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    .... and this is what happens when no one gives way... boats get stuck! Boats were log jammed outside Tooley's in Banbury. We were moored up, when two boats passed, neither giving way! After half an hour of tugging, rocking and pulling, washing up liquid was applied..... result! Got to say, people all pitched in, all with good humour, and the guy from Tooley's was brilliant!
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    Did Dolly Parton Classic before realising it had been done, am imperfect.
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    That often starts with luck and practice... Sorry. Sorry - bubbly finger typo! If you know what sort of lens you have then you can work out its capabilities before you start anything fancy, when I get a new camera or lens I do some practice zooming in and out on different objects at different distances and in different light because then I have a record of what my camera can do. Then I practice taking pictures of static things like the branches were the birds might land - I can fiddle with my setting at this point to get the best out of the light - then I wait for the bird. And wait. And Wait....... Have a look online to learn about your lens and what it can do. I have not had much success with digital focus when using it for wildlife, I find it gets a bit grainy if I zoom in with it but that could just be me not doing it right . Remember to have fun with it good photographers take lots of photos they just only show you that one good one! Okay doke, Mr Rusty must go take the dog out.
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    Actually, not 30 minutes after your post I had to pop into town and on my way back I got exactly the same warning. I couldn’t find the warned-of hole either. As you say though, I may have missed it while dodging around all the others I’m only 5’ 7” and according to my doctor I’m clinically obese.
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    I think it is fair to say that most folk who start agility training do it for fun but they then get bitten by the bug - it is very addictive There are basically two types if agility shows Those held under the kennel club rules and "fun shows". The KC ones are much bigger and tend to be held over two days with hundreds of dogs competing Fun shows are much smaller and more relaxed and often competitors starting out with a new dog will do a few fun shows to give the dog ring practice Also agility training is reward based and at some fun shows you can compete with your dogs favourite toy and or treats in your hand. This is not allowed at KC shows. In Scotland there are agility shows on almost every weekend from April to September then there are a few indoor shows over the winter As I said it is very addictive and is probably the fastest growing dog sport and it is non ageist sexist or any other ist. You get folk competing from primary school age to over 80, often against one another Us oldies just teach our dogs to work and take commands when they are a distance from us Haggis
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    We have a fly problem in France probably because it’s so Rural with lots of cattle and effluent about. Best thing so far is the old fashioned sticky strips and they sell some window stickers that catch to small stuff. For Mosies it a plug in at night.
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    Jason never went on a voyage without his golden fleas. I would take them otherwise you will end up in loads of Argoments at locks.
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    I will quote a local saying in these parts..... " Hip hip Hooray it's fish and chip day " Cheers James☺
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    Are they also banning disposable nappies? Does that mean no small children are allowed in BWML marinas?
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