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    You miss the point. CRT are now stating officially that there is s close season on the canals, thus starting creeping in the complete winter shutdown they so crave.
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    I live in Cornwall and we all happily talk about the 'holiday season' whilst still happy to see plenty of visitors 12 months of the year. Of course, some businesses do take the decision to operate for only part of the year but there is no 'official' closure period . . .
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    Exactly, fishermen, for example, are told they have priority on visitor moorings if they are there first outside the boating season. Soon keeping the navigation open outside planned stoppages will no longer be a priority.
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    Long story, but basically yes, and didn't fancy paying Gary Lineker's wages anymore, plus I found their news a bit bias...… been licence free for a while now and its refreshing! Just watch catchup services as and when...
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    It is being done by stealth, year after year making but more difficult to move North/South, or get into, out of Birmingham, etc By disseminating this down through bankside staff and volunteers to spread the message without officially stating it, they reduce the possibility of Central funding withdrawal whilst getting the "closed" message out there. If you look back a couple of weeks on Damiens weekly bit, it states..." as the main boating season draws to a close", next year it will be " as the boating season.."
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    Looks like the remains of a mouse to me.
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    Neither do we, neither do we know if you are Halina Kitchen, the other half who has had the boat cruised away by Halina Kitchen, or Ikea Kitchen chasing payment on a new kitchen.
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    It is a common idea that you can prevent fresh water in pipes exposed to cold from freezing by insulating them. You can't. You can delay it, but if the cold lasts long enough or is deep enough it will still freeze eventually. If you insulate well then you can prevent freezing in short or light spells of cold weather. If you can be certain that this is all you will see, eg by frequent visiting, then fine. But the main principle is that insulation (short of NASA standards) will not absolutely prevent freezing.
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    Absoblooominlootely. God only knows why it was still working at all!! The bad news is that I had used my spare on mi motorhome and should know better, this is why I always carry spares but as I have a mooring at present I got complacent. I had to nip down to Heyford and pay 20 quid more than getting one delivered, I wasnt waiting around till tomoz or the day after for 20 quid but I am peeved with myself. I have ordered one to be delivered today though as a spare
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    Yes, put the new hard drive into the laptop, switch it on and initialize it by following on screen instructions. Then load your Windows Vista CD so it installs onto your new hard drive. Then stick the old H/D into the Caddy, connect up to transfer its data onto the new H/D following onscreen instructions. Use two Windows Explorer screens to copy your personal files from caddy to new hard drive, unless you have disc imaging software. No need to be connected to the internet for file copying. You will also need to reinstall any word processing, spreadsheet etc. software onto you new hard drive to be able to access your personal files.
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    Not a lot, but the moderators can move the thread into wherever
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    I am so sorry you didn't like my post. but nowhere in my comment did I bash CRT but suggested it would track CC's even if they carry the phone on their bick. Maybe its just your view of CRT and what you chose to read into it.
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    Changed the pump and all back to normal. Zero crud anywhere in the system, as I thought there is something amiss inside the pump. Its lasted nearly five years so I am happy with that as five years for us gets the pump a lot of use. We have no flexible pipes and its all plastic back to the stainless tank. Its nice to have a look every few years, I just wish I had three hands lol.
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    And your point is ?????? Or are you just having yet another go at the Canal and River Trust because it happens to be the forum band wagon at present?
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    Oh sorry, I didn't know the meaning of the ice cream thing. I apologise I got the wrong impression. You're perhaps right that I need to think more about what the "tried and tested way" is rather than thinking from scratch. I'll keep this in mind in future.
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    It does complicate things with your alternator/inverter/charger/Li charging. If I was doing it, I would try to get it so the Li's were paralleled with the LA's and connected together for normal use ie discharge and charging via the genny to charger to circuit. So in normal use, the charger can back off when the Li's get full....unlikely in winter.....and the Li's always above 12.8V so the LA's never discharge. So in the circuit you need a shunt on the -ve cable from the Li's (to measure A, Ahr and voltage in the Li's) and on the +ve from the Li's you need a fuse and then your auto disconnect switch. What switch are you using? The BEP or the Tyco. I have also added a belt and braces approach and put a manual battery isolation switch on the LA side of my BEP switch. Now the issue comes if you want to use the alternator. In the above config, you could run it but you might not have enough control over the alternator output ie too much current..or being able to terminate the charge if the Li's get full.....again unlikely in winter. It would be worth having this config available to try as in winter you will only run your engine a bit and never likely to get full or overstress the alternator as the ambient is cold. You can 'learn' the system doing this. If you go on a long cruise then just isolate the Li's after an hour or two. You may find this works fine for the next 3-4 months and then you can think of improving it. Maybe an alternator option will pop up in that time. Now, you could do the above with a slight mod to allow the alternator/inverter/charger/Li charging thing. Disconnect the charger 12V+ wire from where it connects into the current LA system and reconect to the terminal on the manual disconnect switch on the Li side. The charger is therefore feeding in between the manual switch and the auto switch. If you therefore wanted to charge this way rather than direct from the alternator, you just isolate the manual switch but your boat services will be drawing from the LA's only.....but your change over switch is going to have the same issue (I think) in isolating the Li's from the domestics. If you then want to charge just the LA's to fill them back up, you reconnect the LAs via the manual switch and trigger the auto disconnect to isolat the Li. Watch how discharged the LAs get in this system...if you are significantly discharged ie <70% then you will have to recharge at a decent voltage ie>14V. If you are only discharging by 5% or maybe 10% then the <14V regime of the Li system is likely ok....it is for me. Let us know how big your LA bank is, how big is you Li bank and what modules you are using for measuring voltage, A, Ahrs, cell voltage and how are you going to disconnect on high/low voltage, high/ low temperature and high/low cell voltage.
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    I got stuck in the middle of a national fishing match a year or two back. Had to go all the way from the Shroppie to Tixall before I could moor up - fishermen on every vm and most lock landings. One guy on a lock got seriously annoyed as it's very difficult to work a lock singlehanding without using the landing. The swearing match went on till I'd vanished down the lock. I think I won, though. I did give up even trying to go slow, too.
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    Likewise for the Lake District, they have a "holiday season" however we have been in Keswick this morning and I can assure you it was alive with holiday makers. I don't personally see any difference between somebody up here saying "as the holiday season draws to a close" (in mid September) and CRT saying it when many won't boat because of either weather or stoppages.
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    I think that will be fine. I doubt you will have a problem with compatibility with the boat’s water pressure, these days they all seem to work over a wide pressure range. I replaced the one on our boat a few years ago, got it from Screwfix, it’s fine. Just be aware that some products on Screwfix only have the actual mixer, not the hose/shower head.
  29. 1 point
    We went there a couple of weeks ago and had some lunch. It is smartened up a bit, some new furniture and new wooden flooring, but has not lost the character. We had sandwiches for lunch and they weee very good, as was the beer, of which I probably had too much for a lunch time! Oh, and also it was very busy with boats in Braunston, lots moving and using the locks. Also lots moving between Braunston and Napton.
  30. 1 point
    Always thought the narrows on the Coventry where for gauging. Coming south loaded we would stop there and get off so as to have a look at the state of play by the pub and set the lock ready for tackling the turn. Tried to get round before Joe or Rose had a chance to have a laugh.
  31. 1 point
    No, don't do it. Use 15w40 NON synthetic. It should not be excessively clunky if the engine tick over is not too high and if there is not excessive backlash in the drive line. You could buy the accumulator valve assembly for this gearbox which will give an almost silent engagement.
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    So fishing from a vacant mooring is fine, but as soon as a boat appears wishing to moor, the situation has changed, and first-come-first-served no longer applies.
  33. 1 point
    No, according to BBC NW there was a controlled evacuation. Moreover, the cladding was of a different type from that on Grenfell. The most important point is that there were no fatalities. On any reckoning, that is a success. How much of that was down to Andy Burnham's actions post-Grenfell is arguable, but let's just be happy that nobody with connections to Bolton University is mourning the loss of a family member.
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    The Vetus-branded alternators have a weakness for blowing the regulator. These can be bought on eBay for about £15-20 and are very easy to replace. I have done it even without removing the alternator, as long as you can get the back off. However it could be the diode pack that failed, also easy to replace . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-REPLACEMENT-ISKRA-LETRIKA-JOHN-DEERE-NEW-HOLLAND-ALTERNATOR-REGULATOR-231045-/283649204372?hash=item420acf6094 If you are not sure about this, take it to an alternator repairer. If it just the regulator they will probably charge about £40 and may throw in new bearings. If it's the diode pack then maybe £70. While you are at it, get the Cargo 14.7V regulator which will give you much better charging, better than a Sterling external regulator which always seem to go into float too soon.
  35. 1 point
    I’ve done it quite few times - found I have accidentally managed to turn the key switch off with the engine running. The only impact is that warning alarms are disabled for the duration the key switch is off. The only connection between the key switch and the alternator is via the warning light. When the engine is running, both the alternator terminal, and the keyswitch terminal (between which the light is wired) are at the same voltage and thus no current flows and thus the alternator is unaware of whether the key switch is on or off. Disconnecting the alternator from the battery is an entirely different thing, and a bad thing, but this doesn’t happen when you turn the key switch off.
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    End of the boating season? Boating season is all year round! For some of us at least. As for fishermen's priority over the visitor moorings... they can take my mooring rings from my cold, dead hands.
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    Fixed that for you. Most fishermen are told nothing and have very little understanding of boaters need or aims. Some angling clubs may disseminate info, some matches may include something in a briefing, but most anglers just go fishing. The reverse is true of boaters re angling, with many boaters having no understanding of the angler's point of view either. There may be info somewhere for the interested few on either side to seek out, but that won't inform the many. Better collaboration/communication between CRT and the National Federation of Anglers or, even better, the individual clubs holding the fishing rights to a stretch, would help. Signage would make things clearer to both parties. Is it really any wonder 2 groups mostly ignorant of each others needs, rules and issues clash now and again?
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    I'm quite pleasantly surprised that the non-thermostatic shower mixer that came with our boat doesn't cause any temperature fluctuation issues. I'd have chosen a thermostatic version myself, but I offer that info in case saving a few bob is a bit of a driver.
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    Perhaps I'm reading different material, but I haven't seen any references to a "Boating Season" in any CRT publications. For example, the regular "Boaters' Update" has recently even featured an article pointing out how pleasurable winter boating can be.
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    This image from http://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw200.1.2.2 shows that the two canals at Marston were the same level in 1953 and the gates were still in place.
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    You beat me to it. The film unit more-or-less took over Saul Junction when we were there, and the boats were moored on the VMs at Sharpness. The dressing of the bpats was interesting: the shape was disguised with distressed aluminium panels held on with magnets. MP.
  46. 1 point
    To compliment this impression of the Leeds & Liverpool, the later - 1983 - series called "A Voyage between Two Seas" gives a slightly more up to date view of the waterway, and is interesting in that it features a young looking Stuart Sampson skippering his boat. Stuart went on to become the Chairman of NABO for a number of years. It is definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it already. Howard
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    Low sulphur fuel is possibly the cause, its known to rot early rubber seals. For long term reliability I would advise a trip to a diesel specialist and get the pump overhauled, there will be more than 1 seal needing replacement. Its an easy pump to remove and refit being master splined.
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    Apparently not, according to post 133.
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    What a cracking and very tiring weekend we had. Myself and my brother who came down to give me a hand got the boat from Hyde in Piccadilly Manchester ( 8 hr trip ) to Boothstown ( 5hr trip ) where we have left it for a week ready for the next run to Parbold. Weather wasnt to bad, first day was a bit moist but that busy with the bloomin locks i didnt notice much. It was interesting to visit Manchester from a different view point. I have been driving for years all over Manchester and it look so different from the canal. Bit rough, well very rough in areas and all kinds of `things` going on, morso under the city near Canal Street. Some of the locks in Manchester were flooded really bad and taken a good time to empty them. We got he first 19 done from Hyde to Piccadilly in the first day then Sunday got from Piccadilly to Boothstown in good time. It didnt start of to well as when as when we did the prep of the Friday night the engine would not start at all and in the end found it to be air in the fuel lines,and what a pig it is to get out. In the end we came back Saturday with a primer bulb to see if we can help push fuel through which did the trick while cracking the injectors a few times. The engine lift pump has failed i think and not a bad thing as i would like to fit an electric lift/fuel pump. So good weekend to get half way under the circumstances to the Ribble Link which is tidal, we are booked in for the 14th September to get to the Lancaster canal, around a 3hr trip give or take. The 6hrs to the mooring near my other boat. https://youtu.be/M1pYHPImWXI https://youtu.be/0ORmySvrI7s This was a quick blast to see ho it goes full wack. I feel happy as it will cope with ease on the Ribble https://youtu.be/ph_q-3J_8rQ I chained up the leg to give better draught which all went well and level the leg more, i need to sort the pin out yet though as the leg kicks up when in reverse. A few very close bridges, infact my brother was sure the canopy would be ok up to keep us dry from he rain on the first day. That did not last long. And a few locks had a little seepage lol.
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