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  1. Hi everyone I tried your suggestions and ran the engine at 1100rpm checking both calorifier hoses for heat and after 90mins running the water is hot so it was just me not running the engine fast enough. Many thanks for ALL your suggestions it seems I keep learning all the time ? JULES
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. I will try and check on connections tomorrow. Any further ideas will be welcomed. Many thanks JULES
  3. Both drive belts are new and tension is correct.....no noises. JULES
  4. Hi blackrose & Bod I have an 82 degree genuine Isuzu thermostat fitted and its an Isuzu 55. JULES
  5. Hi MartynG Thanks for your advice I know the thermstat is a genuine replacement but I do see what your suggesting and you may be right at that. JULES
  6. When I'm cruising at 1200 to 1300rpm my calorifier heats the water perfectly but when i'm moored and using the engine at 900rpm or so for battery charging the calorifier water doesnt heat up. It has been suggested that maybe the engine water pump isnt pumping the hot engine water around the calorifier at that engine speed ? There are no restrictions or air locks in the system. I have spoken to others who dont seem to have a problem at battery charge engine speed so I'm lost as to what it might be. Has anyone any ideas how I might cure this please. Thanks everyone JULES
  7. OMG you guys are super quick I'm sure with a look-see tomorrow I can work that out now. thanks thanks thanks Jules
  8. I have read on here that its a good idea to wire a relay to the domestic water pump to stop the pump's own micro switch from wearing out. So I have now got a standard 30amp automotive relay with the terminal numbers-: 30 - 85 - 86 - 87 Can anyone tell me which wires I connect to which terminal? I use a Par-Max 3 pump and have the necessary connectors but no idea how to wire it to which Thanks as always Jules
  9. Hi I also have solar and get the 03 error code from my Smartgauge but only since the colder weather has arrived so I think what Phil has suggested maybe right. My batteries use temperature compensated charging also and I have been told that solar works better at colder temps so this I hope seems to fit with Chubby's error code too. Jules
  10. Have a safe trip over and I'm soooooooooo jealous Jules
  11. All my thoughts and feelings go out to you Alyson Jules
  12. My best handbag.......lippy........highest heels.......iPhone.....oh and hairdryer.....all essential to life !!!! Jules
  13. Thanks to Chris and Martin for their info jules
  14. Chris hi I will be spending many years cruising around as much of mainland europe as I can.I was just thinking that maybe there is a favoured place which is good for the crane-age and such and is also a 'user friendly' river or canal. thanks jules
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