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    The Bargee

    Try looking under "Drama". Still working for me. Watched it three times now! Yes i know, i must get a life! Nipper
  2. nipper

    The Bargee

    For those who want to watch "The Bargee" and have windows 10. Go to the windows 10 store and search for films. ifreefilm (Films Arina) can be found and downloaded for free, then use this to get your copy of The Bargee, and pretty much any other film that has been! It costs nothing! Nipper
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Then a normal aerial will not be for you! They have no aerial sockets! I use an old USB EE dongle with a long enough USB cable stuck through the window light and tied to a broom handle clipped to the roof! Nipper Edited to add this link! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HUAWEI-E3372-Mobile-Broadband-LTE-USB-STICK-3G-4G-Dongle-150Mb-MOBILE-PARTNER-/171896049517?hash=item2805cd8f6d:g:tbkAAOSwNSxVWKVw
  5. Yes, it is very quick. The best i have had using the 100GB deal was 88.66 MBPS and 43.85 MBPS using an old USB Dongle rigged up on a broomstick! As i have said before, the 4g EE sim outshines my 3 4g sim in every way! Nipper Edited to add that that wasn't up here in Wales!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I wont get mine till the wifey comes back from a break on the isle of Wight, our postal address is there! I was hoping that the package was being delivered by a courier. The last time something was delivered from EE the courier emailed me to confirm the delivery address and time of delivery and if that was inconvenient, would i like the package delivered to one of there local delivery centers anywhere in the country. Most villages in the UK have a delivery place, I know the one in Chirk on the Llangollen is the local Chemist! As it is, i will have to wait till the wifey gets back! Enjoy! Nipper
  8. Well, that was painless! But they wanted me to call them. The girl on the other end of the phone looked at the contract and had no idea why and confirmed the deal! Remember, there is very little time left on this deal! Nipper
  9. Yes the program is fiddly on a phone. I went to him when my Defy wouldnt work the program after E-map upgraded it. It was a hard job to use the e-map on that little screen, try as we might it wouldn't work. So dumped the old defy and got a modern Ericsson and away we went.it has worked on every device i have and have had. A good program, but it didn't stop me from going passed the Brentford entrance when coming off the Thames last year. It was saying the entrance was there and showing me, but the run of the tide and my concentration pushed me passed it. But with a bit of reving and the helm hard over i managed to miss that bouy oposite the entrance and slide in! Nipper
  10. Works on my Lenovo 3000. So much so , that i used it too much and it fell onto the cockpit floor and cracked the screen. Still works! If your having problems , get in contact with the owners. there are very helpfull and reply quite quickly. One lives in Braunston close to the Marina! Nipper
  11. Yes , It's a good deal by the looks of it! But, I am torn between this deal and the other EE deal of 50GB for the price of £27.50. But this is for 24 months which could be the deal breaker! With my EE free Sim I am getting 24.51mbps on the download and 4.41mbps on the upload and with my 3 Sim on Wifi I am getting nothing and wont connect! I expect i will make the decision over the next few hours. Nipper
  12. Rudder full over, as is the proper way to do it! Tiller arm to the bank, so the boat will be guided towards it! Nipper
  13. I'm in total agreement Tim, then maybe all the empty mooring will at least be used! Anyway, I digress. I did measure Largo's length today before I had to cruise for my daily few hours. Surprise! Surprise! She is not 70ft, indeed she is 69' 7" to be exact, thats without the fenders but including the rear fender plate. So Largo can occupy one of C&RT's 69' 10" mooring albeit with a fender lifted. It's always nice to think one belongs somewhere! Nipper
  14. As an attempt, although maybe an uphill battle, to get this thread back onto some sort of topic started my the OP. EE also do a deal of 50gb for the sum of £25.50. But over 24 months. Not as good as the deal above, but still doable. I have a 3 contract for Wifi, but to be honest, using those free Sims from EE, I can say that I have had far better broadband all the way from Godalming in Surrey to Ellesmere where i am now than 3. 3 seem to have slipped down the scale from very good to not bad, in my book! Anyway, sorry for the interruption, you are free now to carry on discussing whatever you were discussing! Nipper Edited to add a smiley in case someone took umbrage and decided to start an argument!
  15. Yes, i was thinking along those line too!. What I may do tomorrow, as i am against a concrete walled Mooring for a change. I will measure the exact length of Largo without fenders and with them! That way at least i know, if it would be possible to encourage her to fit within the measurements required. I have no intention of getting a mooring yet. I have been full time cruising for three years, and want a few more years to cruise around, just to see if i like it! Nipper
  16. Maybe there just don't want 70ft boats on their moorings, although i cannot see the reason why not! Nipper
  17. I'd like to know who in C&rt knows where a 69ft 10 boat is! Is this the same reason why moorings with rings are never spaced to fit any boat?
  18. Hi all! Over the last few months I've been looking at C&RT's new moorings page, Waterside Moorings. Can someone tell me if they have ever seen a 70ft mooring advertised on there for sale or even for Auction? There are moorings , but only very few for 69ft 10 inch boats at times, but never for the full 70ft. What would happen if someone bought a mooring for a 69 ft 10 boat and put a 70footer on it? Would the culprit be hung at dawn, thrown off the canals, or just praised for using there initiative? Also where are the Auctions for moorings? Nipper
  19. Laurence has this chip on his shoulder and he needs to rub it now and then! He doesn't understand that for most of us, it is so boring and predictable!
  20. The Travel Pack is, as said, a good bit of kit. For those worried about another belt to replace, how often do you have a broken belt? Now let me answer, probably never, especially if your engine is serviced properly and belts replaced every few years and as for dificulty, I replaced all my belts on my Beta 50 this year and it took me 20 minutes. i wonder how many of us keep a spare alternator in the tool kit? The Travel Pack will be your backup should your main alternator fail, looking after you needs until the time your Domestic alternator is replaced. What price that when your miles away from a boat yard! OK, they may have had problems in the past, but having identified those problems, Beta and Travel pack have cured them! I for one wouldn't be without mine! Nipper
  21. Maybe he will be presented with a bill from the rescue services. Lets face it, they are not silly, these services have to be paid for by the community. there must be a department that deals with the bills etc! If he didn't pay moorings, Insurance, then he certainly doesn't pay community charges. So, will he be charged? The RNLI have a department to retrieve moneys from rescues Nipper
  22. Plus a crowd fund of around £1550. He may well do pretty well from this, maybe he will insure the next boat. I wonder if the sunk boat was licensed? Nipper
  23. Thanks Casper. I did manage to find C&rt's bit about the bridge, why do they make it so difficult to do so! I am usually dragging the bottom through a few places on that stretch of canal and when I'm at the narrows, I can get off and clean the windows, even wash the boat side, because I'm going so slow. It takes a long time for water to get from the front to the back of a 70 footer on that shallow narrow bit! Great to hear its watered, I'm at the Prees junction ( no good for internet, EE and 3 in the evenings) but will enter the metropolis of Ellesmere later to hunt and track down provisions. Nipper
  24. Any news of the bridge works Theo? Was the reason why his works has overrun is that it was started late or did CART discover additional works to do? Now that the tsunami that was in the Whitchurch Arm over the last few days has subsided, I fancy making my way towards Llangollen, but very slowly! I'm looking at next weeks sometime, as by then the coal stock would be quite run down and delivery from the Hardware shop can be arranged as per usual. Nipper
  25. Thanks for that, just tells me that i still have a memory! Pity it's the wrong bridge though! Still, one out of two's not bad for me! Nipper
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