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    I'm one and I'll tell you why. You and the people who think like you would rather I didn't press the report button. You would rather I engaged with you, complained to you directly. Stated my case and I can see why you would. 1) It gives people like you the opportunity to re-state your case time and time again ad nauseum 2) It gives you the opportunity get into an argument if you want one 3) It gives you the opportunity to flout the forum rules and guidelines There may also be other reasons that might all be speculative however..... 1) I will not give you the opportunity to state your case ad nauseum 2) I am not going to get into an argument with you 3) I cannot support people who want to challenge the forum rules and guidelines The names you and your colleagues use to describe people who do not operate the way you do by using the report facility all tend to be similar - "pinny wringers" references to people regressing to schoolkid type behaviour, as per Ricco 1 on this thread the other day, "I bet you used to take an apple for the teacher" also in this thread. But speaking to people in this way is always an attempt to belittle them, a way of making them appear to be small, an attempt to humiliate, to scoff, to sneer. It is perhaps indicative of your mindset, which is sad. There - now I've stated my case - I have outed myself and told you why. Will you now take the opportunity to belittle, humiliate, scoff, and sneer at me for doing so? Feel free - if you do, rest assured I will press the report button And I will press the report button any time I see behaviour like it
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    Nope I have stated my case in response to you wondering who the report button users are and why they do it. I have answered that question. Your attempt at covert aggression "pinny wringers" was also an ideal example of the kind of thing that is generally written by those who think like you do. I refuse to expand more than that because firstly it is not necessary to the point I was making, and secondly I will not be tied down with specifics. Thats a tactic I will not fall for and is just the beginning of yet another boring, annoying argument. That would be playing your game and I will not play your game
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    Let me spell it out for you. I actually don't have a problem with rules, and since joining this forum have complied fully with them. I have not had any warning points, ever which would tend to support that fact. I also have no problem with serious breaches being reported, or for mods to deal with any issue as they see fit. What does irk me is when small minded little men have to pontificate about rules and and gleefully post single word post shouting that they have reported something. It is not needed or necessary. You should also perhaps comply with the sacred rules you keep quoting as implying I am silly and childish could be construed as breaking them. But fear not I won't report you.
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    It's worse, it's like being in a pub with Norris Cole and Arnold Rimmer.
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    How he speaks to her is difficult to truly judge, I watche mum decline through alzimers and also saw dad apparently become less patient with mum, similar in many ways to how Tim and Pru interact. Also I saw a 55yr relationship become a carers role, I saw dad doing all the housework, cooking, all the work normally divided became his. I also saw mum becoming more snappy, more impatiant and in many ways dangerous to herself. In the end dad was cleaning mum putting her to bed dressing her and she had become in many ways a small child again. Its hard to judge but what I see is a man frustrated and saddened by whats happening to the woman he loves
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    I am starting the think the Virtual Pub should now be renamed the "Self-righteous bores' pontification forum"
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    The perfect example of what I said. Phil, When you joined this Forum you agreed to abide by the Rules and Guidance. If you now disagree with those then there is a simple answer, leave this Forum. Continually sniping and trying to belittle me as you have done above (and failed as usual) does nothing for your case, other than making you appear silly and childish. Perhaps it is time you re-read those Rules and Guidance again. In the meantime, I and obviously others here, will report what we consider infringements and let the Mods decide whether we are correct or not.
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    I am also not a "pinny wringer" and I find that remark a insult to many on this forum. What I do not like to see is attempts to drag the forum down by constant sniping and argument. Yes, when I see something I feel is unacceptable I will report it. Not because I am "offended" as is often quoted but simply because I think it is unacceptable on a forum that minors may read.
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    I can assure you no-one ever needs that scenario. JP
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    Sorry about this rant being off topic but my experience on tow path and road leads me to believe that there is a majority of cyclists who are just plain arrogant or anti social. Bob
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    Just spoke to the engineer- it's all in good order apart from the central heating, which isn't dangerous and doesn't affect the boat, so...
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    If people kept to the Rules then there would be no need for any member of this Forum to report them, but as we know certain members here don't think those Rules apply to them, as can be seen in some of the latest entries!
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    Have you ever thought that on hearing this "tale" so many times it may actually be true? It is on our case. The thing is you are making a judgement based on your own bias whilst I am saying what is actually true in our case. She will not steer the boat and does not want to. She does drive a car and does that well but just doesn't want to on the boat. So, perhaps when someone who does not drive, says they are not interested in doing so you don't believe them either? We all find our own way. We should be happy to let folk get on with it rather than sit in judgement and make general assumptions that we have no idea are actually true in any one case. We share the operations of the lock and have our system for doing it depending on going up or down or in a flight or not. It works for us. You are assuming again that when someone says that the wife won't steer that the male stays on the boat all the time. This is not true either I get off the boat and we both operate the lock.
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    If you see a multiplier or divisor for C, e.g. 10C, 0.5C, C/2, C/10, take it to mean a current, defined relative to the battery capacity. The other bits of associated notation are generally to do with the fact that there is no single value for C for a given battery. Capacity in amp hours can only really be defined for a given discharge profile. So a battery will have one C value if discharged at one rate, and another if discharged at a different rate. This is often denoted as a subscript to the C value, so e.g. C20 would usually mean the capacity the battery has over a 20 hour discharge, or you might even see something like C5A meaning the capacity given a constant 5A load, or what have you. Finally, where the writer cannot or does not know to apply a subscript, sometimes you will see things like C20 to mean the same as the above example. The key thing to bear in mind is that all of these notations describe a current - either a value of C for some conditions, or some multiple of a value of C. If you have a battery that can provide 100Ah over 20 hours, then C20 is a current of 100A. 0.5C20 is a current of 50A. C/2 may also be a current of 50A, if one assumes that an unsubscripted C means a 20-hour capacity. The rest of the discussion in this thread, about "C-ratings" and so on, is about what those currents mean in relation to the battery, which is a separate issue from what the value of the current is. So you may see a battery described as having a max discharge rate of 20C, and a max charge rate of 2C. If its nominal capacity is given as 2Ah, that means the manufacturer is saying it can be discharged at 40A and charged at 4A. Often, particularly for things like lithium polymer packs used for model aircraft, this is all abbreviated to simply sticking "20C" in big letters on the pack with no further explanation. A "C-rating" is just a current rating, that happens to be defined in terms of C.
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    You are a troll. Go away! Please get back home to under your bridge. (And if that breaks forum rules then, Dan & mods, I apologise but stand by my post.)
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    I thought the weather today was quite nice. A bit cloudy at times, but there were a few moments of sunshine.
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    I can only say what we do. When we don't want the rads on we do everything the same but we have an isolation valve (inline tap). We turn up the stat and set the boiler water temperature to what we want the tap water temp to be. We find if the circulation pump is not running the boiler steams up dramatically. Hope this helps a little. Edit. I was beaten to it. Our isolation valve is right at the back of a kitchen cupboard. I keep meaning to move it, but after over ten years I don't think I'll rush into anything.
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    Yes there would normally be an isolation valve to isolate the radiator circuit whilst leaving the calorifier circuit working. It would normally be near the boiler, however since each boat is different it is impossible to say. As a short term measure until you find the main valve, you can turn off each radiator individually at the radiator
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    Yes they were, You can see the same church tower in the centre of both the pictures. Tim
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    Gareth, I did recognise there was an element of jest but I also read an undertone into it. Only you know if that was there but if you joke along the lines of 'shame they didn't get mown down by a train' (to paraphrase your comment) then you shouldn't be surprised that it won't be universally met with a laugh whether it was entirely in jest or not. I admit to being sensitive to this subject having spent part of my professional life seeing the consequences of such events and being responsible for preventing such. As a result I don't find anything remotely humorous about it. However I do recognise that many are unsympathetic. I doubt they would be so much with some full on exposure to the reality. The crime of trespass is in no way proportionate to such an outcome. Jon
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    Both are equally clear in my opinion. "There are none so dull as those who will not understand..."
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    Please! Young children read these forums, and what you have said is horrible!
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    Are there really 'minors' who read forums about canals? They're all playing games on their mobile phones and iPads. I just find this too incredulous that the under 18s (under 21s?) have much of an interest in the world of boats and waterways. Are there really people sitting here with their teenage children beside them reading this forum now? I cannot say I have seen any children driving boats on the canals, or carrying kindling to any boat. How about replacing Current Affairs with 'The Pinny Wringers Den' ? (I had not heard that expression, but straight away a picture of Emma Thompson came to my mind. Was she wearing a kitchen pinny in Love Actually?)
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    Thanks to you all. Today I have paid into the bank all the cash, cheques & PayPal donations collected in Keith's memory. £600 in total which is a magnificent effort. I am hoping to take a cheque to the Stafford Chemo Unit later this week. C.x
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    They do not pay road tax because they very rarely use roads that are funded by central government. Mosy household insurance policies cover cyclists. It is you with your anti cyclist rhetoric that prevents things becoming amicable on the roads.
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    You do realise that all but major roads are built and maintained out of council budgets to which cyclists contribute as much as motorists?
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    http://www.mapei.com/public/IT/linedocument/mapeflex_fire_stop_1200_gb.pdf looks good to me
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    Well thats one Chelsea Tractor that has been further off road than the pavement
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    If you find the tram too slow, you could walk it quite easily. But if you are travelling into Manchester and your ticket says "Manchester CTLZ" it covers you for the tram anyway.
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    undiscovered dead rat will stink out your boat. A mouse? Not really, a bit for about a day. My cat brings in mice all the time and usually kills them in the same spot for me to find. One time she didn't kill it and it escaped into the hidden spaces behind my L-shape sofa and kichen cupboards. I had no idea it was there until I needed to get some rarely used baking ingredients from the back of the cupboard and found all the evidence. I then went searching and found more evidence stretching the entire length of my cabin. Ugh! I then waged war on the mouse (remember the film Mousehunt with Lee Evans?). Trapping was my chosen method as I don't want poisons on my boat and definitely don't want my cat finding any poison. This little bugger of a mouse became extremely proficient at extracting titbits from the trap without triggering it. I managed to trigger it many times when handling it, as shown my my increasingly swollen and cut thumb. As my rage built over a number of weeks, I increasingly held the cat to blame and wondered if I could get some kind of cat-trap to extract vengance! I got the little vermin eventually. The mouse, not the cat.
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    I was purposely not being personal as I don't think it helps. As the same few members post the same types of comment about the same subjects it shouldn't be hard to work it out. The posts usually start with some rose-tinted nonsense about the good old days, when CCs knew their place, and end up with the usual dig about the whole system being rendered unuseable by the actions of people trying to skive a cheap living with no regard for the sanctity of the waterways. The waterways are busier now. More live-aboards, more CCs, more hire boats, more weekenders escaping their home-moorings, more dog walkers, more cyclists, more nice people. Luckily, there are so many people, that if there is a problem, it's somebody else's fault.
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    I only cross using the wide gate with handrail or via a bridge. I don't care if I'm laughed at I don't want to freeze up halfway across and have to be rescued. I'm fine as long as there is a rail to hang onto but I always use the bridge if there is one
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    If someone is feeling entrepreneurial, how about selling T-shirts with that Torksey lock sign on.
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    That's really lovely Ange and in many cases that is so, but in my observations at locks and at our lock in particular many cases are as I describe, I can tell by certain body language, facial expressions, shaking of heads, stubborness, eyes flashing with stifled anger, pursed lips, and seems to be more rife the posher and shinier the boat is. I tend to make a bit of a study of peoples behaviors with boats at locks, I find it quite interesting.
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    I agree entirely - he comes over as rather a martinet, thrusting a line at her and snapping at her to take it when there is no way she can reach across the gap between boat and bank was a good example. It is also sad that they have been boating for so long but learned so little of the skills involved that would make their life so much easier (hers, anyway). And how he can expect Pru to get off the boat to tie up all the time when she is now rather unsteady on her feet, or demand she looses the lines fore and aft while he sits in regal splendour in his captain's chair and does not even look to check what she is doing. On the other hand they do obviously enjoy what they are doing, and Pru sems to accept it all quite stoically, so who am I to suggest they act in any other way. Tam
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    Unless you're running a feisty heist against a weird beige neighbour who owns a rottweiler.
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    And I bet there are still the same boats in Castlefield that there has been for the last few years……..funny how some don't get any hassle! Cheers Gareth
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    A few years ago I trained to be a counsellor. One of the modules was "Working with children and young people". That left me with the profound sense that adults are very often the worst influence on young people; assuming that young people are bound to be up to no good and responding to them with suspicion, hostility, arrogance and aggression. They chuck their weight about. Particularly if the adults in a position of authority. It is no wonder that young people can respond to adults with a great deal of negativity. They are very often set an extremely poor example of what it is to be an adult A few years ago my daughter (in her early twenties) came to live with me after a long estrangement, post divorce. I came to realise in a few months that it was not my role to tell her how to live her life. She is an adult. My job as her father is to let her live her life and advise and guide her if she asks for it. And if she doesn't ask for it and it all goes wrong then my job is to be around to help her pick up the pieces afterwards. That still applies to both my children, now in their mid thirties. I think I'm lucky because my own children are firmly set on their own paths as strong, independant capable people. But I am now with a lady who started her family later so her children are all in their early twenties and late teens. And I, as a newcomer to the family, have no rights, no responsibility for, and authority over, this group of young people; somebody else's children. This gives me chances to apply what I have thought about and learned for a second time - indeed I have no choice. I have watched these young men struggling to work out how to be a man. Very often with poor examples of adulthood as the significant influences in their lives. At the same time they are trying to become independant people in their own right but they don't really know how. So they try stuff, different ways of being, different ways of behaving. They explore and experiment with different ways to be themselves as part of their struggle to work out who they are. What is my part in their lives then? It is not for me to tell them what to do. So I try to live my life, where it touches theirs when I am spending time in their family home, in a way that quietly shows them how a man can be in his relationships with their mother, their other family members and themselves. I make no demands on them, I talk to them (especially when I am giving them a lift somewhere). I ask as much as I can about them and their lives if they are prepared to talk about it. I help them as much as I can. But I think the most important thing of all is to treat them and their family members with quiet respect. Occasionally the youngest (now just turned 18) gets it wrong in his dealings with me so we simply have a quiet word. Like "Do me a favour mate - If you want to use people's tools do you think you could ask first please? It just shows me a bit of respect and I'll generally be happy for you to use them". Or "when we're arranging when and where you want to be picked up do you think you could use more please and thank you. Sometimes I feel as though I'm being ordered about" His response to this was "Yes I did think, as I put my phone down, that I was being a bit bossy" to which I replied "bossy is a good way of putting it. Neither of us wants to feel as though we are being bossed about"....All sorted gently, amicably, and with genuine smiles and affection. Man to man. So I live my life around them quietly trying to be the best man I can be, by the standards I have learned (and believe me, my own mother was a very poor example of how to be an adult) with the chance that they might actually see a different example of how to be an adult from that which they have probably experienced in the past. It is the only right I actually have. I very often feel that, at sixty years old, I am still growing up
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    Odd post dean. I have seen this particular thread as a discussion on decisions made and forthcoming. Some sites can be killed completely by "oversanitising". I feel "some" of the site crew can take their fair share of blame for recent events. Perhaps that is something that Dan should also recognise, and address.
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    2.5 hours, wow! When I'm moored for any length of time I normally run my generator or engine for at least 5 hours a couple of times per week. I'm sorry but I'm tempted to say, get used to sharing your space with others or get off the waterways. What we don't need is ever stricter rules or codes of conduct to accommodate the delicate sensibilities of people who aren't able to handle other boaters moored near them.
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