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    so 3 sister 13 years old who seem to see the world in a way that shows sympathy you feel should now be in the same thread as the above comment you have gone right down in my estimation I find your comment completely inappropriate
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    So true. I have tried to research. And we have viewed many boats, and like I said we have made two genuine offers. I will not come back and cry- well I might- but not for sympathy only for advice.
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    Update: (for those interested) The engineer phoned me. Said that he had spent some time on the boat- that there was no oil in the water and no back pressure. He thinks that when the boats were moved the exhause caught some prop wash. He says what the surveyor saw (and showed me on the phone) may have been water and carbon. I later spoke to my surveyor and he finds this believable. The wire temperature sender had come off and the temperature gauge does not work- the buzzer and light is the only alarm to if the engine is going to overheat. I find this difficult and would want that fixed- not sure if it is a big or small job. I asked about the 28hp engine carrying us on a river and the engineer said that the previous owner had moored on the Kand A- and that the engine would work hard, but that it would anyway. Anyone out there stretched their boat and not upgraded the engine?? The head has been checked for cracking and skimmed so that it is flat (honestly guys I pretty much typed what he told me so I could look it up- so if I'm relaying it incorrectly it's only my inexperience). It has a new head gasket. That's my update, I talked to the surveyor after this call and he said that if the engineer is happy with the engine then he really has no reason to lie- his work, like so many others has to be reputations based. He sounded genuine and said that as I'll be mooring up there he will continue to offer help and advice and if I had any questions he would gladly answer them etc. I told my surveyor that I was quite nervous about the boat and he said that he is suspicious by nature, but that it all looks fine and accountable. So I guess what it comes down to is- you pay for a survey and you have to at some point trust the recommendations. She's a sweet boat that will serve my wife and I well, . I've been catching up on old posts from this forum and one quote (sorry I don't know who said it, my dear apologies) was - no one who owns a narrowboat ever looked back at the end and said I wish I'd spent less time on the narrowboat- or something like that! I don't want to make a bad decision, but I think I can work with the information that I have about this boat.
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    Yep. Just like in real life. However in real life you're probably more likely to have an opportunity to read the signs and act accordingly. Online you can't tell if someone has been stalking you or is actually crazy or dangerous because there's no body language and they can edit what they write to be more manipulative or to hide who they are in a way that takes a lot more skill face to face. Neither can you tell if those are people who have access to your personal data because they might be friends of friends on multiple Internet groups or they might even be the administrator of a group or forum you're a member of. It's a bit like the training I've done about the grooming of children and vulnerable adults: it's done by often clever and manipulative people who are prepared to bide their time for months or years till they think the opportunity is right and the person is at their most emotionally susceptible to their influence. Internet forums are an excellent tool for the worst people in society and therefore attracts them. This suggests there might be a higher proportion of sociopaths, groomers, emotional manipulators and the like in online forums than there might be in other aspects of society - in much the same way there are a higher proportion of birdspotters in a wildfowl centre than there is in a sports centre (no intentional reason for picking birdspotters for the analogy! ). Thing is the anonymity that protects potential victims online also protects the perpetrator. Back to the OP though: I honestly don't understand any argument that to have a valid opinion on an Internet forum means having to be identifiable. If anything that seems like a very odd implication with an ulterior motive (justifying their opinion? Assessing Professional expertise/qualifications? Finding another angle about that person's life to argue about?) Whatever the ulterior motive is or justification for wanting to know someone's real identity when discussing something online, I'd be intrigued to understand it.
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    here's an amps per hour joke: Police Officer: 'Madam, I've just clocked you at over 40 miles per hour and you're breaking the speed limit!' Madam: 'I'm sorry Officer, I can't possibly have been. I only left my house half an hour ago!'
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    The problem with saving sheds like Wolverton is it's like trimming the toe nails on a corpse. Well intentioned, but missing the point. Yes, if the people of the town can think of a use and are fond of the place, by all means save it, but on a national architectural level it's wholly undistinguished. I'd be surprised if the central building was 1830s (though I could be wrong), and the accretions are no earlier than the 1950s. Looking back on some of the buildings and infrastructure we have lost, it's no Euston arch, or even a fine Italianate village station. Good luck to the townspeople but it'll require an uncommon degree of ingenuity to give the thing a purpose. Shame the Restoration show isn't still running, they could have featured it and paid for the car park tarmac if Wolverton had won (cynicism alert).
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    Please dont spend that 450 euros on sex, drugs and rock and roll.
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    I makes absolute sense dimensionally. A capacitor has plates, which have area. More area = more capacitance. So there is cm squared on top. Another thing affecting the capacitance is how close the plates are together. The smaller the seperation of the plates, the more capacitance. So the separating distance goes on the bottom. So you have an expression for the capacitance which is some constant (dielectric etc) multiplied by the area (cm squared) divided by the seperation (cm). Dimensionally you therefore have cm squared divided by cm = cm. Bigger plates further apart, or small plates closer together, have the same capacitance so the capacitance can just be expressed by a (dielectric) constant x distance (cm). Simples!
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    I wouldn't recommend using WD40 on your shaft
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    Which any normal boater would regard as an insane amount of charging. Some of us have a life involving not being stuck on the boat for eight hours at a stretch for a day a week during permissible charging times. On my boat, running a genny for eight hours and staying in to supervise once a week it is simply untenable. I think it will be cheaper to buy new batteries each year too, than spend all that money on petrol. (Never mind the nuisance value/noise of running the genny for eight hours continuously once a week.)
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    No worries. I've been a bit dilatory with my application this year, so I'll get sent off for my copy of this year's points and git 'er done.
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    Hi everyone! Thanks for all your replies! The boiler is working ok now. It was the cold weather that was the cause! Water temp not as hot during winters of course but not lukewarm as it was this year, hence my topic posting!
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    FFS WHAT A STUPID THING TO SAY. Do you think the South Africans should still hold a grudge against the British for the concentration camps in the Boer War?
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    There must be others somewhere but that is possibly only one of two I recall seeing, but cant remember where the other one was, possibly Whitley Lock VM's on the A&CN.
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    Breaking your new years resolution to come out with that rubbish. See you next year.
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    I don't know how to add multiple quotes from previous pages, but even so: My surname isn't Baker and my username is derived from my current occupation! I'd much prefer to remain as Loafer, in the event that newcomers here won't necessarily read this topic (although I've now put it in my profile - doh) Thank you to those who prefer to use 'Loafer'! My service nickname was Hugh. Hugh Jardon! (It wasn't really!)
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    The Glory Hole Lincoln. Or to give it t's correct name, 'High Bridge'. Reputed to be the oldest remaining bridge in England with buildings on it. Looking East Looking West The Witham Central Lincoln Brayford Pool
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    Foxy let me know when you want to do your trip up the Soar, if you want and if we are available Rene and myself will come down to meet you at Sawley on our boat and shadow you from Sawley onto the Soar.
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    If your return to Oxford is via the Thames and if you can find a mooring close to free car parking around Reading (I would suggest a side trip to Burghfield Bridge) I will happily come and have a look completely FOC so I will not be giving you a load of bull. However I agree it sounds like lack of battery capacity from whatever cause. I will be able to check the charging voltage. I will be able to check for a permanent drain. With the battery loads you state I will have difficulty checking the alternator's maximum output unless I get to you before the first start of the day. I will not be able to check battery capacity. If they are wet open cells I will lend you a hydrometer so you can check the battery's relative density unless the batteries are readily accessible the I will do it. I can also measure the normal load on the batteries when you turn your usual appliances on. I will give you my honest opinion but then it is up to you to do any work. PM me if you want to take this up and then PM me again a few days before you arrive. Edited to add: Maybe when the Smartguage says 100% disconnect each battery in turn for a while so you are running with a 330 Ah bank. Leave the disconnected one for a week and then measure the voltage of the disconnected battery. It should read 12.5 V or more. If its lower then it probably has a n internal short circuit. Notice that this needs time to do so you would be the one to do it. Exceptionally rarely you get a battery with an intercell link not properly formed and that can give all sorts of odd and random symptoms but on your usage figures I very much doubt this is the fault.
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    And the generator's probably dead.
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    Excuse me but no, I have pointed out the actual capacity of your batteries, calculated from the figures you gave. The theoretical capacity is what you thought you were buying, and what's written on the label...!
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    I would bet a few beers that Webasto and Ebers both have factories producing their goods in China... ian.
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    Can we please have this thread locked and completely deleted before Richard sees it? I think he might quote like it. Sue
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