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  1. Hi all! Just a reminder to those of us that have smart phones and keep all their phone numbers, email addresses, photo's and a hundred and one bits of other stuff that gets collected on one over time! BACK IT UP Mine did a backwards somersault with pike into the canal at Ellesmere on Saturday, dispite searching with a net in about 2ft of water I couldn't find it and then a boat or two went by and all hope was lost! Had I backed it up? well, I was going too, but at the end of the day, I didn't so all my contacts have gone,all my pics have gone! Now I have to get a bus to Nantwich to get a new sim for this old Motorola defy that I found in a drawer in the boat!, Happy Days! Nipper
  2. When Largo's pump out tank failed and had to be taken out, I was faced with the task of fitting a new tank, or indeed, having one made, or purchasing a cassette loo. But, as with everything, taking ones time in making a decision is paramount. So we bought a Potapotty from the chandler and off we went cruising and decision making. We both felt the Portapotty was good at its job and become accosted to emptying it whenever we filled Largo's water tank. But, we decided that as good s the Portapotty was we needed something more permanent. The choice is quite limited and one had to choose between the Thetford or the Dometic. As I remember, both could be use flush water from the units own tank, or from the boat water supply. The Dometic is slightly smaller than the Thetford. In making the decision, I can still hear a voice of mrsmelly of this parish, Hi Tim, stating that the Dometics are work of the devil and should never ever have been made. With this in mind and with whatever we choose be poking out furtherinto the shower room than the old pump out Mercator loo,. and the fact it would be walked around it every time we went by, The decision was a Dometic with the access in the back and connected up to the boats water supply. It has been installed now for nearly two years and apart from the slider jamming now and again when removing the cassette. no problems and it looks as good as a cassette bog will ever look! We have a most expensive spare cassette hidden away unused, because we thought we would have trouble emptying, and would need it, but soon became clear that we normally pass a service point every other day, because we cruise every day and at a push we can make one last a week! Would I fit another one? Yes i would. i do think the Thetford is the better loo, but then if fitted, we would be hitting our knees on it every time we went past it! But, what I would do next time, is to get one with the integral water tank, it has to be quieter than starting up the boats water pumps every time you wanted to flush, especially at night, and it would be filled at the same time as you put in the blu or green, whatever you use. We still have the Portapotty stored on the boat, just in case! Hope this helps Nipper
  3. It would be interesting to find out if those who have the throw line have actually used it and practised with it! For what its worth, I have used one on a boat handling coarse I got involved with, many years ago, on the bumpy water! It came as a total surprise to me, that unless you could place that float very near the casualty, and I mean, so close that all they have to do is to grab it, then the float is a total waste of time! The theory is that you can tow it behind the boat, go in a circle and tow it to the casualty. But, that float that is being towed by the boat, only follows the boat and does nothing else. I found that to get the casualty to reach the float, you had to almost run him down in order for the float to get close to him! You can go around in circles but that float will never get to the casualty! There is no substitute for an Automatic Life Jacket Nipper
  4. Thats probably due to the propwalk! Most boats propellors turn clockwise when looking from the stern. Without getting into technical stuff, the propellor has a tendancy to walk the stern around to the starboard going forward and to port going astern, hence my post " a touch of astern will help the bow go around towards the bridge in question! Nipper
  5. It'll be even tighter now because CART have placed protection around the off side bridge abutment becuse it has been hit so many times that the bridge is in threat of collapsing. That was said by a chap from CART who was working on the protection when I was there couple of months ago! I make it around every time I do that turn and I am in a 70 footer, and before anyone else suggests it, No! it was without the bow thruster. I have been waiting on that corner a few times due because of traffic and it always astounds me the speed that most boats negotiate that blind spot! As is nearly always the case, it is your speed that prevents you bow from rounding to the starboard from that direction. Slow down and ease over to your port side, not too much, because it is quite shallow there! If, in the case of you not being able to complete the turn to get under the bridge try a touch of reverse but keep the tiller over to port, that should slow the boat down a tad but keep the bow swinging in the direction of the bridge! The secret is not to be going fast and do it all slowly!! Hope this makes some sort of sense? Nipper
  6. Then I'll order it rigt away. Thanks Wotever. Nipper
  7. Um! And where would that battery charger get it's power Mike? The same place as my battery charger gets it's power from?? I have no 12v at that end of the boat! thats why i take my power from the 240v supply! In anycase would this not suit my needs? http://sterling-power.com/products/pro-charge-c-24v-20a-ac-to-dc-battery-charger-30-days-warranty?variant=24350473542. Nipper
  8. Um! Yes, this is all very well, and I really i appreciate your theories, but, I have a 24volt bow thruster with its 12v battery's, set up 24volts. If, somehow, one were to connect them up to my service 2v cells hat are connected for 12volts, I really have an idea that there will be sparks and a lot of em! Nipper
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions. Taking a cable from the back of the boat to the bow would involve lots of greaf, especially as it's a 70 footer and the size of cables involved. That also gets into other problems well documented on this forum. I would agree with the starter batteries and maybe better quality ones like Banner, but as ever they will sulphate because they wont be full when at rest. I agree with the bigger battery charger, but 24 volt at 20 odd amps are buggers to get hold of, unless you go down the proper installed Victron or Sterling ones, and they will also present problems in fitting and cabling. Mind you, I came across this one from Sterling that might do, at a reasonable price too! It's a Sterling Pro Charger as in here - http://sterling-power.com/products/pro-charge-c-24v-20a-ac-to-dc-battery-charger-30-days-warranty?variant=24350473542. Any good?? Maybe that charger above and a set of cheapos is the way to go, after all I don't want to spend a fortune on what is, after all, an aid, and I can use the boat perfectly well without it and prefere to spend on the back end of the boat that really matters. Yep! nice to see you again Matty, that spam was good, but Mary prefers to heat it in the gas oven, she may go for the solar panel though! I havent ventured out to see if you have gone, but as the waters frozen this morning and we are in no rush, we will stay put and M can get more shopping! Largo's electrics are 12v and 240v through the inverter and 240v using the Travel Pack also onboard are 400w of solar, which doesn't come into it's own until the sun rises higher in the sky of coarse. Only the bow thruster being 24Volts. Nipper
  10. Yes, Thanks Chewbacka. I have 400Watts of solar at the back of the roof, but probably worth negotiating with swimbo for additional space amongs her veggy and herb patch at the front! Thanks by'eck, I was thinking about getting some heavier batteries like the Banner veriety, they do seem that bit heavier and built to last. The bigger multistage charger was looked at last year but it all got a bit confusing , so left it all alone. Perhaps, time to start again me thinks! Thanks Mike, I cruise 1000/2000 miles a year and have no need for a marina berth as i can never stop still long enough!!
  11. If you mean without a bow thruster? then yes i have thought about it. I have also thought about getting rid of the gas oven and set fire to twigs on the tow path to cook me dinner! Nipper
  12. Hi all. Right, I have killed my bow thruster batteries. Yes , come on then, get it over with! Due to using the thrusters manoeuvring etc, then mooring up, for a few days, tends to leave these batteries in a wanting state! I bought the current ones about 18 months ago. But today, having been standing for two days, they are now down to 23.2 volts, I hasten to add that they are wired for 24volts. I try look after my domestic 2v deep cycle cells at 12v and my starter battery, which is a normal leisure battery that come with the boat 4 years ago and is still going strong. But the thruster batteries are a different kettle of fish. They are in a position at the bows being charged by a 24v charger sited a foot or two away, the 8 amp charger gets it's power by the boats 240v supply. Maybe I ought to say that the thruster batteries are 110 Ah leasure sealed. What I would like to know is what sort of battery I should be using for the thruster, Starter batteries or Leisure batteries? and what size? Am I right in thinking that a deeper cycle battery wouldn't get enough charge at the right level from my charger, so can be disregarded. Also, because I turn off the charger when I finish with the engine, am I right in thinking that a 24v smart charger wouldn't help much? According to the SidePower manual, such that it is, my 4.4 kw of Bow thruster requires 24V : 250 CCA DIN. I hope this makes some sense and a least some can understand what I am amberling on about? Nipper
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. Waffle sprocket? Yes, of coarse! Do you know that, having had a very hard day yesterday, all I could do, is to think of what forum he though he was posting on! My sleep was ruined with thoughts of , did he mean to post on the Railway Forum, or was it the US Army forums. But, all the OP really needed was to mention the Waffle sprocket or maybe The Inclining Gibble and I would, of coarse, given the OP the correct answer! Right, the suns shinning and I can now go and do some more proper cruising, complete in the knowledge that all is well with the world! Cheers Tim Nipper
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Just to add to Matty's answer. just be aware of how shallow the water is your cruising in because sticking it in reverse gear and giving the engine a rev, is, on a very shallow canal, a sure way of picking something bigger up on your prop that you have disturbed. My solution to drop off leaves and other crud that gathers in the swim is just to take the engine out of gear, you can then look at the back of the disturbed water and generally see all the leaves and crud dropping away. Doing it this way also has the effect of keeping the boat going along albeit a little slower until you engage forward again! Nipper
  17. Yes, great to yourself and also Terryb too! We carried on a bit too far tonight really, It was a long tiring day, what with the buggered up start, because of the idiot who went down last night. Duration 7hrs 31 minutes 9.25 miles and 27locks according to Water Explorer. Mary and I have a good idea who it was that left the paddles up and gates open and it will be interesting if we run into him on passage, anyway we eventually stopped just above the Curdworth lock. Will be turning right at Fazely and meandering gently down to Coventry. Nipper
  18. Lock 4 Weston Lock Trent and Mersey. Nipper
  19. Hiya Terry. We will leave around 9 ish, so may meet you halfway, it may, of coarse be later, if Mary decides she needs more shopping! There arn't that many boats in town, so getting a mooring will be easy, as it is, there are two 14 day moorings free in front of my bow, and there is even a mooring free in Cambrian Wharf. Plus, during our stay here we have not seen any hoodies, druggies, or drinkers anywhere in town and down the bits of the flight we have walked down. So take your time and enjoy the flights! Nipper
  20. Yes, that is one of my options, but having been up and down it several times this year, i think a break would be good. It's been our thoughts that if we have to charge batteries for a few hours every day, then we may as well cruise those hours. But the Llangollen would be one of the last waterways to freeze, should we get a dose of coldness, and Llangollen, Ellesmere and Whitchurch have good shops selling wonderfull cheese and other tasty bites. The pubs arn't bad either! Nipper
  21. Thanks Jennifer, but we did them a week or so ago. No, we are going to Fazeley and from there to Coventry (Hawkesbury Junction) see relations and drink beer!, Then, maybe, up to Stone, cus we can, and them i'm tempted to come back down to Birmingham for Christmas. Then up to Llangollen for Jan and Feb,for no better reason than we think it's nice! Blimey, the life of the retired is soo busy! Nipper
  22. I walked down half the flight today, but didnt see a boat, let alone a locky. I'll be going down the Farmers Bridge Locks and the Aston Flight on Tuesday, I dont expect to meet any Lockies, but I'll let you know if you want! Nipper
  23. To most of us who are lucky enough, it is commin up the the best part of the year! I like the thought that wherever i go i can get a good mooring, take my time as there are no que's. I am in Birmingham on a 14 day mooring with spaces galore everywhere! I'll then mosey on down Coventry way then maybe pop up to Stone for the shear pleasure of it! Yes, I really miss the summer! Nipper
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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