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    But in fairness we can all waffle on and write reams and reams of stuff presenting this and that point of view when in a short very succinct nutshell Higgs has it spot on!! so why more waffle needed he is of course completely correct.
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    Yes, but it sucks.
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    I deduce that you haven't been paying attention.
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    Don't worry about the disapproval of puritans who set their heating by a calendar instead of a thermometer, they're doing it wrong not you.
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    As someone guilty of pretty much everything Pete accuses him of Id like to offer a counterpoint to his post regarding historic boat websites. I started my research 40 odd years ago as a kid, raised by ex working boat people my every spare moment was spent on boats, talking about boats and if I am honest dreaming about boats (steering our boat along a road like a car, turning into our drive and taking the boat through the entryway between the two houses like a tunnel and mooring it in the back garden... yes, I had that dream a lot). I had exercise books full of boat names, where I saw them, whether they were converted or not, along with little snippets of information uttered by my granddad or uncle about the boat if they knew it. I had the a5 ish size Robert Wilson/Alan Faulkner books as presents when other kids were having toys and games because I loved old boats and needed to know as much about them as I could. I could identify a boats builder from its name or the style of its bow/stern as easily as other kids my age could reel off footballers or pop stars, I still couldnt tell you who sang what song or when even now. As with most kids school exams and then starting work got in the way of my boating and the collection of information and in my own particular case numerous nervous breakdowns along with deaths in the family saw my information lost in house clearances and meltdowns of my own volition. But I still had that love, that deep seated connection to old boats and canals in general so I began to build it back up from a point of having lost everything, I had the intensely good fortune to meet and speak with others who shared that passion before I became as good as housebound and through those connections we shared and collated what we had and put the lists online as a means of spreading our passion. We knew we hadnt got everything right, we never claimed we had, in fact my website has disclaimers on its front page even now saying any mistakes are genuine and totally my fault and that if pointed out they will be rectified. About 2 and a half years ago I was in a very dark place, I was at the point of taking the site down and letting everything go but kind words on this forum and some amazing (to me) offers of help and support meant that the site not only survived but it is being rewritten, its a long job, not helped in the least by my own mental health being shite most of the time, but it is happening. People who have done the research hard yards are helping, I know I havent, mea culpa, not wishing to excuse it but I am extremely shy in person and the thought of actually meeting people and going somewhere new fills me with a terror I cant explain while at the same time making me feel wholly inadequate as a person, so its correct, I personally have not gone to the places where the information is held, not through want of desire or dedication but because I actually cant do it, for that I am sorry. The people who are helping rewrite the site have been brilliant, I wont name them unless they want to come forward themselves but they have not judged me disappearing for almost 2 years, or cut me out of the loop for being the flakey idiot I am and for that I am eternally grateful. So while the point Pete makes is accurate, as in my opinion he is about everything narrow boat related, it doesnt tell the whole story. Hopefully Ive shed a bit of light on what that story is, at least for me. For my own peace of mind I have to say that this is in no way critical of anyone nor is it written with any malice or ill intention, I just feel bad when I see it as me letting people down with my not wholly accurate information on the website, I am trying to be better. Sorry.
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    Nope, just Wubbl-ewes.
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    Can’t get on with Windows, can’t get on with Waze... you have a bit of a problem with technology don’t ya
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    Jason never went on a voyage without his golden fleas. I would take them otherwise you will end up in loads of Argoments at locks.
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    I’m wondering in what order. Also so wondering if we can claim extra points for flying the Black Country flag through such heathen places as Yorks, Notts and Derbs. ETA Staffs too.
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    I know there's no gluten in sawdust but can't you use something else?😄
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    Its some crap youngsters do to keep money going in our banks whilst we drink any of the seven days of the week by whatever name.
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    As David points out - It's less about the HP output, and more about the torque. This is slightly off topic, but has a parallel. My farmer landlord speaks of modern tractors with disdain. They are 100+ HP monsters that need revs and many gears, and can still get stalled when working the ground. He loves his old three pot 45hp tractors with their five inch stroke and three and a half inch bore - they would slog. But as size means everything to the modern farm - we have tractors that can cope with many attachments working at once over wide swathes but last just a few years after which they are worthless. And if they breakdown due to some electronic component failing, the repair bill would be in telephone numbers. His modern 110hp air conditioned beast had a cooling fan fail. It's a hydrostatic fan that kicks in with engine temperature. The replacement part was close to £500, and treble that for fitting as half the tractor had to be dismantled to access the parts. Three radiators had to be removed after the front cowling was off; engine cooler; oil cooler; and air con. Fortunately we have been able to drill and bolt the fan to the assembly making it a fixed fan. Cost - £80. He's currently restoring a 1968 MF 135 - little beauty. County fairs up and down the country will have their agricultural section, and there you will see farmers and others showing their 'as working' and restored examples, just as rallies have their ex-working boats. Just the same with motorcycles, cars, and commercial vehicles. The everyday has been superceded, and as we grow old we see folly in many things creating a longing for a simpler lifestyle and what went with it. Some hardships have gone, but so much else with them.
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    It's a gamble. In recent years, I have become firmly of the belief that primer and top coat should come from the same source; you have bought a "paint system". However, in most instances, people do get away with random combinations. As for Hammerite, 20 years ago they made really good paint, but as with many brands, they have re-formulated their paints to meet current Health and Safety regs and what sells as Hammerite now is not the same stuff and I don't use it any more. The one exception is that I do use their Special Metals Primer, which is intended for aluminium and various other non-ferrous materials; quite please with that, which seems to be a water-based paint.
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    I had an adapter until I dropped it in the cut - doh! I am too tight to buy another one so now use a disposable glove wound around the nozzle, works a treat then just gets wrapped up with the pair of gloves I'm wearing and thrown away.
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    What a lucky dog to have been found by you!
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    Or: Mrs May is just avoiding the question at all costs because she is desperate to cling onto power and prevent the nastier elements on the right wing of her party from pushing her out. The PM is yet to come up with any workable solution to the Irish border question, because she is trapped by her own dogma. This whole referendum fiasco is, and has always been, about the Tories' perceived right to govern the rest of us, and they are propped up by foreign media owners who don't want to pay their fair whack of taxes. Pure and simple.
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    I would like to put forward a contrasting opinion to psycloud’s account and question the system that he worked in as a whole. As some of you know my background is very much in the development and implementation of accommodation based support for adults, young people, and Children. Hostels up and down the land are run on a shoestring, the ring fence from supporting people was removed years ago and the lower and medium needs clients were abandoned almost overnight. This meant that almost all of the hostels and provisions the Psycloud described ended up full with people with high support needs and complex issues. What didn’t happen however was the staffing structure or ability to deal with these issues come alongside. Don’t confuse that with hard work, I have a lot of respect for those that work in hostels, it’s one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, however, objectively, they are often poorly paid and almost entirely under qualified to effectively work with this client group. It’s mental health awareness week this week, and I find it interesting that the actions of people who display MH needs seem to have been brushed to one side so easily in this thread. It’s easy to interpret the complexities of mental health negatively when outwardly people come across as being lazy, staying in bed in the daytime or are being anti-social, using substances, not caring, washing etc. When in fact and sometimes without even knowing it, people are actually self-isolating, obsessing over their concerns, unable to express their emotions, exhausted from their thoughts, depressed and generally poor sleeping patterns. Now we get to the bit about money and benefits. Even in this thread, the landlords are talking about maximising their income by guiding people through the system, hostels, HMO’s and private landlords who accept part of a person’s benefit as rent have a vested interest in making sure that that person is claiming. Hostels have benefit maximisation workers and their business model relies on this income. HMO’s in almost every faded coastal town are doing well from these benefits. There is a massive double standard in here that seems to on one hand we welcome the kind of benefit that allows a landlord or business to prosper and do what they will with profit, and yet hate on the person whose name is on the form and who has to dance on a weekly or sometimes daily basis for their profit all whilst suffering from the complexities of mental health in a world that would rather label that as lazy then face it for what it is. The answer lies not just in housing but also in humanity and realising we are all but one move away from such tragedy.
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    Now I find that comment bordering on the unacceptable. You asked a question that was impossible to answer because you gave virtually no details. You also declined to give answers to the questions I posted so to be better informed in the absence of further clarification from you Alan felt it might be a good idea to see if you had given more info in the past. That is far from stalking, its trying to be helpful and maybe protect you from yourself. For myself, when you declined to clarify I just gave up and noted you as a - well you decide how your conduct looks. Especially as it seems this is the second time you have failed to answer valid questions and provide more information. We still have no idea exactly what this "hatch to the engine" is or how its fitted. For you to get the best advice we need the best information. What is obvious to you on your boat and looking at it is far from obvious to us on the end of the internet. If you think that you may need more help from the forum in the future It might be a good idea to make an apology to Alan.
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    Are they also banning disposable nappies? Does that mean no small children are allowed in BWML marinas?
  20. 1 point
    I think BWML are correct here .... after all there's enough conflict between pump-out and cassette, we don't need another option to complicate things any more than at the moment
  21. 1 point
    A Shetland toilet? Doesn't sound like a comfortable place to sit and cogitate - wouldn't it get a bit windy around yer Orkneys?
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    A horse, a horse, my Thetford for a horse.
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    Yes this is a good result if you are happy to embarrass your country. Irrespective of whether you like the man or not, the visit is by the Office of President of our closest ally. The fact that we as a country cannot manage that visit without incident is an embarrassment.
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    The evenings and the night are still a bit cold, and I don't think that there will be too many nasties hanging around yet to do silly things for their sick enjoyment and cause problems to boats and boaters. Peter.
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    I wouldn't want a composting toilet myself but I don't see how you can argue with Julynian on this. If he likes his composting toilet and it suits him then that's that. You can say that you think cassettes are more practical (and I would agree), but I don't understand how you can tell him he doesn't like his composting toilet and he's just saying he does because he owns one? Anyone can say that about any peice of equipment. Perhaps we just like cassette toilets because we have them? If he's lived with it for a couple of years then he must know whether it suits him by now - nobody needs 10 years to find that out. I'm sure one day there will be a better solution than the cassette (don't say pump out anyone! ) - at the moment as far as I'm concerned composting hasn't got there yet, but I'm sure things will improve and yes the wheel will be reinvented! After all, there was a time before cassettes and I wonder when they were conceived whether there were some who said it was a useless reinvention of the bucket?
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