhampton bus station (20 mins) - there are various routes and operators but the Arriva 76 from Wolverhamtpon to Stafford via Brewood was the one which operated on Sundays and evenings, so you should be OK (please check for up to date times tho!). Wolverhampton bus station is right outside the railway station - maybe 200 yards walk. I also found Compton OK for mooring - couple of miles further down the Staffie. There are buses to Wolverhampton but if I remember correctly they weren't good at night or Sundays. Cheers
  13. Record for a mooring auction?

    How much?! Exall Basin - mooring auction just ended at £15,515 per annum - is this a record?! Link to BW auction history
  14. Boat in a "bottle"

    There is an accompanying Lock Improvement Programme Map which shows the stoppage as "Locks with complete closures during dates listed". I would not expect to be able to pass through Hurley until the 28th Feb although with it being a Monday, you may find it opens on the Friday.
  15. Boat in a "bottle"

    Unfortunately Hurley Lock on the Thames is closed from 1st November 2010 to 28th February 2011 so better remain on the canal until this is cleared. Link to Thames Winter Lock Improvements Programme So it looks like you are wont be able to get home until March after all. Mike Newbury K&A