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    David, please don't make me feel any older than I am already! I can't even remember the year I joined, never mind the time of day so I am happy to defer to you as an elder statesman. We should, I suppose, be grateful that we are both still around to join in the fray occasionally but I do agree with you that the forum holds much less attraction for me since it seems to have morphed into a general interest discussion board with things boaty frequently taking a back seat. I find that a pity because it has always been a great source of knowledge through the members for newcomers to inland boating, but nowadays, inevitably after an initial interest in answering a query, the conversation degenerates into point scoring and off topic subjects which must frustrate new members and make them wonder what we are really all about on CWDF. Any road up, I hope everyone has a great Christmas and happy and pleasant boating in 2019. Howard
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    I was getting highly optimistic that with his phenomenal recent posting rate MTB would soon overtake me as poster with the most posts - a statistic I'd be very happy to lose. Now we are told "he is going outside and may be some time". Come back Mike,and earn your rightful place as poster with the most posts - you know it makes sense. (Provided you can do it without a ban!......)
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    Have always wondered why Windsor Castle was built so close to Heathrow???
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    I have no sympathy for the perpetrator and hope he will be caught PDQ but when airport expansion and flight paths are driven through in the teeth of local opposition is it any wonder such things happen. It seems despite assurances about "night flights" I get woken up around 4 am to 4.30 am most mornings by something inbound to Heathrow and find it difficult to get to sleep . (South Reading). If the airports and airlines paid the full economic and health costs of their businesses it would be far less attractive to expand in populated areas and then other options become viable. I would suggest triple double glazing, sound insulation of all domestic roofs, positive pressure air conditioning the running costs of which are paid by the airport for all domestic & hospital type properties plus a yearly paid compensation for loss of a peaceful garden. within 50 miles of all airport boundaries. Won't happen of course because citizens well being is of little consequence in our system where as making money is all that matters..
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    I too have been a member since the old forum, (albeit under a different name back then) Every time i come on here there are people complaining that the forum is going down the swanny, its been said by someone or other for 15 years. It does make me laugh! ....many have left, many more have come. i consistently do both There were some big fallings out in the early days too, it will never change. So get over it, take a break, leave, or change name. Its not hard. Also ive had a warning on my account for 10 years, since a drunken friend at a house party sat at my PC and changed my avatar to something someone deemed offensive. Even the DVLA have removed my points a few times since then.
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    Because you return to the post in the hope of an interesting answer and end up having to trawl through a load of drivel, in the off chance it will revert back to more posts on the original subject. I am finding this forum is getting more frustrating than informative Sadly. There is the pub if people want to talk bollocks, I'm not sure why the drivel can't stay there
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    Believe this was the start of a distinct downward turn....?
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    Gosh, what an exciting life you live...
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    Is everyone going to live and work at either end of HS2 track? Otherwise the commuting to the ends is more wasteful in time and energy than any saving HS2 could make.
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    I thought I would start a list of dog friendly pubs that are either by the waterside or within a short and easy walk of moorings. Please feel free to add any of yours to the list. So for starters I will add: The White Swan, Torksey, Fossdyke The Anglers, Saxilby, Fossdyke The Sun Inn, Saxilby, Fossdyke The Pavilion, Saxilby, Fossdyke The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln, Fossdyke Royal William, Lincoln, Fossdyke The Treaty of Commerce, Lincoln, Fossdyke The Rogue Saint, Lincoln, Fossdyke The Magna Carta, Lincoln, Fossdyke The Ferry Boat, Washingborough, River Witham Hunters Leap, Washingborough, River Witham The Thywritt Arms, Short Ferry, River Witham Riverside, Southrey, River Witham The Packet Inn, Dogdyke, River Witham The Witham Tavern, Boston, River Witham The Little Peacock, Boston, River Witham Ferry Boat Inn, Church Laneham, River Trent Brownlow Arms, High Marnham, River Trent The White Hart, West Stockwith, Chesterfield Canal Waterfront, West Stockwith, Chesterfield Canal West Stockwith yacht club, West Stockwith, Chesterfield Canal Red Hart, Misterton, Chesterfield Canal
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    I had...... But it seemed impolite just to ignore you. ?
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    Just @Mike the Boilerman @rusty69 @Tumshie and @MJG not posting. It quarters traffic on the site.
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    So it is ok if it falls onto inexpensive property then? Obviously house prices are of paramount importance.
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    Once again the fallacy surfaces that HS2 is simply a connection between London and Birmingham. EVERY city north of Birmingham will also benefit from faster trains using the new line as will EVERY community on the WCML south of Birminham having room on the classic lines for better services as will EVERY motorist on the M1 seeing less HGVs, much freight having been transferred from road onto the classic lines. George
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    Thank you for explaining that although even someone as dim witted as me can come to a similar conclusion! My use of the word "Intellectuals" was very much tongue in cheek because, as someone else has commented, sometimes the so-called conversation can degenerate into childish point scoring, and often downright drivel! As I have said before, each to his own but it does seem to be a valid reason why some people don't contribute to this forum as much as others, myself included. You only have to look at individual post counts. I don't belong to the school of thought that says the more posts the better the forum; the opposite is true on many occasions! Howard
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    That’s the trouble...one offence years ago and you are marked for life.....
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    I agree - the role played by Medusa is out of all proportion to its small size! Imagine the grandstand view she had while the invasion fleet steamed past and thank goodness that the visibility stayed reasonably clear, otherwise there might have been a different outcome. Another small vessel that played a key role was a midget submarine - an X craft normally manned by a crew of 5 but with a couple more for this event. She acted as a radio beacon in the approach lane to a forward position off the beaches and went across to be ready initially for the planned date of 5th June. When this date was postponed for 24 hours, she submerged and spent the time sitting on the sea bed just off the beaches. Brave men, and we owe them a debt of gratitude which we should never forget. Howard
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    There was a time, back in the good old days, when I was second only to Carl with Alan following closely as third highest poster. More recently I have found the forum to be less of an attraction and I now opost far less frequently, with the consequence that I am now way down the list. Not that I had actually checked for several years until this thread prompted me to find out. The one statistic, which no longer seems to be available, but which still satnds, is that I believe I am now the longest serving member still active on the forum, having joined on the first day, back in October 2004 (six weeks before the current owner)
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    There is a world of difference between two blokes abusing each other and a moderator posting a photo of their motorbike albeit a Yamaha
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    ah, he will be sneaking a peek, not logging in, seeing what everyone's said. He wont be long, he will know he's fairly respected and loved on here and may even realise that he was too easily wound up. I almost gave up a few years ago as we had rogue mods then, managed to contrive a situation where the main rogue outed themselves and exploded. I could have been banned but CWDF saw sense and decided to respect the members again. I don't see this as anywhere near as bad as those times. Welcome back Mikey, you know you want to, unless you have whizzed off to Lapland for a week to get some Elf action....
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    I carn't speak for Mike but I think it was the straw that knackered the camel thing, a long history or being pissed at poor mod decisions and then receive 2 warning points, even if it was made clear later it was a mistake
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    Earlier this year we decided to continue with our "Eastern European Ring". We started this ring in 2011 with a cruise from the Baltic to the Black Sea via the River Volga. This year we extended it by taking a cruise from the North Sea to the Black Sea by way of the River Rhine, the River Main, the Main-Danube Canal, and the River Danube. Passing through 8 countries in 3 weeks, it was an amazing trip; I've finally sorted through all of the photos and posted a report of this epic voyage on our website. I hope you enjoy reading it - and do have a look at the fascinating movie clips of the mechanical instruments and the Hungarian Horsemen. Now we just need to complete the ring, by cruising across the Baltic ...
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    Quite right of course, but I was working on the basis, obviously wrong, that there was a request from management to keep threads roughly on topic. I have suggested many times that those who wish to carry on their banter, topic shift etc should move to either another thread or even to the Virtual Pub. Or is that too much to ask? It is interesting too, to see that at the moment the forum is quiet which may suggest that with the, hopefully temporary, absence of one or two of the more prolific posters, it may have given more room for others to have their say? Otherwise it may lead us to think that the forum has been over dominated by one or two contributors in recent months? Howard (who is enjoying the tranquillity)
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    ... and hope they are not carrying any chemical or biological agent when then they crash. Thimbleful of Novichok scattered around Gatwick anyone? Aerosol dispenser in the terminal building while there are thousands of people inside? The stray bullets excuse is rubbish - a sniper in a helicopter above the drone(s) could only hit the ground when/if they miss.
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    Is that Matt driving then?
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    Hello everyone,I have just got myself an 11 foot dinghy and was just wondering if anyone knows any slipways I can use in the Lincolnshire area where I can get out and do a spot of fishing? Thank you Do you like the name I gave her ??
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    Browsing, came upon this, mildly interesting. https://elithion.com/pdf/ElithionBatteryPower10.pdf
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    I hope Mike comes back. I expect him to come back, I've bought a central heating boiler on his recommendation on here. At the same time I can understand why there is a certain twitchiness. Some of the previously banned have reappeared under new ID's. Gareth for one. Personally I don't have a problem with that as long as people behave but if they are just reappearing to cause trouble that gives the mods a headache they didn't sign up for. As far as Mike's issue is concerned clearly a malfunction and I would forgive given the admittance of the management to a mistake. Not a lot more that can be done. Over to Mike I guess
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    One has to be mildly amused, considering Mr Lola went on to post pics of his motorbike (I use the term loosely!) on this thread. But then I do have a sense of humour!
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    We need to be careful to avoid censure for thread drift, so just to bring the thread back on topic, apparently the warning points are falling like snowflakes tonight.
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    Don't think he bothers about getting paid (I could be wrong) Hasn't he got some hotels? I know one is the 'The Walled Off' Hotel on the West Bank.
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    Have got no idea what's happening here. But it's extremely sad when someone has contributed so much advice, and humour to this forum, now feels unwelcome. Hope Mike comes back soon - though I do think people can be too easily offended sometimes (myself included) - (not aimed at Mike). I'm not sure if the problem is one of those 'PC' incidents that's caused the offence. PC nonsense drives me crackers.
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    Could be a fun name for a boat. The next time someone shouts “Slow down!” You could reply “I’m on Tickover!”
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    I must be the odd one out from the miserable fishermen because I am always happy,and for ever since I can remember I have always waved as boats go past me when I am on the bank,and when I get a friendly wave back...well it makes me proud to be British ? Perhaps their miserable because there crap at fishing ?????
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    Crick/Rugby DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal) which is 9 miles from Daventry but 1 mile from Crick and 5 from Rugby) has approximately 500 outgoing HGV, 200 x 7.5 or 3.5t trucks and numerous courier style transits every day exiting its depots. Delivering are approx 2-300 trucks a day - in addition to the many containers delivered via rail. Allied to this are the thousands of cars and buses to transport the workers to site for 2 or 3 shifts a day(24 hours) depending on how ruthless the agencies are. There are many more(Gailey, Stafford and many more planned), one more enormous one to come is based South of Blisworth which will wreck the countryside). The country is overpopulated, overmanaged and struggling to breathe. He doesn't know what he is saying most of the time.
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    You need to add the Lark and the Wissey, tributaries of the Ely Ouse. And part of the relief channel from Denver towards Kings Lynn is now navigable.
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    HS2 is bar far the greatest obscenity ever to arise in my lifetime. The whole thing is uneccesary, fifty years too late and abhorrent.
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